The road to self-encirclement

“Between 50 and 55 million people have died around the world as a result of Western colonialism and neo-colonialism since the end of World War II as a direct result of wars initiated by the West, pro-Western military coups and other conflicts. … Hundreds of millions have died indirectly, in absolute misery, and silently. … [Just in the last few years] six to ten million people have been killed in the DR Congo, approximately as many as killed at the beginning of the twentieth century by Belgian King Leopoldo II. Although it is Rwanda, Uganda and their proxies who are murdering millions of innocent people, behind them are always Western geopolitical and economic interests.”(Novelist, filmmaker, journalist, photographer and playwright Andre Vltchek, compiled from his soon-to-be-released movie, On Western Terrorism, from Hiroshima to Drone Warfare.)

The “Cold War” war was largely an illusion, a cover story that the US used when it attacked various countries in the post-war period. The Russians, like all powerful states, vigorously defend their borders, but were never an imperialist force. Every action on that side during that period is easily seen to be, instead of action, response. Khrushchev’s near-fatal gambit, putting missiles in Cuba, is easily understood when we realize that the US had missiles in Turkey.

Quid pro quo, Clarice.

When the Soviet Union imploded, the US became very aggressive. It quickly set out to attack countries formerly off-limits due to the hegemonic effect of Soviet power. The US appears at all times to be on the brink of economic collapse, and is only kept afloat by the petrodollar. When the dollar is threatened, as it was by Iraq in 2003 and Libya in 2011, the US responds quickly and with brutal force.

However, 1990 was the beginning of a long journey of self-encirclement. First was Iraq. It was a barbaric attack, initiated after luring its foolish leader, Saddam Hussein, into invading Kuwait. The attack destroyed what was then a near-first world country, and included bombing of cities, destruction of infrastructure, and economic sanctions designed to kill old people and children. It started under the Republican Bush, and continued through to the second Republican Bush administration. It was unaffected by American elections.

Then came the Balkans.

Then Somalia.

Development of oil reserves in the Caspian basin meant that the ‘stans’ would have to be broken away from Russia, part of the reason for the Afghanistan invasion in the 1980’s. The invasion of that part of the world intensified after 9/11/2001.

But there was a calm in the air, and an inability to move forward. When Clinton proposed attacking Iraq again in 1998, he met huge public resistance and backed down. His presidency came under attack, and while he was neutralized and fighting off the Monica matter, the military supposedly under his command attacked Serbia. The object was to break off Kosovo and install a huge military base there, Camp Bondsteel. It succeeded.

The Russians attempted a response, but were unable to project enough power into the region to thwart the attack. Forced to witness naked aggression and unable to respond, They would undergo a rejuvenation under the leadership of Vladimir Putin, currently demonized in American state-run news and entertainment media.

A “NeoCon” faction, led by Jewish liberals who underwent a transformation into militant fascists (but I repeat myself), demanded a massive military buildup during the late 1990’s, seeking 4-5% of GDP for war spending as their yearly take on our economy. But to no avail. They backed the imbecile George W. Bush, and together with an array of moles and operatives already in place, launched a false flag attack on the US on September 11, 2001. The object was to rekindle the Cold War, replacing “communists” under every bed with terrorists in every basement. This freed up the US military machine to attack at will any country it chose, and for a few years thereafter, the US military was able to make war at will.

Once invigorated by 9/11, the NeoCons set out to destroy seven countries in five years, and succeeded in bringing down Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia and Sudan. Iran and Syria are still standing, though Syria has been badly mauled by western-backed terrorist forces, including the US-sponsored group known ad “Al Qaeda.” This illusory group of US-trained terrorists has a long history of service to the US military, first used as “freedom fighters” in Afghanistan in the 1980’s, and then used as the foil for the 9/11 false flag attack, and now redeemed as freedom fighters again in bringing down Libya and attacking Syria.

Nonetheless, the NeoCon drive, fronted by a Democrat Administration since 2009 and unaffected by American elections, stalled in Syria, and was also thwarted in the Ukraine on an unrelated and opportunistic side-mission to install a neo-Nazi government there. Russians, now able to project their power, have become an impediment to the NeoCon drive.

However, stalled in Syria and never able to openly attack Iran, the Neocons have come complete circle now, and are using the cover of “defending” Iraq from “ISIS,” newly invented and illusory western-backed terrorists fresh out of Syria and Iran. They have now apparently decided to finish the job in Iraq, breaking the country down to its Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish factions. The NeoCon Obama is still in power, but might soon be replaced by the NeoCon Jeb Bush or the NeoCon Hillary Clinton.

That’s where we are at. It’s just a pencil sketch, surely oversimplified to form a narrative. But with the rise of the Russian Federation, which some celebrate as a new “Cold War,” coupled with a powerful China, our world is a safer place now than it was in 1990.

It just doesn’t seem that way.

It does appear, however, that the US has done what all empires do in the end: Self-encircle. We continue to stave off the wolf of economic collapse by means of the petrodollar. It appears to be our only salvation.

12 thoughts on “The road to self-encirclement

        1. Funny thing, but your link opens with the admission that Trotsky never actually uttered those words. But that’s an aside, as the notion there is that the violence in Syria, Libya and Iraq is native and must be quelled by outside power. In fact, and the point of this post which you obviously did not read, is that those countries are inflicted with American terrorists, al Qaeda and probably Blackwater (whatever name they go by) and other private terrorists, used as agents provocateur to precede formal American terror in the form of a full scale attack.

          The US causes the violence that initiates the supposed need for a US response. It’s as old as Fascism itself.


    1. Swede, you’ll find your fascist forebears talked like that too. The German Nazis never engaged in naked aggression, bur rather were defending themselves, sometimes preemptively. The language of the fascist does not change over the decades or centuries.


  1. Manifest Destiny. Once the continent was safe for colonial exploitation, what’s to stop a “logical extension” that takes on Planet Earth. Obedience training isn’t just for dogs. Once training is completed, all you need is a whistle — and a few well-timed drones and bunker busters — to control the beasts.


    1. Someone observed (or I just read) the other day that most of the violence and terror in the world originates with the Anglo states, Britain and it’s seeded colonies, Canada, the US and Australia.


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