3 thoughts on “The American brain

    1. A guy I used to work with, an engineer, incredibly quick mind and high intelligence … I walked into his office one time in 1990 or so, and he was just steaming with anger at Saddam Hussein, whom he had never heard of before that time. I have always wondered about that incident because he was obviously reached on a subliminal level, had his anger juices stirred up and focused on our next enemy, a face, a man with a mustache.

      I sure did not understand it all then, how it was done and all, but in retrospect can see it very easily. I can also see the problem they have had with Syria’s Assad, who does not wear a uniform and has a kind outer appearance. From a propaganda standpoint, he’s been a difficult focal point, as he does not trigger that blind rage I saw in Jim that day. He wears western suits and ties, speaks softly, does not lose his temper. It’s been giving them fits.


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