Calling All Critical Thinkers . . .

On Monday, June 28, 2021, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, along with former Green Bay Packers player, Ken Ruettgers, hosted a press conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with individuals claiming to be harmed by COVID injections. The press conference is getting some play from independent researchers, and on alternative media platforms (see here, here, and here), but seemingly receiving some backlash in the mainstream media, and from local media in Wisconsin. 

I am interested if POM readers have viewed this press conference. If not, I suggest watching the conference in its entirety (it begins shortly after the 9-minute time stamp), or reviewing excerpts transcribed in the links above. 

For more detailed information (including professionally produced interviews) on the group of individuals who testified at the June 28 press conference, please review their web site called C19 Vax Reactions, ostensibly created by Ken Ruettgers. You can also see a more personalized story about one of the individuals (Maddie de Garay), as expressed by her father (Patrick de Garay) on his Facebook profile here.

What are your thoughts? I hope discerning problem solvers at POM will chime in. This is a very open-ended question; however, here are several aspects to consider: 

Given that Ron Johnson is a Senator of Wisconsin, why are all the claimants from other states? Why not include any individuals from Wisconsin who are purportedly harmed? 

Is it significant that Senator Johnson served as Chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee from 2015-2021, and is now the “ranking member for the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations?”

Why do the individuals and families represented at the conference appear to be reading directly from prepared statements? Were they written by or for them?

Why does every single one of them (including the hosts) emphasize (repeatedly) they are “pro-science” and “pro-vaccine?” 

Do you think the narratives presented at the press conference will help to influence the COVID “vaccine” campaign? If so, in which direction? 

Could there possibly be any hidden agendas to the June 28 presentation that may not be beneficial to halting the fast and furious injection rollout? 

In light of my ongoing research and recent analysis of graphene (and carbon-based nanomaterials), as it relates to COVID (see my posts and the respective comments sections here and here), is it curious that the mother (Stephanie de Garay) of the purportedly harmed child from Ohio (Maddie de Garay) spent many years as an electrical engineer employed by Milwaukee-based Rockwell Automation (see here and here)? For added context, Rockwell Automation contributes heavily to digital transformation in the pharmaceutical and biotech spheres, and is a key player in the field of nanoscale graphene-based water sensors and nanoscale wireless photoelectric sensors. Notably, Milwaukee, WI is a central hub for collaborative innovation and technology involving graphene-based nanomaterials. This subtle irony is not lost on me. 

At this point, I have more questions than answers. Thus, I am asking for assistance and feedback from fellow critical thinkers . . . I took the first stab at a quick analysis. Who wants to be next? Anyone? . . . Bueller?

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  1. Well, you’ve certainly done your research, Stephers. I’m very impressed. I’ve just posted this comment about the hearing on a comment on an OffG article.
    I have my doubts about this story which is not to say that I think the vaccines aren’t maiming and killing people, not at all – I believe they most definitely are – but the thing to always bear in mind is that they love to control the narrative so they will push out fake versions of what’s actually happening. Why would they do that?

    It makes it seem as if they’re publicising the adverse effects caused by the vaccine when they might be doing their level best to suppress the adverse effects. They suggest there’s transparency of what’s going on but:

    — There’s a slightly different psychological effect of a person acting as if they’ve been maimed by a vaccine or a loved one whose lost someone who’s died from a vaccine than from a person who’s really been maimed or a loved one who’s really lost someone.

    — They may justify giving us the vaccine on the basis, “Well, we told you that there’s a risk of ill-effects and you still took it.” They put the onus on us. They practically make it compulsory – in fact, in some situations such as travel they do make it compulsory – but because they’ve warned us through these staged actors, they believe they absolve themselves of responsibility (I’m just guessing of course but I know they always give us the clues above and beyond the naturally occurring anomalies in their story and I think it’s reasonable as has been stated on the internet that they believe they are spared karmic repercussions by putting the onus onto us to call them out).

    — They will minimise the exposure of the ill-effects and if YOU are maimed or killed by the vaccine, don’t expect any publicity in the media as seen here.

    Notice in the video how the girl smiles and then plays with her mouth as if she’s trying to hide a smile while her mother wipes away a non-existent tear – the wiped away non-existent tear is a very common feature of psyops.

    Scroll down for the video.

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    1. Petra –

      I am deeply appreciative of your analysis, including your observations and conclusions. I hope people will pay very close attention to body language. It can be highly revealing, as we know here at POM. In this regard, I have been quite disappointed that most folks at have not intuited the same when watching this press conference. We need to be highly attuned to these psyops. Thanks for your contribution, and leading off strong. I have admired your analyses over the years, and it is why your site is included in our blog roll here at POM.

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      1. Thanks so much, Stephers, and I was very chuffed to see my website on your blog roll. I added snippets of your comment to my comment on OffG with a link.

        So far, my comment has scored only a downvote. Yes, people are so loath to get the “pushing out stuff that makes them look bad” technique. It’s like they have to be dragged kicking and screaming to understand that it’s just a technique, however counterintuitive it may seem. The Big, Bad US government killing all those poor people on 9/11 – you simply cannot penetrate their skulls – no they didn’t! Not because they care about them, no, of course, not – look how many people they’re killing now with the fake pandemic – no not because they care about them but because it wasn’t part of the MO. It’s all about fooling us and they only kill people when they wanna kill them. Why exactly they’ve decided to kill people in this psyop I really don’t know but they do it in this one, not on 9/11.

        When you say:
        “Notably, Milwaukee, WI is a central hub for collaborative innovation and technology involving graphene-based nanomaterials. This subtle irony is not lost on me.”
        do you mean that graphene-based nanomaterials are dangerously toxic like vaccines?

        If possible I’d greatly appreciate if you could replace the relevant text in my first comment with that in my second comment and delete the second comment. And also correct Steve to Stephers. Sorry, I thought I saw Steve’s name when obviously you wrote it.

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        1. Petra –

          I modified your comment, as per your request.

          In terms of your question on graphene-based nanomaterials, I am implying that there may be graphene in the COVID injections. Please read two of my related posts (which I link to in this post as well) in this regard: and Researchers out of Spain have done an independent analysis (using electron microscopy) and found graphene (or, at the very least, graphene-like material) in a sample vial of the Pfizer injection:

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            1. Petra –

              The can of worms may have cracked open a bit: see here and here Perhaps some people will begin to understand the true narrative being suppressed by a virus narrative. Graphene has been the key to unlocking this story all along.


