Pravda Today (Weekend) reports on Crimea

USA Today (similar to “Pravda,” or an official American propaganda outlet), says

Crimea government called fake: Putin decries Ukraine’s leadership as illegitimate, but analysts say he’s got it backward.

The “analysts” are never identified, but I think I’ve got it figured out. They are deep in the bowels of State or the Executive, and are unidentified because that’s how we do “news” in the crazy imperialist country. Anonymous sources make it up, doe-eyed stenographers repeat it, their only job to make it sound officious.

Meanwhile, there is still no hint anywhere in any US propaganda outlet of the facts on the ground: The Russians did not “invade” Crimea. Troops have been there for decades, along with military hardware. It is all by agreement. Additionally, the coup d’état was carried out by neo-Nazi elements within Ukraine, long supported by CIA through NED. CIA itself was a blending of SS and OSS after World War II, given Carte Blanche by a doe-eyed Harry Truman, who would later call it his greatest mistake.

It’s ugly, but true, and so far from official US propaganda, and the doe-eyed attitudes of even sentient Americans, that it seems bizarre. But Bizarroworld is really USA today. That’s how crazy we are.

The US media, the most submissive in the industrial world, is simply lying about Ukraine, and in bold. But turn to the sports section – there they are very good, even burrowing and defiant. There we get actual reporting, even some journalism.

7 thoughts on “Pravda Today (Weekend) reports on Crimea

  1. I should probably be more cautious in using the term “propaganda,” since most people think it is merely “lies,” and that they are too smart to believe lies. Propaganda is omnipresent in American life, cradle to grave. Even an innocent activity like attending a sporting event is tainted, as you have mentioned, as we must salute the flag, watch jets fly over, remove our hats and sing that stupid song. That is reinforcement propaganda, meant two solidify the attitudes inculcated in us from birth.

    But the propaganda that most people are aware of is called “agitation” propaganda. It is meant to achieve immediate results, as opposed to long-term pacification, and so is more blatant and easily exposed. The WMD gambit prior to Iraq, “preventing a massacre” before Libya, and “Russians are invading” right now is of this variety.

    What is most interesting is that agitprop, after is succeeds, is merely discarded. We know that WMD’s in Iraq was a scam, but it worked, and that was the intended effect. You would think that people, falling for one agitprop campaign and then seeing it was based on lies, would be more skeptical when the next one comes along. But they are not. That befuddles me.


  2. Right out of 1984. . .

    War is peace.
    Freedom is slavery.
    Ignorance is strength.

    The Party’s creed inscribed on the Ministry of Truth.

    Forced to live in a constant state of propaganda-induced fear, the Party, the source of all things worth knowing, is able to force its subjects to accept anything it commands. “Ignorance is strength” because people unable or unwilling to recognize contradictions perpetuate authoritarian power — with a touch of neo-dadaism to keep things light.

    And, by the way, you can keep your doctor and your (high-deductible, sub-standard) insurance policy. But, what if my doctor is one of the last things I would ever want to keep? A fine kettle of fish.


    1. The most deeply indoctrinated are also the most educated. The idea that education overrules propaganda is utterly false. education enhances and intensifies it. The only way to defeat propaganda, quite easy, actually, is to be aware that it exists. It dies in the womb.

      Greatest achievement of American propaganda: to convince Americans it does not exist. Those who think themselves exempt or above it are most subject to it.


      1. “Our theme this evening is hotly disputed. I realize that my viewpoint is subjective. There is really little point to discussing propaganda. It is a matter of practice, not of theory. One cannot determine theoretically whether one propaganda is better than another. Rather, that propaganda is good that has the desired results, and that propaganda is bad that does not lead to the desired results. It does not matter how clever it is, for the task of propaganda is not to be clever, its task is to lead to success. … Propaganda shows that it is good if over a certain period it can win over and fire up people for its idea. If it fails to do so, it is bad propaganda. If propaganda wins the people it wanted to win, it was presumably good, and if not, it was presumably bad. No one can say that your propaganda is too crude or low or brutal, or that it is not decent enough, for those are not the relevant characteristics. Its purpose is not to be decent, or gentle, or weak, or modest; it is to be successful.” — Knowledge and Propaganda, by Joseph Goebbels. 1928


        1. Goebbels advanced the work that had been done by Creel and the Americans leading up to WWI. The Germans picked up where the Americans left off. There was a time post-war when they eased up, and things settled down here in the US. Then came Korea and McCarthy (an early PSYOP) and it has never let up since. I was born right into it, 1950, was sucked I to it in my schooling, only by sheer luck escaped.

          I think that one reason Americans who travel to Europe (not Britain) are so enchanted is the absence of propaganda over there. It is calmer, life as it should be. Here life is a constant frazzled light show of fear and hatred, television omnipresent and saturating us with lies and advertising. That destroys people. That explains Swede.


  3. Nah, it doesn’t explain Swede. That level of self imposed blindness is self inflicted. Vonnegut wrote about the self filing down of the brain necessary to maintain an insane world view in his novel Mother Night. Listen to Goebbels: Propaganda doesn’t turn people crazy. It just slightly subtlety shapes their parameters of thought.

    Swede practices propaganda. He isn’t the result of being inflicted, he’s the inflictor. What he says isn’t what he thinks, necessarily.


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