Hunter Biden, Joe’s son, is now in the Ukrainian natural gas business (cue music, Mary Tyler Moore throwing beanie in air)

Hunter Biden (Has Dad's disingenuous car salesman smile)
Hunter Biden (Has Dad’s disingenuous car salesman smile)

Note: Please be sure to read JC’s comments under this post, as he is all over this matter.

I learned from Huffington Post that Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, has an impressive résumé, as follows:

Hunter Biden currently serves as Chairman of the Board of World Food Program USA and as a Director on the not-for-profit boards of the Truman National Security Project, The Center for National Policy and the US Global Leadership Coalition. Mr. Biden serves as managing partner at Rosemont Seneca Partners, Chairman at Rosemont Seneca Advisors, is Counsel to Boies, Schiller, Flexner, LLP, a national law firm based in New York, and is a Director of CAYOVA a next generation social networking site.

Mr. Biden is also an Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University’s Masters Program in the school of foreign service. Mr. Biden is a member of the CSIS Executive Council on Development and the President’s Advisory Board for Catholic Charities in Washington D.C. From 2006-2009, Mr. Biden served on the Board of Directors of Amtrak, serving as Vice Chairman from 2007-2009. Mr. Biden was honored to serve as an Honorary Co-Chair of the 2009 Presidential Inaugural Committee and to have served in the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. Previously, Mr. Biden was a founding member of the law firm, Oldaker, Biden and Belair, LLP, was appointed by President Clinton to serve as Executive Director of E-Commerce Policy Coordination under Secretary of Commerce William Daley and was Senior Vice President at MBNA America Bank. He is also a member of the bar in the State of Connecticut, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Supreme Court and the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. Mr. Biden received a bachelor’s degree from Georgetown University and a J.D. from Yale Law School.

Add to that his recent appointment to Burisma Holdings, the largest private natural gas producer in Ukraine.

The guy is juiced. He’s connected to the Vice President of the United States, and has been appointed to the board of a company in an area of immediate interest in US foreign policy, a place where there has been insurgencies, riots, a violent coup d’état, massacres, where NATO wants to expand, where Russia’s security interests are threatened and a potential confrontation between two very powerful countries is an ongoing backdrop. It is not unlike George W. Bush shilling for Enron when his Daddy was president. It is not kid-juice, but rather daddy-juice, that secures these appointments.

Newsworthy? Nah. I got hold of this tidbit via Olga75 on Twitter. Otherwise, [crickets] all the way up and down the Google.
Update: One almost gets the feeling that, outside the United States and in the inner tubes exists a real news media. This is from a Buzzfeed story:

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov told BuzzFeed that Russia saw no conflict of interest in Joe Biden working to wean Ukraine off Russian gas – which makes up about 60 percent of the country’s energy supply – while his son worked in the Ukrainian gas industry.
“Anyway, as everyone knows, there’s no gas in Ukraine,” he added. “The gas in Ukraine is Russian.”

Factor that into JC’s comments below in which Burisma appears to be nothing more than a shell – no gas fields, no real company, Cypriot ties and a connection to the former Polish president and the current US Vice President. Burisma and I have one thing in common: Both of us got our domain names from GoDaddy.

11 thoughts on “Hunter Biden, Joe’s son, is now in the Ukrainian natural gas business (cue music, Mary Tyler Moore throwing beanie in air)

      1. Part of the strategy of western oligarchs/oilgarchs is to drive a wedge between Ukraine and Russia. They are battling over oil and gas pricing right now (long story), and essentially Ukraine is challenging Russia’s pricing structure, and has not been paying it’s bill to the Russians. Russia has just stated that they will not deliver any more gas/oil to Ukraine if they haven’t paid all past due, and pay for June’s oil up front. So the pipelines to Ukraine will get shut down. A lot of the gas/oil is pass-through, meaning it is meant for other countries. (you’ll never find this story in mainstream western press…)

        If the situation gets dire enough, the western oilgarchs can greatly minimize the amount of energy Russia supplies to Ukraine and Europe, and by doing so, they create the need for fracking. Europe so far has been extremely resistant to fracking, partially due to the abundance of Russian energy, also because of environmental concerns. So, they create a crisis, and the frackers can move in. Enter Hunter Biden to assist in the mobilization of western oilgarchs into Ukraine, and the rest of Europe, given his intimate connections to the powers-that-be.

        And because energy is such a strategic resource, it only makes sense that the CIA (remember Director Brennan was in Ukraine shortly before Joe Biden showed up) would find ways to infiltrate businesses and do double duty (Air America style): find a way to move funds through an energy business to the Ukrainian military without having to go normal channels.

        If you go look up Dymytro Yarosh (the head of Ukraine’s Right Sector neo-nazis) at Wikipedia you’ll come across a statement he recently made:

        “We’re not using oligarchs’ money in politics, but when a war is on, we do not object to their funding the army.”[

        In any thinking person’s foreign policy playbook, Yarosh has just described classical fascism: private businesses directly funding the military. So how do the neo-nazis plan on funding a civil war with eastern Ukraine, and/or battling Russia? With energy dollars from fracking and other current sources, funneled through energy companies owned by oilgarchs, paid directly to the military. The hell with fighting a war the normal way, having a government pay for it.

        Oh, and yeah, Yarosh’s wikipedia quote? I’ve been doing a lot of research, pulled the quote from TASS and did the wikipedia entry myself a few weeks ago, knowing that it was going to prove important.