              1. The magnetism is amazing! When I saw the photos in the video I wondered if this was some kind of scam but then I found this video which I think is pretty convincing. A person on the street simply interviews passersby who’ve had the vaccine who agree to see if a coin will stick to their arm. Of 15 tested, the coin magnetised on 6. Impressive, no? It’s so hilarious how people will deny the magnetism saying it’s not possible. Well, you have to look at the evidence, don’t you? What does the evidence say?



                1. Petra-
                  On a recent podcast, Sheri Tenpenny referenced this small “study” in Luxembourg, which she said had disappeared off line, but that she saved and made available as a PDF. Since you mentioned the “person on the street” interviews, here it is: “”

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                  1. Soooo interesting, Stephers. What’s really interesting is the upset reaction of people in the Luxembourg study compared to those in the less official US study. The people in the US study were not very happy about it but sort of joked it off whereas obviously in the Luxembourg study their reaction was much more serious. How the people in the US study will feel as time goes on might be different but certainly their initial reaction wasn’t like those of the Luxembourg study. Also interesting is the percentage of those who showed a magnetic effect – almost 100% in the Lux study while only about 40% in the US. The REALLY scary thing is that the magnetic effect seems to increase as time goes on. What the HELL is that? Or is it something to do with the formula of the vaccine changing? – this seems less likely to me somehow.


              2. Stephers – Whitney Webb just did an interview re graphene and the Spain paper/study on Last American Vagabond that was interesting.


                1. Thanks, Mary. I did see it. Here is a comment I left five minutes ago on my most recent post:

                  “Multifunctional Graphene Hair Dye””

                  Guys, we are way past trying to determine if graphene is in current COVID injections, as open plans have been laid out for graphene/graphene oxide (GO) to be an adjuvant in forthcoming “vaccines.” Furthermore, “vaccines” (either injected or inhaled) would be only one way to administer this carbonaceous nanomaterial. They have plans to embed GO in nearly all medical PPE: and (please note in the second linked article, it is asserted that GO has an affinity to ACE2 receptors, just as their purported “virus” does).

                  As you may continue to see in marketing materials and scientific literature, researchers and companies may claim graphene-enhanced consumer products are “non-toxic” – as they (currently) define toxic as molecular toxins. As graphene is nanoscale, and technically not molecular, they can spin their definition of toxicity.

                  Moving forward, I would suggest that companies who embed graphene/GO in their products, be required to label as such.

                  I can imagine (unfortunately, 5-10 years down the road, when it is way too late) that there will be companies with a special label designating their products as “graphene-free.” I can visualize what a symbol of that would look like – a big G with an angled line crossed through it (?).

                  In any case, it will be too late to say “NO to GO” or “GO is our Foe.” The time is NOW. Point being . . . they should have never let the graphene genie out of its bottle. The potential implications on natural life are beyond what I have already revealed here at POM. I am still uncovering the adverse consequences and hidden agendas. It’s a lot to absorb.

                  That said, if one understands the nature of nano (which operates VERY differently than molecular atoms, of which we are inherently familiar), one can grasp that any product claiming to be “graphene-free” would be a paradox or misnomer in a graphenated world.


                2. Mary –

                  I hope you will take the time to read through the comments thread on my very short introduction to “Mr. G”: It helps to explain ALL the various ways Mr. G is being introduced (without our informed consent) into our environment and our bodies – far beyond any injections.

                  Feel free to offer any takeaways you took from WW’s TLAV conversation on this topic. Did you get a sense from their dialogue if Mr. G is a friend or foe to humanity?


                  1. Mary –

                    One final note . . . The Spanish group, La Quinta Columna clarifies here how they came up with their “percentage” (reflective of the amount of electromagnetic emission, NOT the amount of physical material present) of graphene in vials – in this case, a Moderna vial:

                    It is crucial to understand how nanoscale materials operate, and to grasp that they are not molecular, as we have come to ordinarily know and experience physical matter. Thus, one would not be able to perceive with the five physical senses that there is graphene oxide present (in any amount, for that matter) without the use of advanced technology (such as an atomic force microscope).

                    In this case, however, one way to “measure” the presence of graphene/graphene oxide (GO) – for purposes of qualification or quantification – is via spectroscopy. Here is more context to understand spectroscopy and how it can be used to characterize/determine the presence of graphene/ GO: “RAMAN SPECTROSCOPY OF GRAPHENE AND RELATED MATERIALS”

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                3. Mary –

                  Since you took the time to watch TLAV’s discussion on this crucial matter, I hope you will take the time to watch the following videos for added context:

                  “From Graphene, Nano, Morgellons to Bionic Man”
         (54 minutes long)


                  “The Rise of Graphene in our coatings – What’s in it, and how safe is it for you? Take precautions!” (only 5 minutes long, with an interesting comments thread)


            1. Petra –

              I realized shortly after I commented about your website, that I did not reference it by name. Please accept my apology. I hope POM readers will visit your site and dig in. It’s a wealth of well-informed insights into years of psyops. You provided an anchor for me years ago when very few researchers were providing authentic analyses. Thank you so much for your contributions.


              1. Now I’m really chuffed, Stephers, because when I looked at your articles I thought what an amazingly thorough, comprehensive research and analysis you do compared to my complete dilettantism … but I guess we all make our contribution in our own way. I have to confess I’ve never seen your articles before. I feel certain I always look at any POM article that comes into my inbox but somehow I’ve never seen yours.

                I think your ENP and Free Wally articles should get much wider currency – I searched for the Free Wally one and it doesn’t seem to be picked up much elsewhere which is a real shame. Would you be happy to have them published in OffG? I can suggest it – they’ve been a little antagonistic towards me, however, since I started pushing the only-makes-perfect-sense line that 9/11 was just a fancy drill where buildings came down but regardless that shouldn’t mean they wouldn’t publish someone else’s articles I suggest.

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                1. Petra –

                  Thank you very much for your kindness, and for taking the time to read my essays. It truly means a lot to me coming from you.

