The transformation of al Qaeda into freedom fighters, again

times-osama-bin-laden-cover-1Advertisers know that groups of people exhibit characteristics that are not apparent in the individuals within those groups. An adult American might think himself skeptical to a fault (and a critical thinker to boot), but as a group the American public is highly suggestible and gullible. It believes in fairy tales and are easily manipulated by symbols and lies. Our relationship with the government and news media is that of parent-child. News is written at a fifth grade level, and symbols and imagery are used to make it believable.

Thierry Meyssan is a French scholar and author who writes at the website Voltaire Network. I first heard his name when I learned that he had asked an un-childlike question in 2001 about the plane that hit the Pentagon: “Where’s the Boeing?” A child can see that it is not there.

That the American public bought that story is testimony to the hypnotic power of television news. If it’s on TV, it’s true.

Meyssan wrote about the supposed killing of Osama bin Laden with the same skeptical eye in May of 2011, and I just stumbled on his story the other day. I have tried to answer the “why” of the killing for myself, thinking perhaps that the advertising image had run its useful life. Most products on Americans shelves are given a brand makeover on a regular basis, and old becomes new again.

But there’s more.

As Meyssan notes*,

In 2001, Osama Bin Laden was suffering from a serious kidney ailment and was put on dialysis. He had to undergo treatment in hospital at least every two days. In the summer of 2001, he was admitted to the American hospital in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). At the beginning of September 2001, he was transferred to the military hospital in Rawalpindi (Pakistan). A few days after the attacks, he gave an interview to Al-Jazeera in a place which was kept secret from the journalist. In December 2001, his family announced his passing and his friends were present at his funeral.

However, the US Defense Department was convinced that the announcement was a decoy to allow Bin Laden to escape US justice. And yet, between 2001 and 2011, no reliable witness ever met up with Osama Bin Laden.

During this period, a host of video and audio cassettes attributed to Bin Laden were released, either by the Defense Department, by the media (mainly Al-Jazeera), or by private intelligence companies (IntelCenter, SITE Intelligence Group). The majority of the tapes were authenticated by the CIA through an undisclosed method. Nonetheless, the totality of the tapes were proven to be false by experts in artificial intelligence, including the Dalle Molle Institute which is world leader in court-ordered appraisals.

Simply stated, in all likelihood Osama Bin Laden died in December 2001. Consequently, what we are being told today belongs in the mythical realm.

Then they up and killed him. There was a good reason, as plain as the nose on my face.

The basic political issue is to know why the United States decided to snuff life out of the mythical character they had created – the real man having been dead for nearly a decade.

For the simple reason that Bin Laden’s combatants have been embedded for several months in operations where they must no longer figure as enemies of the United States, but as allies. This turnaround could not be managed without the elimination of their virtual commander.

Of course! Terrorists had to be transformed into freedom fighters in the public mind.

The name “al Qaeda” was an American invention, and roughly translated means “the base.” It was a list of names, or a database in the 1990’s. That’s when prosecutors struggled to pin the first World Trade Center bombing on a formal group so that the RICO statute could be invoked. In the 1980’s, when the US trained and armed them against the Soviets in Afghanistan, the lists of names, the base, was the “mujahadeen.” Our enemy is now our friend again. Their leader had to be killed to help with the brand makeover.

That might be a hard idea to sell to the public, given that they’ve been spooked by the ‘al Qaeda’ boogeyman for over a decade. But remember, they were shown a picture of a hole in a building and told that a plane did it. There was no plane. Now they are told that Osama, who was never there, is gone. They’ll believe anything.
*Go to link for footnotes. I have removed them for ease of reading.

7 thoughts on “The transformation of al Qaeda into freedom fighters, again

  1. The true nature of the ISIS (the “al Qaeda” offshoot currently making the news in Iraq) activity has been revealed as pretext and a false flag, and is well documented by Tony Cartalucci at nsnbc (not to be confused with msnbc):

    In actuality, ISIS is the product of a joint NATO-GCC conspiracy stretching back as far as 2007 where US-Saudi policymakers sought to ignite a region-wide sectarian war to purge the Middle East of Iran’s arch of influence stretching from its borders, across Syria and Iraq, and as far west as Lebanon and the coast of the Mediterranean.

    ISIS has been harbored, trained, armed, and extensively funded by a coalition of NATO and Persian Gulf states within Turkey’s (NATO territory) borders and has launched invasions into northern Syria with, at times, both Turkish artillery and air cover. The most recent example of this was the cross-border invasion by Al Qaeda into Kasab village, Latikia province in northwest Syria.


      1. ISIS seems to be accomplishing — besides being a lightning rod for moves into Syria and Iran — what Joe Biden wanted years ago as a senator: a soft partition of Iraq into 3 sectarian states.

        Biden’s insertion of his son Hunter into middle eastern affairs is no simple grab for oil money at Burisma as a director and lawyer. They’re behind a major move using geopolitics to influence oil & gas leases, ownership, prospecting, extraction, transport and delivery on a global scale. In this way he is far more dangerous than Dick Cheney, as he doesn’t have the overt Halliburton brand telegraphing his interests.


          1. I’ve been working on this for weeks now. Just been following leads, doing creative google research, seeing where it goes, reading translations of foreign news sites, linking stuff together. Letting it simmer and gel until I write it up. I’ll try and do some writing soon. Till then, here’s a teaser — you’ll like this as it condenses a lot of the things you’ve been writing about: “False Flag Terrorism” to Sustain America’s “Humanitarian” Agenda: Sustaining the US Empire’s Killing Machine. The Modus Operandi of US Led Wars.


          2. I do hope you’ve read where Did the Towers Go, by Wood. This controlled demolition meme is part of the ongoing cover-up, in my view. Not that it matters. I only care that pursuit of truth be kept alive, as we’ll never have an investigation – or if we did, it too would be done only to advance the cover-up.


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