Total spectrum dominance

I stopped watching TV news decades ago, and quit newspapers shortly after I realized that Obama was a fraud, some time around late 2008. I only gather up impressions, and even though I say so myself, feel as “informed” on this issues of our time as anyone I know.

But as an outsider, I think it worth mentioning here that the United States news media is a state-run outfit with one point of view offered on all outlets from the supposed “right” over at Fox to the “left” over at MSNBC. NPR and Limbaugh are in harmony. They are just packages with outer wrapping designed to appeal to different audiences.

Limbaugh listeners are reactionary, needing the hostility he projects against perceived “liberals” to validate their own views.

Those views, incidentally, are identical to those of NPR listeners, who need to feel intellectually superior to reactionaries for their own validation.

Of course that’s a broad sweeping statement and is not true if analyzed in detail. There are, within our doctrinal confines, disagreements that are constantly being debated. Is abortion OK? Immigration? Gun control? Gay marriage? Marijuana? Taxes too high or low? These are “wedge” matters, used to segment us for advertising and voting purposes, but otherwise of no consequence. We are allowed our debates on those matters for the precise reason that they do not threaten real power.

But on the important issues of our time there is no dissent anywhere in the narrow spectrum. Further, anyone voicing dissent is quickly dispatched. On Bill Maher’s Real Time, for instance, a panelist recently spoke of the painfully obvious fact that there never was any “war” in the Cold War, that it was just a framework that allowed the US to justify its perpetual aggression against resource colonies. He was quickly hushed by all of the panelists, “right” and “left” alike. Such a foolish man, saying something obviously true. He won’t be asked back.

And now, with the EU-forced violent coup d’état in Ukraine and Crimea’s breakaway, I see complete and universal agreement on the lies that are being told. You can judge for yourself, but it’s only a matter of degree. Limbaugh is probably saying that Obama was soft and Putin took advantage of him. I imagine Thom Hartmann is defending Obama, saying he handled the matter correctly. On those shows that do allow some real news, like the Daily Show and Maher, Putin is likely being caricatured as a Hitler-like bare-chested monster.

But that’s how it is done in a state-controlled environment: Agreement about the lies is universal. Details are a matter of dispute. Anyone calling a lie a lie is shown the door.

31 thoughts on “Total spectrum dominance

  1. I think it rather comical to hear criticism of an election that produced 75% turnout and 90% in favor of secession from misinformed people in a country where elections are poorly attended and totally controlled by Wall Street money. So, we are not entertained by Putin’s swashbuckling antics. We prefer to gaze at blood, titties and beer, in that order.


    1. People get their opinions from authority figures. If Obama says that the Russians are scoundrels, that’s what Democrats think. If Limbaugh says Obama is a Socialist, that’s what stupid people think.


    1. There aren’t any free media that I know of, least of all our own. But the less imperialist and militaristic a country, the less propaganda at work, the fewer media filters in place, so that good reporting is more likely to slip through in a place like Italy or Sweden or Mexico or Venezuela than here.

      Lies? You really have to be alert and think for yourself in all matters, and I don’t see that in you so I would not think you’re a good one at spotting lies. But the Ukraine nonsense is over-the-top lying. Any damned fool should see it, but they don’t.


        1. You’re kind of the poster child for this post, Swede, as you absorb very little information, and are selective in only going to places where you know in advance that you will agree with what you read. So your opinions are not worth much.

          I mentioned Venezuela because they do indeed have an oppositional anti-government media in addition to that which the government sponsors and approves of. Time you learned.


  2. While in general I agree wholeheartedly with your main points, ie that we are lacking a free and vigorous press/media, as always it’s the details that I quibble with.

    I used to think cannabis was just a wedge issue. But much like a female human’s right to control the reproductive aspect of their bodies, it defines how far the authoritarians can go on other issues as well. As such, as long as a lie such as cannabis can result in arrests, detentions, accidental maiming and murders by cops, diversion of resources from needed area instead of cannabis, etc.then all of our rights and persons are subject to similar attacks, based on whim and fashion.

    In fact, it wasn’t that long ago that debating cannabis and gay marriage were decidedly “off the table” and the Republicans and the Democrats actively debated the defense dept appropriation on the floor of the house and on the floor of the Senate. That has completely flipped in my lifetime.


    1. I tend to agree with you on this, cannabis anyway. I included it because legal or not pot is widely used and only people of color need worry about law enforcement. But taht could be the reason why it is indeed a vital issue, and not wedge.


    1. I’ll give you maybe half an hour here to explain what is in that link and why you think it is relevant to anything here. If nothing, it’s gone. Discussions with you are so pointless.


        1. “Despite presenting itself as a source of scholarly analysis, mostly consists mostly of anti-war libertarian like paulbots hell bent on seeing the destruction of globalization and the USA’s efforts to try and keep things under control. A quick glance at the website, reveals that its offline. Not sure why. Past reports indicate that it accepts many conspiracy theories as fact, and only accepts those views of which it agrees with! These conspiracy theories are quite common in the CT world. They spread theories about the NWO, 9/11, vaccines, genetic modification, Zionism, HAARP, global warming, and David Kelly.”.