                  As Baja previously noted, I, too, see your OffG comments on their COVID-related articles. If you actually think you could get any of my work published on their platform, I would be happy to be oblige. I won’t hold my breath, though, as I doubt they will touch this. Despite a few subtle hints of a non-virus narrative here and there, they still serve to maintain the ongoing virus scenario.

                  I do tend to get some traction from OffG commenters (sending traffic my way). The one piece, in particular, that was mentioned a number of times by OffG commenters in the past couple weeks was a post reflecting my take on the “shedding” from jabbed to un-jabbed people: Conversely, as you pointed out, the Free Wally (RE: spike protein) piece has not gained much traction. For the record, most of my posts rarely get views outside of the POM email list, with our veteran readers. I am content with that, as I write for myself, really, and I just hope that it resonates with some POM readers.

                  All that said, the ENP “fictional” piece has had over 16,000 views and gets continual traffic nearly every day. It was also included in an analysis today, “COVID-19-IS CAUSED BY GRAPHENE OXIDE” that can be viewed here: Seeing this article today offered me a glimmer of hope . . . I may not be the only one positing the nanotech+5G (utilizing microwave-sensitive graphene) premise as the cause of COVID. One of my first attempts at explaining this was my August 2020 post: “Mass Zombification via Remote Biohacking: The Farce Awakens” I think that piece will resonate with you, in particular, so hopefully you will have time to review it (including the video links).

                  Presently, I am steeped in graphene research (which I continually share with a few others to “cross-pollinate”), and hoping to coherently tie most of this together in one post in the coming week or two. There are still intriguing aspects that need to be unpacked. If it weren’t so negatively impactful on human life (and perhaps resulting in the end of what we call human life), I would say this research is fascinating. But the implications are disastrous, in my opinion. Even when I joke at times, this is no trivial or laughing matter.

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  2. First, there are no non-compromised senators. Senators do not care about human health issues, or about preservation of life – any and all life – in any way shape or form.

    A bit strange that the testimony selected for the website avoided death as an outcome. Statistics are months old. CDC VAERS (snapshot) chart has no date, but does include death numbers.

    I always consider the potential for “lure” or “honeypot” as a possibility when there is mainstream coverage. It’s always about the data, and the polling, when it involves (s)elected officials. This will be interesting to follow to see where it goes, if anywhere beyond the usual empty, faked compassion for victims for political points: “We feel your pain.”

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  3. “Oh pick me miss Stephers pick me”
    “Yes Gadfly, you want to share?
    “Its Godfly, not Gadfly…”
    i do apologize now wont you share with us?”
    “well miss stephers i think the press conference is just another psyop to make the hoax of the hoax of the hoax of the hoax of the hoax of the hoax of the hoax of the hoax of the hoax of the hoax of the hoax of the hoax of the hoax of the hoax of the hoax of the hoaxhoaxofthehoaxofthehoaxofthehoafofthehoaxofhtehoaxofthehoaxoftheoadjfjrjejdkfkdkdk of the hoax of the hoax of the hoax seem legit.
    did i get the right answer?
    “well gadfly, it is an interesting idea…..

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  4. “well gadfly it is an interesting idea but…well yes emily would you like to share?
    “yes, i too believe like Gadfly…”
    “Its Godfly..”
    “Whatever..i agree with gadfly that the psyop to make the hoax of the hoax of the hoax of the hoax of the hoax of the hoax of the hoax and so on seem legit but i also believe that this last hoax is a psyop of a psyop of a psyop of a psyop of a psyop of a psyop of a psyop of a psyop of a psyop of a psyop of a psyop of a psyop of a psyop to make the very first hoax seem legit”
    “well now ” said miss stephers “we really have put on our thinking caps this morning havent we boys and girls. Now lets all take a deep breathe and meditate on our gential regions to bring in the power of the truth;


    1. Dear Gadfly-

      Not liking to be skooled (thanks Rastus), are we?

      Nevertheless, thanks for your subtle introduction of the hoax idea, and the psyop idea. This will send the rest of us scurrying into further research on that score.

      Now keep your hands out of your pants while in class, please.

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  5. “oh yes Benjamin, you too would like to share? ”
    Yes miss ftephers, may i?
    “of course young man, and it is miss stephers.”
    “Whatever. I agree with dumberly that…
    Its emily…”
    “whatever I agree with dumberly that this last hoax is a psyop of of psyop of a psyop of a psyop of a psyop ad nauseum , and i agree with Gadfly…”
    “It Godfly Benjewman, but whatever…”
    “…that the press conference is just another psyop to make the hoax of the hoax of the hoax of the hoax ad nauseum seem legit, but on top of all that i also believe that the families running the present hoaxes and psyops are the family of the family of the family of the family of the family of the family of the family of the family of the family of the family of the family of the family ad nauseum and ad infinitum of course and all the conspiracy theorists and controlled opposition agents are all part of my family and we are all just one big family and everything is all in the family, and anyway that is what my uncle Saul told me and it was told to him by his uncle and his uncle by his uncle and his uncle by his uncle and…
    “O.k. ok shut up already….


  6. It’s sniffle porn. No serious, ongoing news story is complete without it. We can’t just have all jabbed people looking happy and healthy in front of the cameras all the time, can we? That’s bad TV!

    It makes me laugh when I watch a news story that features interview clips where a person cries, or pretends to cry. Everything else in the feature story is crisply edited, jumping swiftly from one story point and image to the next. But if they have footage of someone crying, the camera work and editing makes me think of a soft-core porn film bringing the story action to a stand-still to zoom in and linger in loving slow motion on a woman’s jiggling breasts.

    As with every other “movement” that gets airplay—most recently BLM and MeToo—we are being asked to believe that the very same institutions and corporations that exploit us also want to provide a liberating, compassionate platform for “victims” of their exploitation. People who die or suffer from the experimental gene treatment can now be marginalized—but oh-so-sympathized-with—just like soldiers damaged or killed by war. Yes, yes, very sad. But we must have war. And we must have coercive global experimental injections.

    Oh, and we’re also being taught how to express our dissenting views. Everybody on this panel is pro-vax. They are not questioning authority. They are asking authority to “validate” them. How empowering!

