Pigs cannot fly

  • Truism: A claim that is so obvious or self-evident as to be hardly worth mentioning, except as a reminder or as a rhetorical or literary device and is the opposite of falsism.
  • Falsism: A falsism is a claim that is clearly and self-evidently wrong. A falsism is usually used merely as a reminder or as a rhetorical or literary device. An example is “pigs can fly.”

“America does not at the moment have a functioning democracy. (Former President Jimmy Carter)

Falsism? If so, evidence would include the matter being open for discussion, with raging debate, condemnations, discussions at high levels, and television and radio pundits blowing wind from all directions.

Truism? If so, the matter would be ignored in all mainstream media, and only reported in the foreign country where it was made (Germany), not even in the English-language section of the Spiegel website, which printed the original interview.


10 thoughts on “Pigs cannot fly

    1. Assuming that’s a serious question and not merely cynicism, features of a functioning democracy, in my view, include representation of minority factions in government, a system for legal redress of grievances, economic and civil, and access to the commons for all. I include in the term “commons” basic foodstuffs, education and health care.

      Voting is not terribly important – that is, voting is present in just about every system no matter how oppressive, and can only be judged worthwhile to the extent that it is done by a well-educated and informed public*. We have neither of these now, so our voting, the thing that Americans grow weepy over when they play that creepy music on TV on election says, is a pointless exercise.
      *With an auditable, transparent and accountable vote-counting system – we don’t have that either.


      1. Why so many complaints about the U S of A: we’ve got minority rights out the whaazoo; entire courts and industries devoted to redressing grievances; we got food to the point of obesity; one sixth of our economy devoted to health care; education to the point of diminishing returns. I guess it isn’t perfect enough.

        You like it enough when logging gets cancelled on forest land, or when pollution regs push popular products to extinction. But if your whiny self doesn’t get enough other people paying for your health care, you get all pissy and announce the whole thing is a fraud and you’re moving to Costa Rica where they do things right.


        1. Everything there is your notion of what I think, but laden with your notions of reality. Those notions are built on right-wing impressions (entire courts redressing grievances, obesity caused by abundance, 1/6 devoted to “health care,” education subject to “diminishing returns.”)

          Each of these matters have been addressed here over the years in great detail, even with nuance if I may be so bold, but when you read them back to me, nuance and depth are missing and they are again nothing more than right wing talking points.

          That’s what bugs me about it.


        2. Each of these matters have been addressed here over the years in great detail

          Detail does not equal correctness.

          I write in opposition, and paint with a broad brush sometimes. But just thinking of the general theme of our social structure, never before have so many resources been available to so many people. Yet it is never enough in the march to a socialist utopia you are anxious to install. Hedonic adjustment outpaces happiness.


  1. At what cost to others? Limit yourself to post war.

    I think you are implying that some countries have gotten rich, post-war, at the expense of other people. But an increase in wealth in one area does not require someone getting equally poorer in another area. Life is not necessarily a zero sum game.


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