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Our Dam Obesity Problem

The following does not constitute medical advice. It is opinion. Before you make any changes to your medications, diet, or lifestyle, be sure that the person in charge of overseeing your health care is fully informed. By the way—that person … Continue reading

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Oi veh

I was reading a nice little piece on our health care system, what a joke it is, siphoning cash out of us even as half of us cannot come up with $400 on a bet.  The system has already worked its … Continue reading

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Zika is currently on the back burner, but will rise again

Despite the enormous amount of electronic stimulation we have all about us, we know virtually nothing of the world. It is simply too big to grasp. So the electronic sources step in and provide a glimpse. But the images we … Continue reading

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Health care versus health insurance

I really wanted to be useful in a health care reform movement here in Colorado. I am still holding out for some effective effort. Right now, nothing is shaking. I’ve been to meetings and am on email lists. But mindsets … Continue reading

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Is that all there is?

I spent three hours last Saturday at a meeting run by local labor to promote a single payer health system in Colorado. The speaker, brought in from Detroit, was smart, interesting and on top of his game. He understood concepts … Continue reading

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Rule by edict

Our current system of governance is extremely corrupt, and the people who thrive in such a system are third and fourth-rate humans. We devote our national treasure to making weapons and attacking other places to steal resources. That is our … Continue reading

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Take this study and shove it

This has been bugging me, and it was in the comments and not a private conversation, so I will pass it along here. A guy named Truthwillwin1 came here after I had paid a brief visit to Doug Ernst’s blog, … Continue reading

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America’s Health Care System: A Moral Hazard

Amid all of the hubbub about Obamacare working, signing up new people, and more people being allowed access to the health care system, it does not hurt now and then to say something that is true. Here goes: Countries with … Continue reading

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Now it can be told

Bill Maher’s Real Time last Friday was a pretty good show. He had Erin Brockovich (the gal who made Julia Roberts seem smart), Josh Barro, Carly Fiorina and Howard Dean. Willie Nelson stopped by at the end, and was his … Continue reading

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Hint: “Obamacare” = “Romneycare” – this will be on the test!

Swede is the Johnny Appleseed of blog commenters, traveling about dropping seeds and hoping one might take root. Most annoying is this, easily seen: he does not read blog posts. This much was obvious yesterday as he dropped the little … Continue reading

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