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    1. ScottRC –

      Your brilliant, comprehensive comment (with genius lingo – “sniffle porn”) did not disappoint. I always appreciate your perspective. In this particular instance – coming from a trained actor – I hold it in high esteem.


  7. First, note that I didn’t watch the press conference, nor can I bring myself to. I did watch the gleeful child and her tearless mother however.

    I think about it like cancer treatments, all of which destroy people further and never heal them. Yet, cancer doctwhores and their anti-cures are celebrated. Cancer is as pervasive as ever and the treatments are as impotent and sadistic as ever.

    Their plan is to design the same for the covaids vaxx. In fact, the design is already in place for all the other vaxxes, which seem to destroy people while never saving a single one. Yet, vaxxes are celebrated.

    The covaids vaxx just needs to be brought back into the fold with the rest of it’s kin through all the tried-and-true methods, starting here with providing the skeptics with some fictional heroes on their TV that they can have faith in.

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    1. Walker,

      With all the anxiety, hype and salesmanship, greater even than the great Billy Mays’s OxyClean campaign, the percentage of vaccinated to un-vaccinated in the general population has changed little. Where’s Billy when you really need him?

      A little “apples to oranges,” but compared to the last (before the switch to Cov-19) flu-season statistics at CDC, not much “progress” toward a greater market share/profits for beloved friends with political cash to burn at Big Pharma.



  8. its me again with my “down on the so called truther movement:

    of course i did not watch anything above that stephers offered up; i would not put poison in my brain no more than i would put poison in my mouth.
    what most fascinates me are the way “truthers” are so fascinated by the obvious…. so much of their life spent putting poison in their brain,,, like looking around on the street for a big pile of dog shit, sniffing and prodding and than pondering and pontificating why it stinks. Shit stinks. Must you know exactly why?

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  9. Thanks for the focus on this, Stephers, spot-on as usual. Yesterday, I got pulled into the link by the “ex-NFL player” angle, but it turned out to be a lineman, FFS. As a former TE, I fully respect them, but it was a letdown nonetheless.
    I believe the footage and hearing are legit for one main reason. The young girl suppressing duper’s delight has a heart-shaped piece of surgical tape holding the oxygen (?) tube. We all have hearts, so this proves it is real.
    Plus her devastated (smiling can be a response to extreme stress, especially when your child is disabled for life) but still-pscience-believing mom looks to be transgender (sorry, Mark!) or gay. That also makes it real AF.
    1) as Steve points out, all senators have taken the ticket.
    2) Scott, your soft-core angle made me almost spit out my coffee. Fits right in with your post about pscience!
    3) Petra on POM, welcome! I have read your off-g comments for years now.

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    1. Thoughtful and gracious responses (such as Baja’s above, and others) help to affirm for me that the POM community is (mostly) comprised of not only critical thinkers, but individuals willing to develop their own position, based on keen observation and intuition. Thanks to MT and his open-minded, egalitarian framework, POM is not a hierarchical-based platform. Nor is it structured as a teacher-student pulpit. Rather, it is based (mostly) on respectful sharing and cross-pollination that serves to elevate all writers and commenters. I think this is a rarity these days.

      My “Bueller” reference was intended to be humorous. I would hope that most readers know my writing style by now, to recognize that I share information with the intention of commenters sharing in return, and learning together. I also do not expect, nor desire readers to agree with me. In the case of this “press conference,” I felt compelled to note some “anomalies” or “curiosities” that were not being noticed or acknowledged elsewhere – including the typical places (i.e., that would ordinarily call it out. I left out a few aspects I noticed, and was glad to see others here noticed the same, and took the ball and ran with it. I suggest there is more digging to do, with respect to additional participants involved in the press conference.

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  10. If I lived on a farm, grew my own food, and more or less separated myself from society to the extent you claim to have done, Godfly, I suppose I’d characterize the”truther” movement in much the same way.

    I’ve noticed the same tendency to belabor the obvious–in others and myself–but, within our little club, discussion of such talk is called “socializing.” And socializing is largely a repetitive activity among all groups. How often do family members and friends and lovers and coworkers make the same observations about each other’s good and bad qualities, over and over. Employees love to bitch about the bosses, the bosses like to bitch about the employees, you love to bitch about this blog and it’s commenters and vice versa, la-de-da-de-dee, la-de-da-de-dah.

    It’s interesting that you save most of your own verbal poison for Stephers. In most of her posts, she goes way beyond these repetitions. She’s not making the same old observations about the smell of the shit on the sidewalk. She is looking at how the people leaving that shit are also doing much less perceptible, but potentially much more damaging, things to us that we do not talk about or perceive. Things that could potentially affect us even if we live on a farm and grow our own food and keep crazy society at arm’s length, only checking the internet once a week to rag on certain truthers we particularly love to hate.

    As for posts like this, I actually think it’s important to point out current deceptions that I think are obvious, because not everyone has been aware of how thoroughly deceptive our media is for as long as I have been. In the social world, repetition isn’t necessarily mindless or pointless.

    For many years, I went to AA but couldn’t get sober. I would sit in those meetings and think: “These people are stupid… they say the same things over and over. These people are stupid… they say the same things over and over. These people are stupid… they say the same things over and over…” And, over and over, I would leave those stupid repetitive meetings, go to the liquor store, and fill myself with poison.

    I look forward to your observation of how ignorant my comment is.

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    1. Did you know that the man standing in the background, behind Rodney King is none other than Plandemic’s Mikki Willis? (left of your screen, behind Rodney’s right shoulder). Yes, it’s true, Mikki mentioned it on a podcast interview that I stumbled across when I was research him last year.

      If you haven’t yet seen it, I highly encourage you to watch Mikki Willis tell his 9/11 story, I’m sure you’ll find it quite entertaining.

      For those who don’t know, Mikki Willis is a self-described actor, director, artist, and story-teller. In other words, he’s skilled at acting and telling stories.

      What do you suppose the odds are that this person would find himself right in the middle of the two greatest psyops in our lifetimes?

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      1. Ted –

        Thanks for dropping this in the thread. Here is more on Willis (involving additional psyops, such as the Covington kid incident – I just noticed “Covington” and “COVID” – interesting), including a photo of him with Del Bigtree: I hope readers will note this. He has other notable connections who are referenced in this lengthy piece. Read between the lines if and when necessary, as the source of this info is VICE news after all. Regardless, for any who are still on the “Plandemic” (as in, the film) page, it may be time to move on . . .

