Adventures in self-awareness

Don Progreba writes about Republicans at Intelligent Discontent. He is predictable, repetitive, rote and routine, unimaginative and incurious to a fault. He invites ridicule, but imagines that it is only the party impulse that brings it about rather than an impulse we might call, thinking here thinking ….. intelligent disc… never mind.

But I laughed out loud when I read his most recent post, 12 Reasons Montana s Can’t and Won’t Elect Ryan Zinke. Perhaps a few of my readers share my sense of humor in these affairs. Here is Don’s first reason:

He can’t be trusted.

12 thoughts on “Adventures in self-awareness

  1. I bet he can’t find 12 reasons the Democrat running for Senate or U.S. House should be elected. Negative utopia stuff all the way.


  2. Here’s 60,538 reasons why John Lewis won’t win:
    Primary turnout U.S. House:
    Democrats: 70,673
    Republicans: 131,211

    And 56,749 reasons why John Walsh won’t win:
    Primary turnout U.S. Senate:
    Democrats: 75,461
    Republicans: 132,210

    Turnout? 33%. Montanans are really excited about their dem candidates!


    1. As I’ve said before, I can’t vote for a dipsh*t who advocates for privatizing social security. (gen. whishy walshy) I will either abstain or vote for daines. May as well get this fight on instead of following the lead of paddy wms. and simply slouching our way into fascism civilly! Can’t never offend or speak ill of a nazzi you know. The Dims in Montana disgust me.


          1. Voting only matters when we have meaningful choices. Coke and Pepsi don’t count. That’s the illusion of choice. At least with dictators we’re not being diddled.

            Did you get all caught up in wedge politics during the primary campaigns, Swedey? That was my last encounter with you. You were convinced they were coming for your guns, while Kralj was sure they were going to shut down abortion clinics.

            Meanwhile the real business of oligarchy goes on behind the curtain.


          2. Do dictators let you have guns?

            Got you a great quote.

            “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

            John F. Kennedy


          3. They don’t care if you have guns, as the ones they have are so much better. If it were 1776 when everyone was carrying muskets, then an armed citizenry might threaten the government. But now? Forget it.

            These are things that they use to stock campaigns, like they stock the lakes in the Beartooths with fish. The government, that part that is run by the oligarchy (and which you support), thinks it is important that you believe that this is a free country. So they go to great efforts to supply you with candidates and issues so that you vote and feel validated.

            But by definition, the issues they allow you to discuss are those that do not threaten the oligarchs. Guns, abortion, gay marriage, immigration … wedge politics. These issues can go either way. Does not affect them.


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