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From RIA Novosti:

On Friday, a source from one of the Ukrainian defense departments told RIA Novosti that a system mix up during a Ukrainian air defense units’ rocket launch exercise could be the cause of the Malaysia Airlines plane crash.

This brief news piece produced an “Aha!” moment for me. But for most folks it’s just part of a mosaic and has no significance. It leads into a world that we have been taught does not exist, the one in which psychopathic forces embedded within governments arrange false flag attacks on innocent civilians to advance their own agendas. Perhaps the affair with an airliner shot down in a foreign country is a good time to review how it is done. After all, as we all know, it can’t happen here.

It takes a lot of people to organize the events that result in a civilian airliner being shot down, if indeed that is what happened in Ukraine. (Remember, we only know what we see and hear via news sources, so that I have to take it on faith that an airliner was shot down and 298 people were killed.) It not only takes a lot of people, but they all have to be evil. They don’t exist in sufficient numbers here in our country of course, but probably do in Russia (…cue evildoer music …)
Vladimir Putin

But wait – what if there is a way to get good people to help out! What if they were told it was just a drill!

If that’s the case, then all kinds of resources are available to the evildoers. Civilian and military air traffic controllers have to be involved, and military jets have to follow the airliner. The aircraft has to be taken off course, and no one can suspect it is being done so it can be shot down.

In fact, this sort of thing is regularly done to test defense readiness. Military agencies do not always have the luxury of real wars and attacks to be sure they are ready. So they play war games. It is routine, and done everywhere. Civilian agencies test their own response systems alongside those of the military.

In this case, the drill scenario calls for an attack on a civilian airliner. If the means of shoot down are a ground-to-air missile, the hardware has it be put in place, and no one can suspect the purpose. If it is air-to-air, real fighter aircraft have to be in the air and tailing the airliner.

People have to play it for real even though they know it is fake. Military units on the ground have to rush to the site, information agencies have to alert news outlets, who treat it as real. Hospitals are on alert, spokespersons report casualties as if real. Aid centers have to treat casualties as if they are real even though they know they are dealing with play actors. If this seems like a game to us on the outside, those playing the game have to be accountable, as these people are charged with national and civil defense. They have to play it for real.*

Feedback is the key, and after the drill is complete, each unit has to report not on itself, but rather on how others responded. They assess their response systems, and fix any defects that became apparent during the drill. This sort of thing goes on every day all over the world from very high levels down to local medical response units in cities and towns testing their response systems. It is normal, prudent, and necessary.

For the psychopaths in government agencies who like to turn events to their own purposes (and let’s presume these forces exist in other governments and not in illegible) – let’s say that it can happen in Vladimir Putin… Russia (…cue evildoer music…), such drills represent an opportunity. They have access to government resources including aircraft and ordnance and ground vehicles, and most importantly, personnel. The defense readiness drill is the key to understanding false flag attacks. The people participating think they are in a drill. But the psychopaths have infiltrated the units, and have moles in place who “flip it live,” use live ammo, and really truly shoot down a civilian airliner. When innocent participants realize what happened, they also realize that they are in something quite sinister, and that their own lives might be in danger. They shut up about it.

In a matter like the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17, how many people were involved? I cannot know, of course, but imagine that it is hundreds, most innocent. It was reported that regular air traffic controllers in Kiev, those who were Ukrainian nationals, were removed from their posts and replaced by outsiders prior to the shoot down. That is highly suspicious. If the drill called for an air-to-air missile, there have to be real fighter aircraft in the air playing the bad guys. If the drill called for ground-to-air missiles, a Buk unit with five or six vehicles and maybe 17 trained operators had to be mobilized. Ukraine has, I read, 29 Buk units. If the drill called for a missile to be fired from an (illegible) aircraft in Azerbaijan, that (illegible) crew had to know it was real.

Surprisingly few people, however, have to be in on the game, as the pretense of a military preparedness drill has incorporated hundreds of innocent people into participation.

This is how it is done. On (illegible) , thousands of military and civilian personnel thought they were in drills, which is how the national defense system was shut down, fighter jets were out of position. There there were scores of drills being run that day, with names like Amalgam Virgo, Operation Northern Watch, Vigilant Guardian, many of which involved simulated hijackings of airliners. While it took scores of willing and knowing participants, the vast majority of people involved had no clue until it was too late.

So too in Kiev, quite a few people are now losing sleep over what happened. They are afraid to speak up, do not know who they can trust and fear for their own lives. In addition to seeing innocent people killed as the airliner hit the ground (?), they also came to know with cold certainty that they were involved in a game with cold-blooded murderers, and that their own lives are as expendable as those of the passengers.

How can I know so much based on such a trifling clue as drills being run? Three years ago, I would not have. But I was curious about (illegible) , and learned a whole lot about the mechanics of false flaggery since that time. This is how (illegible) leadership rolls. It is the fascist signature.
*This is why in (illegible) the victims were choreographed to look like real bombing victims, complete with fake blood and already-missing limbs.

3 thoughts on “The fascist signature

  1. …and the final act of each play is the celebration by dupees that martial law has saved them from some horrific act of violence that already happened, and will probably never happen again in their lifetime. In Egypt, as in Boston, the “bleating of sheep” (1 Samuel 15:14) is no longer witness and weak complaint of lying and coverup by those without conscience, but celebration, contentment and a sigh of relief that the police state has conveniently taken care of the problem for them. More police, weapons and taxes please — this seems to be working. This one’s for Swede:


  2. I realized I was using too many sentences. Remember, keep it simple. Did enjoy the Sagan quote, however. Ooops, that’s “time.”


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