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      2. Love it! What a lot of knee-slapping must have gone on over 9/11. I remember the moment I woke up to the propaganda campaign targeting the truthers to keep them believing in the death and injury. The first thing to come to mind was the smug and smiling faces of Rumsfeld and Cheney.


      3. He went to the Roof of the Apartment Building.

        I wonder if he had a beer or two with James Dylan Roof as 9/11 unfolded.


  11. Mark;
    I went to see a doctor here in Billings the other day, I had a medical problem and thought I needed a professional opinion.

    When the Dr. came in to the room, he immediately started pressing me whether I’ve had the jab yet, because, ya’ know, he’s concerned with my health and all (haha)…when I asked him if he knew anything about what’s in the jab he started to get angry. Real angry.

    I told him, “why in the world would I want those poisons inside my body?”

    That was when he went ballistic (no kidding) and the more angry he got the more I smiled at him.

    I asked him how much the industry was paying him for every idiotic sucker that he convinces to take the jab.

    That’s was when he got up to leave the room.

    Before he walked out, I mentioned to him that if he wants his V12 S-Class Mercedes Benz THAT BAD, he’s gonna have to get a night job to save the 150K–just like I did. I got mine by working hard physically—long, long hours producing for my clients (I’m a contractor).

    This young-ish POS could care less about anything his patients want–he just wants that $1,700.00 he gets for every dope that he talks into getting the kill shot.

    Seriously, we just about came to blows.

    I’ve never experienced anything like this before.


    And, I hope others or myself don’t have to deal with people like this ‘doctor’ ever again.

    But, I feel that someday I will be in the middle with another disgrace like this one.

    I don’t know if this is where I should have posted this so maybe you can move it if need be.

    Thanks for letting me tell this.

    Watch out for these psycho doctors.

    God, this guy is not savable (savable?–is that a word?).

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      1. Ab/Fakeologist –

        I realize I owe an apology to you. I am just now seeing your related post from 6/29 (which preceded my post): “Vax damaged LARPers” Therefore, I was wrong that no one was covering this angle. You certainly could have dropped it in the thread. So, I am dropping it in now, with my acknowledgment.

        I also see your follow-up post linking back to mine (which I appreciate!): Kudos to ScottRC for his term, “sniffle porn.” It will live on!

        On your Sniffleporn post, a comment was left today: The woman in green at 48m full video linked by Stephers at POM] is another transparent crisis actor. But the POM comments don’t add any new thought as to why this mini-circus is being set up to advertise the harmful effects of the jab, other than some communitarian message that your debilitating adverse reaction is a necessary byproduct of a step is for the greater good. You;’ll be in a wheelchair and be happy for ‘saving humanity’.

        I concur on the note of “the woman in green”. I will attempt to elaborate on that later . . . In response to “why this mini-circus”, my friend, Matt (of Quantum of Conscience, emailed me his thoughts today. So, for now, I am submitting (surrogately) his relevant insights as a comment:

        “The commenters are very smart. I guess Petra said… the negative actually helps to legitimize it, and make it real. If there were not adverse affects buzzing about it would be LESS accepted. In the movie, the “perfect matrix” was not accepted. “Entire crops (of humans) were lost.” Suffering and choice had to be introduced into the matrix for it to work in the movie. If “adverse affects” are publicized then this cements choice. If it works perfectly with no chance of harm, then, in a way there is no choice from the normie perspective if you see what I mean. This could be a big reason also why drugs on TV are riddled with adverse affects, right on the tail end of the commercial.”

        “Just today I mentioned it again, they want about 20% NOT to get it with, to me, the main reasons being:

        1) creating another very divisive camp so people hate people.
        2) so the billion dollar control infrastructure can be maintained forever.
        3) per what is above. Adverse affects in the Senate cements “a real choice” and in a way, legitimizes the entire CV story to a degree.”



        1. Nice to meet you. Thanks for the linkback, I always appreciate the POM megablog and all its family. We’re on the same page, and I agree that this controlled opposition LARPing operation is literally more advertising for the jab, no matter how stiff the cognitive dissonance is for some parents. I asked a few other parents, and they say they can understand why a parent could still be pro vax after seeing an immediate quaxx injury. They say it’s self preservation, an unwillingness to acknowledge that they facilitated such a bad outcome. I’d own the mistake, and vow never to inject my child again with anything but a saline drip.

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    1. Michael, good show indeed with your doctor. His anger can only be in response to your forgetting to genuflect when he entered the room.

      We drove by Billings on 6/30 but could not go in due to an appointment in Bozeman that morning. We usually stop at McCormick Cafe on MT avenue when we have a chance.


  12. on the contrary, scottrc; not even one paragraph in i knew i would respond kindly to you, for i hear humility and although i disagree with your take on things, i see your points.

    i did not write my comments with stephers in mind but i admit her new agey schtick rubs me wrong in the deepest way;

    as for socializing, i agree, it is a necessary thing , despite its negative drawbacks

    and you got it: i check in once a week, sometimes more.
    i do not claim that what you folks are doing is wrong or bad but perhaps it is abit counterproductive to put all that stuff in your brain in the name of research?

    I do not “love to hate” POM; again on the contrary; you folks seems to me the crème of the crop for these kind of websites; it is the crop itself that leaves me wanting. i cannot even tolerate for a second any of the other sites..really. people here are basically down to earth, by which i mean simply sincere.

    and Mark has incredible tolerance…tolerance in a real way. That said i think the banning of certain subjects is not the correct way but that is none of my business really.

    unfortunately in the end, my future comments will probably continue along with my own anti truther schtick; i do not see that i have anything else to contribute at this time but to be the god…i mean gadfly, but i too have no feeling of ill will; i only want people here to step back and question if there is not another way to do what you are doing.

    my recent above attempt at a bit of humour was also without ill will…i for one was cracking up outloud as i wrote it as i wrote it as i wrote it…..


