The American brain

Lobotomies were a common medical procedure during the 1960’s, with over 10,000 children receiving them. Electroshock therapy, now on the rise again (promoted by none other than Carrie Fisher), was also common.

These treatments were shown to be redundant and unnecessary due to the rise of TV

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3 Responses to The American brain

  1. Glenn Lee says:

    Due to the rise of TV …………. LOL


  2. steve kelly says: With little modification these babies ( might at least launch tv’s into the next county. With a little (“public-private partnership”) NASA funding, who knows what’s possible?


    • A guy I used to work with, an engineer, incredibly quick mind and high intelligence … I walked into his office one time in 1990 or so, and he was just steaming with anger at Saddam Hussein, whom he had never heard of before that time. I have always wondered about that incident because he was obviously reached on a subliminal level, had his anger juices stirred up and focused on our next enemy, a face, a man with a mustache.

      I sure did not understand it all then, how it was done and all, but in retrospect can see it very easily. I can also see the problem they have had with Syria’s Assad, who does not wear a uniform and has a kind outer appearance. From a propaganda standpoint, he’s been a difficult focal point, as he does not trigger that blind rage I saw in Jim that day. He wears western suits and ties, speaks softly, does not lose his temper. It’s been giving them fits.


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