      2. Ok, so a quick google-up comes up with this:

        During his two-day visit this week to Kiev, Ukraine, Vice President Joe Biden unfurled President Barack Obama’s “U.S.Crisis Support Package for Ukraine.”

        And Hunter Biden was appointed to Burisma during daddies trip.

        And on the CIA front, this:

        “[Hunter] Biden is a lawyer with insider connections to the financial industry and government. In addition to holding directorship for the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition and The Center for National Policy, he sits on the Chairman’s Advisory Board for the National Democratic Institute (NDI). The NDI is a project of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), the taxpayer funded organization that does what the CIA did covertly 25 years ago, according to one of its founders, Alan Weinstein.”

        It’s all so transparently corrupt and evil. This took 10 minutes of googling. If I could stomach it, I’d flesh out some more, but the sun is out, and it’s a beautiful day…


      3. The first quote above was supposed to read:

        “During his two-day visit this week to Kiev, Ukraine, Vice President Joe Biden unfurled President Barack Obama’s “U.S.Crisis Support Package for Ukraine.”

        A key part of the package involves promoting the deployment of hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) in Ukraine. Dean Neu, professor of accounting at York University in Toronto, describes this phenomenon in his book “Doing Missionary Work.” And in this case, it involves the U.S. acting as a modern-day missionary to spread the gospel of fracking to further its own interests.”



      4. Ok, just one more. Devon Archer also, a good friend of the Bidens and political bundler to John Kerry and others, was appointed to Burisma, too. Archer has a very interesting pedigree. Here is just one of Archer’s jobs, Director at DiamondBack Tactical:

        “Diamondback Tactical designs and manufactures mission-specific technologically advanced tactical armor systems. Our advanced personal armor systems, ranging from ballistic armor and carriers to hard armor shields, have a proven track record with elite U.S. Government Agencies, leading Military Organizations, State and Local Law Enforcement, the Department of Defense and Contractors worldwide. Our quality, “Made in America” products combine the comfort of superior fit and design with premium quality performance that won’t fail when you need it most.

        In 2010 Diamondback Tactical acquired First Choice Armor and Equipment. The acquisition created a great opportunity for product expansion and market growth. Our combined dedication to technological innovation and leading-edge product development is the benchmark of our brand, and we strive daily to improve our customers’ protective capabilities in a constantly changing threat environment. Collectively we have supported our global customer base with a full line of mission-specific technologically for the past 23 years. Quite simply, we make “Serious Gear for Serious Operators.””

        Who does Archer work with there? Stephen R. Kappes, Chairman. Who is Kappes?

        “Mr. Kappes retired from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as the Deputy Director in May 2010 after 30 years of service. From 2006 to 2010 he was directly involved in the leadership and management of all elements of the Agency under two different Directors and two Presidential administrations. From 2005 to 2006 he was the Chief Operating Officer of ArmorGroup International and a member of the Board of Directors of ArmorGroup International plc. From 2002 to 2004 Mr. Kappes served as the Associate Deputy Director of Operations and then the Deputy Director of Operations for the CIA. Mr. Kappes also served during his career as the Associate Deputy Director for Counterintelligence. Mr. Kappes was a Captain in the United States Marine Corps before joining the CIA. Currently, he is Chairman of the Board of Artel LLC and Diamondback Tactical and a member of the Board of Directors of Zephyr Photonics Inc. “

        And we thought Reagan and his little Iran-Contra maneuver was tricky. That was nothing compared to what the Bidens are cooking up.


      5. And there is a question on whether or Burisma is a legit business or not:

        “1. What is Burisma?

        Burisma appears to be a Ukrainian energy company with a focus on oil and gas exploration. However, independent information about the company is hard to find and even harder to verify. According to Businessweek:

        Burisma Holdings Limited engages in oil and gas exploration and production. The company also engages in oil well drilling, production of liquefied natural gas, and undertaking geological studies. The company was incorporated in 2006 and is based in Limassol, Cyprus.

        2. Is Burisma even a real company?

        The company’s website is…rough, at best, and the domain does not appear to have even been registered until 2010 even though the company was allegedly founded in 2002 and incorporated in 2006. And as recently as July of 2013, the website was not even written in English.

        Basic information about the business is also difficult to find. Joe Weisenthal of Business Insider noted on Twitter that the company lacked a profile in Bloomberg, an extensive database of business information, and had no Wikipedia presence whatsoever. Businessweek contained only a brief blurb about the company, stating that it was incorporated in 2006 and based in Cyprus.”

        Oh, and who is taking a junket to Cyprus in about a week?

        “Nicosia: Cyprus confirmed on Monday that US Vice President Joe Biden will arrive on the divided island later this month to help push forward the UN-sponsored peace process.

        Government spokesman Nicos Christodoulides told state radio that Biden has accepted an invitation from President Nicos Anastasiades and that preparations were being made for the visit.

        He said the exact dates of the trip will be discussed on Tuesday in Washington between US Secretary of State John Kerry and his Cypriot counterpart Ioannis Kasoulides.

        Media reports say Biden is due on the island from May 21-23. “

        Might Biden stop in to see how Burisma is doing? Bet there’s a nice sheltered CIA station operating out of its office…


  1. Thanks JC. A wealth of good information there, many connections, and perhaps a shell company – if the company is but a front, can we again say CIA?

    You’ve done lots of research here. thanks.


    1. Interesting too that for Hunter the Burisma job could well just be a cover for an intel operation, and for Joe Biden, the job of VP the same. Nobody is as they are presented to us.


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