    1. Well, Godfly, that was a nice surprise. Thanks.

      I’m a gadfly, too, often when I don’t want or mean to be. I also like mean-spirited humor and have certainly indulged in it here from time to time, but it’s only funny to me if the target seems to deserve it. I’d have probably laughed at your recent comments if they’d been aimed at Fauxlex. Gosh… you’ve made me miss him.


      1. “I’d have probably laughed at your recent comments if they’d been aimed at Fauxlex. Gosh… you’ve made me miss him.” Scott, all I can type is LMAO!


  13. p.s. a suggestion for mark:
    i believe the correct method is that people should be banned not subjects;
    by this i mean people who lose their balance and or cannot let things go and get too obsessive and intolerant with a subject should be banned; but by banning the subject you sort of punish everyone.
    imagine we are all at a meeting face to face and certain subjects are banned from discussion; does that seem right to you?


    1. Obsessive people search the Internet for certain topics. If comments from this website show up in their searches–even if the comments themselves are not obsessive–those people will descend upon POM like a plague of locusts. That’s one of the major differences between an Internet community and face-to-face meetings. This is my understanding of Mark’s explanation for the policy.


      1. Being a computer idiot, you can imagine why that never occurred to me; waa! your right and then mark would have a full time job killing the locusts. my oversight; a real blindspot. This gives me one more reason to be so down on internet communities and see them as a caricature, inverted and almost diabolical, of a real community, and yet here i am,”forced” to enter it, in my own limited way.


      2. It’s definitely not ideal. I would much rather talk with other “truthers” face-to-face. I think we all would. Communicating meaningfully within this diabolical subversion of community (and I believe that’s exactly what it is) requires practice, self-awareness, and a shift in mindset. Otherwise, it’s all too easy to become a monkey at a keyboard, banging keys and hurling feces and furiously masturbating. That’s what most social media and internet forum “communities” break down into if they try to address complex, contentious, emotionally charged subjects. The fact that POM has consistently risen so high above that seemingly inevitable fate is a minor miracle, to my mind.

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    2. Godfly, the banned topics list has not been updated in a generation … and anyway, no one reads that post before commenting. Our best defense is deletion of offensive comments, but not the offending person (or bot). First-time commenters automatically go to moderation, and that helps too.

      I’ve never seen such a flurry as when topics like trannies or flat earth are broached. I once stood behind a newly fledged robin on our front porch, the weakest of the brood. I reached out and touched it from behind, and it turned and let out an alarm call. Within seconds our front yard was bombarded by robins from all directions. I think it works like that with banned topics. They are out there, just not visible.


  14. Out of curiosity – and granted it’s all just anecdotal, but does anyone personally know of any deaths or severe injuries post jab? It seems somewhat unlikely since 6000 or so deaths (however tragic) is still somewhat rare out of 150 million (fully vax’ed thus far). I understand that VAERS is likely under reporting, but even severe non-death reactions still seem somewhat rare (just a fraction of a percent). I do know that feeling sick enough to miss work is a very common side effect among the jabbed. I just personally haven’t heard of anything worse than that. And no, I’m not discounting the greater concern of what may arise over a multi year time horizon.

    Sites like HealthImpactNews are cataloguing severe injuries and deaths – but how certain can we be about these? Assuming these are legit cases of death following jabs, then it seems likely that not every batch of vaccines is of equal “build quality.” Of course killing too many at once would be difficult to hide & a sure way to get lynched – I don’t think they’re that dumb. Multiple & region specific “formulas” would seem like the smarter play if ultimately trying to quash hesitancy, with perhaps a good bit of placebo/saline jabs mixed in. Painting the naysayers as loons becomes much easier then. And of course, I doubt these jabs are “experimental”. More likely that these formulations have been in development for years. They wouldn’t roll out billions of doses without having a keen idea of the expected outcome.

    Last question – sure, the blatant censorship works on most “normies”, but not so much the “alt” crowd, which is suspiciously being allowed some wiggle room. So why has it been so easy to sniff out the bollocks? Why has it become sooo ridiculous? From Fauci’s comical flip flopping, masked sex recommendations, every politician getting busted violating their own lockdown and muzzle orders, etc. And lotteries, free weed & junk food as incentives? Seriously? I honestly thought Deblasio stuffing his pie hole with fries was an SNL cold open. Are the masses really this easy to bait? If so, then my goodness, maybe these Fabian reapers should be allowed to cull away to their hearts delight. Sorry, I’m running a little low on patience and love these days. And I fully admit sometimes fantasizing about a shit ton of mindless normies kicking the bucket come this winter. Morbid thought I know, but I doubt it’ll shake down that way anyways. These MF’ers running the show are wicked smaat.


    1. DJ,
      I’ve wondered about the first question too and am glad you asked it. Hope you get a response.

      As for your last question–we’ve talked a lot here about how the transparent absurdity and illogic of the narrative is part of its power. That’s the way propaganda is done. The mind gets weary trying to reconcile all the crazy contradictions and finally gives up, letting authority figures and talking heads do all their thinking for them. And that’s nothing new.

      One thing I’ve wondered about and haven’t heard anyone discuss: Why not just quietly slip this nanotechnology into the current vaccine regiment that children are forced to endure before they’re allowed into school? Why create a whole new fake virus and make such a big stinking deal about it, when they could obviously get this crap into people’s bloodstreams with a lot less fuss? They’re obviously playing a long game–a very long game. Is it really necessary to sterilize women who are child-bearing age right now? Can they not figure out how to sterilize them when they’re going through puberty and are already mindlessly taking shots to be allowed into the school system? My first guess, as I write these questions, is that their technology needs to be constantly “updated.” People need to take this new shot on a regular basis, over the course of their entire lives, in order for it to do whatever the hell it’s supposed to do. Before Covid, I noticed how much more aggressively flu shots have been promoted over the past ten years or so; I don’t remember seeing flu shots being offered at every drug store when I was a kid the way they are now. But maybe not enough people are taking them regularly, and the Covid narrative was devised to making such biological “updates” seem like an urgent thing that everybody should do for the public good. I don’t know.

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      1. ScottRC –

        I concur with your high-octane speculation on “updates.” I wrote the following in April 2021 (in my “Confessions of an Engineered Nanoparticle” post

        “Humans will need injectable (and eventually inhalable and intranasal) updates, because until I become an interdependent presence, I will be perceived and received as a foreign invader, and the body will need external support. These updates may also be necessary to introduce the newest nanotech required to operate nascent biometric sensing and bio-computation projects. Only time will tell if this will support my assimilation into your current operating system.”

