The course of human events

I deliberately avoid American news reporting, as it is so shallow and full of lies. Most of what is important to know is not included. So my absorption process is slow, but a fuller picture does emerge.

News is dominated by the interests who benefit from the control of news. Someone ought to mention now and then, other than in a comedy setting, that NBC is owned by General Electric, a weapons manufacturer. Major corporations are dominated by cross-directorships, so that every news outlet is governed by the same powerful people. Naturally our various news outlets march lockstep. People balk at the idea that our “news” is discussed each day before it is given to us, and that all of the outlets are in agreement at the very top levels about what will be reported and how. That’s how it works. (At various times, as during Katrina and 9/11, this mold is broken and we see good reporting in the chaos. That is the exception.)

Ted Turner was a maverick who came aboard with the idea that he could change this power structure. As he now says, he kicked the shin of power and got a broken toe. CNN is now just another cog and is now among the worst in terms of submissiveness to power. But a few have noticed, and this is the kind of thing that ought to set inquisitive minds to work, that CNN World News, seen in many American airports, has a completely different reporting structure. It carries many stories and slants that its domestic branch does not.

NPR is the most annoying of the networks, as those reporters, Cokie and Nina and the gang, think themselves above the rest. The hubris is disturbing. I routinely drop notes to the NPR Ombudsman telling him that reporting is lacking and that there are many, many things going on that are “easily discoverable” if only there were curiosity. But there is none. These people draw their pay based on absence of curiosity.

Ombudsman never responds. I suppose if someone on Wait Wait … said something offensive about the broccoli growers, Ombudsman would be all over it.

How did NPR succumb to the pedestrian crowd and become National Pentagon Radio? It was easy. Funding was cut, and it was forced to seek support from corporate sponsors. New managers, who understood that dynamic, replaced the old news hounds, long gone. NPR soon knew that its very existence depended on not reporting news, and it soon became very good at filings its schedule with non-news. And advertising. All day long, it advertises. It does some really good cultural programming now, Car Talk the best. It’s news reporting is, of course, shit.

So what of the latest? What’s going on with Ukraine? The country suffers from strategic location, pivotal in allowing the Russians access to the Black Sea and the Balkans. CIA and its fronts, such as National Endowment for Democracy and other neo-Nazi elements have long been at work to break it away from Russian hegemony. They’ve been doing the same in Chechnya (which is why it is so easily seen in retrospect that the Boston Bombing hoax patsies were selected from there.). Georgia has long been severed, and when it attacked Ossetia few years back, the US media lied its sorry asses with high energy as they reported Russia the aggressor.

Even something so mundane as Pussy Riot is part of the ongoing pressure on Russia. The group is most likely compiled of agents provocateur, and meant to defame Russia on the international stage as being a place where there are no human rights afforded its citizens. Had Pussy Riot pulled their stunt in the US or Britain, the members would be in jail.

The Olympics were a huge success, and I suppose that pissed off our banking/war toy establishment too, so that the timing of Ukraine could have served to diminish that impact too. The Russians were naturally concerned about terrorists threats on the games, most likely spawned by CIA/MI6 to keep them occupied. (Most of what we call terrorism originates in Washington or London, and is financed from there. The international drug trade is an important financing tool for terrorism, and the poppy fields of Afghanistan are important to support those activities, which is why they are now protected by US troops at US taxpayer expense.)

Here is “ludicrous” as defined by current events: Right-wing Americans, some of the most depraved and soulless bastards as ever walked the earth, were demeaning Russia for its treatment of gays. Can you see why the world is so bizarro? These poseurs were claiming moral high ground on that issue! It’s easy then to see why Henry Kissinger and Barack Obama get Nobel Peace Prizes. It is indeed appropriate that the prize was funded by the inventor of high impact explosives.

In a sense the Cold War never ended. Russia is not in the news when Russia does not interfere with Wall Street and London. Russian president Medvedev meekly stepped aside to allow the carnivores to devour Libya. No complaints about the well-behaved bear. That was good Russia. When Russia gets uppity, as in Syria, it is all over the news.

Ukraine took center stage last November when it turned down an IMF loan in favor of funding from Russia. The International Monetary Fund is nothing more than an agent for Wall Street, using it financial leverage to dismantle countries for sale to highest bidder. Naturally the loan was offered to Ukraine in exchange for “austerity,” or more bluntly, a looting of its treasures in favor of western corporations. Everything would be up for sale. When Ukraine instead turned to Russia, also acting in self-interest but not so blatantly destructive of national sovereignty, the wheels were put in motion.

There are countless CIA/NED-backed groups in Ukraine who want to be allied with the Europeans as opposed to Russians. There is a natural divide in the country. Unfortunately for the westerners, the eastern portions of the country are more inclined to be part of the Russian culture, are more numerous and won the elections. There were two ways to go (a third, leave the place alone was not considered): take it over by force and get rid of the elected government, or split it in two.

The protests that erupted were not spontaneous, though many who participated were genuinely defiant. NED by its own admission poured $5 billion into the disruption efforts. Once there was enough natural unrest mined, a trigger was pulled. Washington or London or Brussels sent in assassins, and they fired into crowds, randomly killing protesters and police alike. That set the machine in motion, and in the end was a coup d’état was meant to put all of the country under the iron fist of the neo-Nazis.

That is standard operating procedure by the way, a formula for creating unrest. We will soon hear of government troops firing on protesters in Venezuela. It will actually be thugs brought in by CIA for that purpose, and there will never be an investigation.

The neo-Nazi factions, as we call them (although always present in some form throughout human history – we could as easily call them “neo-Medicis”), grew into power up to and during World War II, centered in Germany and fostered in large part by British and American financiers. Their covert purpose, Hitler being a bit of a colossal tool, was yet another attack on Russia. They were invited into the US in the closing days of that war. Fletcher Prouty reports of massive OSS efforts to round up German SS agents and safely get them out of Europe and in to safe havens in Latin America, part of Paperclip we don’t often hear about. OSS and SS became CIA in 1947, and formal unaccountable power was introduced into the American government. It’s been breeding and spreading ever since. Put these people in positions of power and soon good and decent people are forced out and what is left is pathocracy, or rule by thugs. We are now so badly infected that we cannot oust them without a violent cleansing, or revolution.

That’s all we have now. The events in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Serbia, Lebanon, Sudan, Somalia … the fostering of horrible despots in Saudi Arabia while screaming about minor ones in Iraq and Syria, and the bombs and death and destruction of lives and countries and economies … all with purpose. Ukraine is frightening in this regard as the “Nazi” beast has now shown his fangs, and met a counter-force that will fight back. Our best outcome is another Cold War.

We can only hope for that.

5 thoughts on “The course of human events

  1. It will take something bigger than 9/11 to convince the flag-waivers to take on the Russian bear.
    If we are at the and of “growth,” well then, we’ll need to break something big won’t we.


    1. It’s a choir preaching operation. Not much concern. News reporting goes on elsewhere. They’ve been through this before too, the last time with the Amy Goodman faction winning out. But I regard it is just another part of full spectrum dominance. Ford Foundation money is all over Goodman and company. They are quiet on the important events of our time, supportive of the Syrian aggression. Quit watching years ago. The local outlets are a prize, a radio band that could be better monetized, so there’s always that pressure too.

      The Obama victory really fractured what left we had in this country. It was brilliant.


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