Now it can be told

Bill Maher’s Real Time last Friday was a pretty good show. He had Erin Brockovich (the gal who made Julia Roberts seem smart), Josh Barro, Carly Fiorina and Howard Dean. Willie Nelson stopped by at the end, and was his great old usual self. (He said that there was a guy one time who was hit on the head with a bale of marijuana, and that is the only known death from the substance.)

Somewhere in the latter part of the panel discussion, all three agreed that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) was Romneycare, and that it had been written by industry executives. According to Dean, and the panel knew it as well, these people descended on Baucus’s office and had the run of the place, moved over the the White House for implementation, and are all now back in private industry.

I’ve been saying that for years now. However, it was on TV. Now we know it is true.

17 thoughts on “Now it can be told

  1. Yeah, but that’s not what Dean said during the fight. For one thing Dean completely dissed the single payer people who were saying those exact same things during the fight. Dean said he was for the ACA act as written, but also with public option.


  2. Mr. Dean, former Governor of Vermont, former presidential candidate and former Chairman of the Democratic Party is a politician. Sometimes what he says is believable. Who believes politicians? People who watch television mostly.


    1. I never know who to trust or believe, but have a soft spot (between my ears) for Dean, as he was taken down by a psyop to make room for Kerry in ’04. Somebody powerful did not like him, but that does not make him a good guy. Perhaps he was just in the way at that time.


      1. I don’t hate him, I just wanted to set the record straight. On healthcare and on his particular part of it. Dr Dean was part of the left who decided early on to throw single payer under the bus and instead to lobby for a so called “public-private option.” OK fair enough, but we ended up with just the private option, which he ultimately supported.

        Kerry was great on BCCI which got him sent to purgatory for over 10 years. I voted for him against bush and hoped some of his BCCI would kick in. Dean was my second choice that cycle up until he was universally disqualified because of whooping it up. What a non-issue. When the media wanted to make it an issue Dean should have adopted it as his campaign slogan, and asked them to please repeat it far and wide for ever and ever.


        1. Oh, I voted for Kerry too. He was curious that there appeared to be so much fraud in the vote count, and then he dropped it stone cold. What I learned from the Dean scream was how people take their opinions from above and make them their own. It was nothing, and would have stayed nothing if the media had let it rest. That’s why I say psyop.


          1. Really, it was a textbook classic made up issue to fog up everything operation. All the media went to work simultaneously to gin it up into apparently something people could decide was important at the time. And compounding it, facilitating it, was the electoral loss.

            The only way to counter it is to completely and fully embrace it so that every mention is free advertising. Clinton ended up doing just that, in a way, under similar circumstances. In effect he conceded that he liked the ladies, a lot. It took away the power of it. Now everyone just excepts the fact and could care less. We respect Hillary for her strength and composure. (Oh yeah! Corporatists rock (not))

            If Dean’s surrogates and voters had made a point of emulating ‘the scream’ every time they took the camera, it would have looked like a movement and scared the crap out of the PTB. (Powers That Be) Instead they (Dean’s campaign) tried to deny it which led to doom, ie, endless airing of the clip. Clinton tried that (denial) , then pivoted. Dean failed to pivot. And withered. Then Dean returned to make sure single payer advocates were frozen out. He provided the leadership and lib-cred to do just that. And he started the bidding way to the right.


          2. Power works in mysterious ways. Perhaps Dean’s advocacy of single payer is what got him tapped. Somewhere within the bowels of the ruling class, a decision was made that he was not dependable, that he had to go. he may have been 80% Ok, but Kerry was 100%.

            Kerry is interesting, throwing his medals over a fence and having the TV cameras there to record it and then getting called to testify before congress and having a made-for-TV line to drop – who wants to be the last man to die? That doesn’t happen to ordinary Joe’s. He smacks of an infiltrator.


          3. Considering that Kerry couldn’t get a committee assignment to save his life after BCCI, I assume he wasn’t squarely in the favor of the PTB. He turned up and published lots of evidence in his committees report.

            Here’s an interesting video of John Kerry professing his belief the Oswald didn’t act alone. i wonder what Howard Dean has to say on that subject?


          4. How [un] inspiring! “Never spent a lot of time,” is not sure that,” Oswald “acted alone.” I’ll give you this – he is skirting boundaries, which is more than most have done, but he knows that boundary well.

            He’s a smart man, the crime is easily solved. Why doesn’t he just do it? (We know why. He values his own life.)


  3. Basically, what he’s saying is it’s alright to have differing opinions on the assassination. Without really giving his opinion. And yes, for obvious reasons.


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