        On the topic of nanotech updates, flu vaccines, and intranasal delivery: Here is a May 2021 report explaining the upcoming planned intranasal influenza vaccine incorporating “two-dimensional graphene oxide nanomaterials”: Then read here (from August 2020), on “nose-to-brain translocation” of graphene oxide: “The nasal route represents a means by which nanomaterials can gain access to the brain in exposed individuals.”

        I think you and I may be on the same page, and possibly on the right track.

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      2. Part of the reason they don’t just sneak it in, Scott, I think is that they feel obliged to give us “choice”, they have to make us choose to take the poison, hence the fake vaccine-maiming story. Of course, it’s not really a choice at all but that’s how they see it.


    2. DJ –

      Great questions…

      In response to your first question (“does anyone personally know of any deaths or severe injuries post jab?”) . . . Personally, I know nearly 300 people (maybe even more) who have been jabbed (mainly Pfizer, some Moderna, and a few J&J). None have died, and none have been severely injured enough to be hospitalized. About 10 of them have reported to me that they had pain and discomfort that lasted beyond the first 24 hours. Some lasting a week to two weeks post-jab. Their symptoms seemed to resolve with a couple weeks. One did go to urgent care with severe stomach spasms and joint pain all throughout the body. This was an 18-year old. The overall consensus among those mildly adversely-affected is “that means it’s working” and “it is to be expected; it’s better than getting the virus.”

      I remain skeptical of sites like HealthImpactNews.

      I agree with you that the “experimental” narrative is intentional, and most likely not truly representative of these injections. That said, I use it constantly with normies to at least begin a conversation, that may eventually lead them to researching the ingredients – that is, the openly declared ingredients (which should be enough to stop anyone from proceeding with the jab).

      With regard to your last question, “So why has it been so easy to sniff out the bollocks” . . . In my opinion, the real experiment is on the psyche – not so much the physical body. I sense (due to the heavy presence/media coverage of neuropsychiatrists and neurobehavioral scientists over the past year) they are studying how best to manipulate a human mind (expanding on their Tavistock/MK Ultra experiments), and how to study “stigmergy” – the way the hive mind among humans operates. In this way, the alternative media operates as a “control” to counterpose the mainstream narrative – intentionally creating a groupthink that is not only opposed – but vehemently opposed – to the mainstream push. Hence, they not only form echo chambers (which people think they are creating organically), but they seed each echo chamber with the narrative they choose to grow. All the while, each “alternative” group (be it, alt-right, or q-anon, or sovereign citizens, or anarcho-capitalist) thinks they are in-the-know and somehow one-upping the sheeple. Indeed, the machine learning tools are implemented to further study and influence these groups – most of the times even more so than the mainstream. It’s quite the irony. I can attempt to elaborate more if this resonates. If not, no worries – it’s simply my personal take.

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      1. I would love for you to further elaborate, Stephers.

        Trump’s White House reality show fascinated me because it helped me see how the herd mentality of the mainstream and the herd mentality of the opposition could be predictably controlled and manipulated with a single puppet. It was (and continues to be) a dazzling display of purposeful, method-driven madness.


          1. ScottRC –

            To further elaborate, following is a fairly long academic paper funded by The Knowledge Foundation ( out of Sweden:

            Therein, they take a highly reductionistic approach to analyzing how humans not only socially interact in groups, but how “agents” can influence the group and steer the direction of said group by leaving traces and trails – equating it to “nest building.”

            In a nutshell, this is how I perceive the creation and development of fringe groups and particularly, “conspiracy theorists.” In my opinion, they are intentionally creating conspiracy theorists and mechanistically inputting feedback from these coordinated efforts into their AI/machine learning interfaces, to enable further dominance over this activity (meaning, to control and subvert any real dissent that may emerge).

            Incidentally (and to hint at this deep learning initiative I am suggesting), the father of Ben Goertzel (notable Transhumanist/AI thought leader) is sociology professor Ted Goertzel – who just happened to study conspiracy theorists. His 2011 paper, “The Conspiracy Meme” (, is LOADED with information about science deniers (primarily surrounding AIDS – highlighting Duesberg – and vaccines). By intently studying dissidents (and enhancing their weaponized memetics) for many years, they had this COVID operation in-the-bag from the get-go, and they knew it (most likely because their supercomputers affirmed this, and indicated it was time to run with it).


        1. I read this when you first published it but, as always with your articles, got more out of it the second time around. Thanks.

          Stigmergy is suddenly a lot more fascinating to me. With AI social media bots, our leaders can create Manson families without Mansons. Of course, it helps that so many people are still naive enough to believe that someone who creates a group as notorious as Q-Anon could somehow remain anonymous on DARPA’s internet.

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      2. I suspect you are definitely on to something there. But there are a few peculiar things I have noticed now that I think of it:

        1) About 2 months ago, an older woman drove off the road and into a bush in front of my house. Evidently she fell asleep at the wheel – but it was 2 pm in the afternoon. I suppose these things happen, but I now wonder if this was one of those “vaxxidents” I’ve heard about on bitchute?

        2) Almost my entire team at work has been jabbed. We’ve all been working from home since April 2020. But lately, several have been too sick too even log on. This is very much out of character, as they are all diligent high achievers for the most part.

        3) I bought a package of raw chicken to prep for a July 4th potluck. Well, I recalled a “TimTruth” vid about magnets sticking to jabbed people, as well as packages of meat. For giggles, I tried it – I kid you not, the damn thing stuck! Since I wasn’t about to serve magnetic meat, I went and picked up another package from a different grocery store. This time the magnet did not stick. I told this story to a neighbor, and she then relayed to me her experience with defrosting a steak in the microwave – evidently it started sparking (like when one inadvertently puts tin foil in the microwave).

        There does seem to be something strange happening. And that’s saying a lot these days.


        1. DJ –

          I would emphasize “peculiar”. These are very interesting anecdotes. It certainly seems that many (not people I know personally, though) who are jabbed are a bit more in a stupor, and not quite right these days. I had heard from a select few that they had some feeling of brain fog and general malaise the initial days following the jab. But these symptoms dissipated.

