Shit happens, I guess

Here’s some advice to readers on how to read American news coverage of any event where the truth is being kept from us: Look for “scare quotes” and passive voice.

Examples: Soviet President Putin says “American agents” are behind violence in Eastern Ukraine. Those quotation marks are a signal to American readers not to believe the words contained therein.

Passive voice merely means events occur without cause. When the US is fomenting violence, wars break out, violence occurs, tensions mount, all in the same manner that rain storms occur. The Russians have strong evidence that Kiev agents set the fire that killed so many in Odessa, but according to American sources, people were arguing and the damned fire just broke out! Huffington Post tells us that sides clashed and unrest gripped the place.

“Sides” and “unrest” are the agents behind the violence. Thanks HuffPo. You’re on top of your game, as usual.

That’s how it rolls here. That’s now our news media covers the news without actually giving us any useful information or saying anything true.
Update: UK’s Daily Mail does not use passive voice, and says that violence is caused by “pro-Russian thugs with baseball bats.” We all know that baseball is a big sport over there, so those bats surely came from Russia. In fact, the bats say right on them that they are “Moscow Sluggers.”

9 thoughts on “Shit happens, I guess

  1. I keep thinking that the looting of Ukraine and the looting of Montna are connected. If we remain paralyzed spectators in proxy fights v. Russians too far, too big and too complicated – except, of course, for Zbignew and the talking heads on the idiot-box) to fathom, well then, what good does it do for any of us to think or act in defense of our own dignity and homeland as the rapers and scrapers haul it off to China in exchange for pennies on the dollar and a few temporary, menial jobs? The transition from consumer/spectator to citizen will not be easy, but if we fail, this place will make Ohio look like heaven.


  2. Three words Mark.

    Keep repeating the spin.

    ” It was Adolf Hitler who clearly explained this manipulation when he wrote “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly — it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.” That technique takes many forms, appeals to prejudice and to fear, disinformation and presentation of forgeries and false documents, selective truth, scapegoating or demonizing the enemy.”-Michael Curtis.


    1. If you cannot see the techniques of propaganda working on you in politics (the whole of the Iraq War reduced to “support the troops” and attacks on several countries constructed around hatred of one image, Osama bin Laden), then you’re quite beyond reach. Ellul says that this kind of propaganda, “agitprop” for short, is designed to keep you in a state of anger, as the high tension that results from the agitated state over time destroys your thinking capabilities.

      So it’s amazing that you’ve come here with this notion the propaganda must reduce everything to repeated slogans, and not seen that this is what has worked on your brain, and that you have been a victim of propaganda for your entire life.

      I was too, and of course we can never rest. Agitprop is unrelenting in this country, explaining in large part the general stupidity of our population. I really believed in the Cold War and the Evil Empire and the Soviets wanting to rule the world. On the evening that I realized that I had been a victim of agitprop, I had a sensation of mental relief – I could relax! There was no threat, it was all a lie. I had been kept in a state of agitation by the continued threat of “communism.”

      I am recovering to this day, but please note that shortly after I realized that the Soviets presented no threat to me or my country, the Soviet Union collapsed.

      I caused that.


    2. I don’t know who this MIchael Curtis dude is, Swede, but you should get the attribution for quotes correct before you blast away. The quote is from Goebbels. And the U.S. government and the media are taking liberty with using his astute observations and writings in their own propaganda.


      1. Your 6:12 comment shows up as 4:42, an hour-and-one-half difference. Much of Asia is on a half-hour time difference from the US (that plus 12 or 14 hours). I wonder if your comment was routed through computers in India before being posted here.


    1. Yep, Madsen has been doing some great geopolitical analysis. The fear that the dollar will no longer reign supreme has unleashed the forces of capitalism to do whatever is necessary to maintain it. Empire is not just maintained by hegemony and control over land. It is controlled through the major currency in effect globally.

      Part of the reason Baucus was sent to China was to entice them into TPP (and the also his predilection for baoernai and baopo). By doing so, we’d have defacto control over the currency Chinese businesses use to conduct transnational business.


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