Wrapping up …

This has been a great trip. I can tell because it seems so long ago that we left home and yet it’s only been nine days. We landed in Atlanta, and from there saw the Great Smokies, Asheville, Charlestown, Savannah, and even stepped into Alabama so we could say we’ve been there. (Alabama, based on our quick fact-finding trip, is a large fireworks stand.) We are now in Bonita Springs, Florida.

So let’s find reason to travel and visit other parts of our land: These places exist in our minds, but seeing them in the flesh blends them into our commons. We’re not different. We all want the same things out of life. We are just in different geographical places. But we’re one people.

The armies of the north introduced total warfare down here, punishing civilians for merely being in the wrong place at that time. Atlanta was destroyed, but when Sherman got to Savannah, he thought it too beautiful to destroy. That city, above all others, stands out for us. It has charm unlike the others, cobbled streets on which stand old buildings that now house the same stupid gift shops and bars and restaurants as in every other city in the US. But with Savannah, I want a souvenir coffee cup to put on the shelf in my office.

Go figure.

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