9 thoughts on “So wise, so young

    1. Yes, Swede, we all know which foreign country we are to hate at this given time. Our internal propaganda system is working very effectively on you. But I wonder why you know to hate Iran, but not Saudi Arabia, even though the latter is far more barbaric?

      I do not wonder. You’re a tool to the system, a trained attack dog that hates on command.


      1. Let me refresh my sentence.

        In Saudi Arabia coming out gay doesn’t make you stronger.

        It makes you dead.

        I’m sure there’s many other counties I could plug in there but somehow an American actress coming out as gay at a LGBT convention doesn’t strike me as being “strong”.


        1. Fair enough, but she is smart, confident, has great command of the language. And I wonder what you’d be like if you grew up gay. There’s nothing more dangerous in this country to a gay person than a repressed gay. Those are the ones that go postal..


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