          Global Research is JC’s link.

          I did read his link.


          1. Your usual depth and scholarship. It’s got nothing to do with anything here regarding our controlled news media, but OK. So that is boring to you. What about you is interesting?


          2. Read the first comment of the article JC.

            Is the CIA turning off facebook and the internet? Are we shooting protesters? Are we nationalizing private business, closing down news stations? Rationing goods and forcing price controls?

            Nice try. Your precious socialism example has failed.


          3. The only problem with you Swede is that you don’t know anything other than what you know and think that you know enough to have an opinion. You don’t. Either stop being impenetrable and open your eyes and ears, or go away.


          4. That’s exactly what Chavez’s replacement is saying to his subjects/protesters.

            You don’t know enough to have an opinion, this is The Great Satan’s fault, if you just listen to only what I’m saying.

            The “go away” part is either forced silence or a bullet.


          5. Swede: you have no original thoughts. Everything you think was suggested to you. You’re not curious, have no initiative, never seek out information, always accept what you’re told to be true by your authority figures.That’s really boring. Nothing to learn from you. Nothing!

            My new nickname for you: Cinderblock.


  3. Breaking news! You heard it here FIRST.

    Date: March 19, 2014
    From: Dirk Adams for U.S. Senate
    Re: Dirk Adams Announces Plan to Protect Northern Rockies Ecosystem
    Contact: Kate Cholewa, 406.459.4092,

    **********FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE**********
    Today, Montana Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate, Dirk Adams, announced that if elected he will introduce the Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act (NREPA).
    “For thirty years both Republicans and Democrats from Montana have attempted to designate wilderness area along Northern Rockies,” Adams said. “But this is different. NREPA recognizes that the Northern Rockies ecosystem doesn’t stop at state lines. NREPA acts to protect an entire ecosystem which extends into portions of five states, including Montana.”
    Adam’s position has attracted the support and attention of singer-songwriter and activist Carole King.
    “As your neighbor in the Northern Rockies ecosystem,” she told the campaign, “I’m supporting Dirk Adams for Senate in Montana. When I first moved to the Northern Rockies in the late 1970s, Montana had beautiful old growth forests. Sadly, many of them became clearcuts. Timber companies moved on, leaving stumps and heartbreaking unemployment. Logging can be done sustainably. In fact, Dirk’s support of NREPA is grounded in his knowledge that 95% of planned logging can still go forward while habitat is protected for wildlife and the related small businesses that bring income to so many Montanans.”
    Adams said that lack of action in protecting this ecosystem has resulted in lynx and bull trout joining the endangered species list and has resulted in increased litigation with timber companies.
    “NEPRA addresses these tensions while dealing with habitat protection scientifically,” Adams said.
    Adams said that the United States became the world’s leader in conservation management when designating Yellowstone National Park as the world’s first national park in 1872. Now, more than 100 countries around the world have national parks.

    Theodore Roosevelt carried on the legacy of protecting wildlife and public lands by creating the U.S. Forest Service and establishing 51 Federal Bird Reservations, 4 National Game Preserves, 150 National Forests, 5 National Parks, and 18 National Monuments, including the Grand Canyon.

    “We’ve been leaders before. We can be leaders again,” Adams said. “Montana is a big state. We need to lead our nation in doing big things. Protecting the Northern Rockies ecosystem is a big thing that we can be proud of as Montanans and Americans as we re-emerge as global leaders in conservation.”

    NREPA at a glance:

    NREPA would affect roadless areas in five states, including:
    • 9,500,000 acres (38,000 km2) in Idaho
    • 8 million in Montana
    • 5 million in Wyoming
    • 750,000 in eastern Oregon
    • 500,000 in eastern Washington.
    The total includes 3 million acres (12,000 km2) in Yellowstone, Glacier and Grand Teton National Parks. The NREPA does not affect private land.

    The 7 million acres in MT are 6.4 million acres of Forest Service land and .6 million acres of BLM land.

    The legislation will:
    Designate more than 24 million acres (97,000 km2) of America’s premier roadless lands as wilderness
    Connect natural, biological corridors, ensuring the continued existence of native plants and animals
    Keep water available for ranchers and farmers downstream until later in the season when it is most needed
    Allow for historic uses such as hunting, fishing and firewood gathering
    Create over 2,300 green jobs and a more sustainable economic base in the region.


  4. This should provide a good test for Montana media. It has all the elements of a good story, with legs — controversy, real policy implications, “science vs. politics,” political horse race, opposes corporate interests, and actually protects something public and valuable.

    Will there be coverage, or as Mr. Kailey would say, “crickets?”


    1. Just parroting a Mark response.

      By the way Dirk didn’t even register on the new Rasmussen Poll. Daines leads by 14 points, turncoat Bolander polls only 3 points off Walsh.


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