          I have not yet done the magnet challenge with packaged meat. I will try that this week, and report back. That said, I am aware that manufacturers (such as The Graphene Box: are coating the plastic food packaging with various nanoparticles (including graphene) that contain sensors. Many of the nanoparticles exhibit magnetic traits, especially once they come in direct contact to the meat. See here: “Sustainable, self-cleaning, transparent, and moisture/oxygen-barrier coating films for food packaging” Of course, the main pitch is that the nanoparticles will protect the food from pathogens. You know – to keep us all safer.

          Another main sell is that the nanoparticle-based sensors will track the food throughout the supply chain (from manufacturer to end-user). (I will look for additional literature to back up this statement, and provide a link to that. For now, the link above to The Graphene Box notes the use of intelligent sensors to prevent “retail theft.”) Of course, it’s purportedly to keep the consumer safe from any “tampering.”

          The media has done a very successful job in recent years in fear-mongering about E.coli contamination and potential tampering of the food supply by “evil actors,” thereby necessitating this nanotechnology (which, of course, is invisible to the naked eye or even under a typical microscope).

          Note that even if removed from the package (as can be seen a number of times in the Tim Truth video:, the meat may still retain the magnetic traits (in this case, not necessarily emanating initially from the meat source) from its contact (via transfer) with the nanoparticle-treated packaging materials. So, it may not be the meat/food supply that is magnetic, per se – although that would not surprise me, given the amount of nanoparticulates (which may be magnetic) that have been dispersed through geoengineering. I hope this makes sense. To this end, I will do a quasi-control experiment and see if meat purchased from a local farm (not industrially packaged) is magnetic.

          My hypothesis, for now, is that the industrially-packaged meat (even if organic/grass-fed) may be magnetic, but the local farm-raised meat (if not sealed in plastic at any point in the supply chain) will not be magnetic. I could be wrong on that, and I am not planning on buying tons of samples to test. So my sampling size will be too small from which to extract much helpful data. It will be anecdotal information at best.

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          1. DJ –

            To follow up on the “magnetic meat” phenomenon . . .

            I hope you will take some time to review this 2018 paper (I also hope this information is not too disturbing, especially when you look at the exorbitant amount of money flowing into this “smart” nano coating industry, and the fact that it is already being applied):
            “Polymeric Nanocomposites and Nanocoatings for Food Packaging: A Review” September 2018, Materials 11(10):1834

            It not only implies potential magnetism (described in various ways as “stimuli-responsive” and the assertion of nano semiconductors, but also describes the “corona” and “corona discharge” of nanomaterials, as well as the smart/intelligent sensors (Please excuse any typos due to formatting errors from cutting and pasting – thanks!):

            “Smart/intelligent packaging as a promising area for active packaging coating is developed by manufacture of nano(bio)sensors which can indicate quality of foodstuffs, of nano(bio)switch to release preservatives and nano-coatings as antimicrobial, antifungal, antioxidant, barrier coatings, external stimuli responsive materials and self-cleaning food contact surfaces. Intelligent inks such as nanoparticles and reactive nanolayers allow analyte recognition at nanoscale. Printed labels are applied to indicate: temperature, time, pathogen, freshness, humidity, integrity [8].Smart packaging may monitor various parameters such as: temperature, oxygen, pH, moisture and so forth [9–11] of packaged products.”

            PLEASE pay special attention to this section (after reading this, I am now extremely reluctant to do any “magnet challenge”, let alone eat this crap):

            “5. Possible Risks

            Consumers are hesitant to buy nanotechnology foods or food with nanotechnology packaging.However, some results suggest that nanotechnology packaging is more beneficial than nanotechnology foods. The main concern with the application of the nanotechnology in food packaging is related to the fact that the very small sizes of the nanoparticles have different chemical and physical properties in respect of macroscale materials and it is possible they could cause health problems. New packaging materials must have good barrier properties to oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapour and flavour compounds. This controlled release packaging is another example of a nanomaterial application inactive packaging. Nanoclays can be used as carriers for the active agents with high efficacy because it is highly dispersed in the polymeric matrix and, hence, exposed more efficiently to the substance on which it is required to act. Potential implications for consumer safety are migration of nanoparticles. They can enter into body through ingestion, inhalation or dermal contact leading to health effects of exposure to some insoluble, persistent nanoparticles. Such health effects are currently not known. Nanoparticles also migrate to foodstuffs with possible adverse effects on food quality. Other concern is with degradability of bio-polymers and formation of degradation products with possible adverse effects. Also, may appear potential environmental impacts of nano-polymer composites and someproblems with end-of-life treatments as recycling, re-use and disposal. Detecting the migration of nanomaterials requires more sensitive analytical techniques due to the complexity of the nanomaterials and because they represent only a very small portion of the bulk food. Migration into food can cause both undesirable organoleptic changes (migration of TiO2into lipid matrix results in rancidity) and in some cases nanoparticles of bioactive compounds are intended to be released deliberately.”

            “A considerable number of migration studies were found for nanosilver containing polymer composites or coatings. Overall the results from these studies suggest the production method of nanocomposites (e.g., incorporation or coating, surfactant modification), starting silver concentration, temperature, time and choice of contact medium are all factors which may have an effect on the extent of silver ion migration into food simulants. In general, the rate of migration increases when nanosilveris coated onto the food packaging material or surfactants are added, when the storage temperatureand length of storage increases and the acidity of the contact medium increases. There appears to be aspecific time of storage, after which a steady state release of silver is achieved. This is supported alsoby a repeat contact migration experiments, which found silver migration decreased considerably (byan order of magnitude) after first contact. Nevertheless, there is some evidence to suggest that if silvernanoparticles do migrate into food/food simulants, they would most likely dissolve quickly into ionicsilver. The majority of the migration studies found for nanosilver food packaging composites haveshown levels of migration of ionic silver into foods and food simulants below the European specificmigration limit (SML) of 0.05 mg Ag/kg food, suggesting low consumer exposure and subsequentlylow risk of adverse effects. However, there are also several studies, in which migration exceededthis limit. This indicates that for new food packaging products containing nanosilver, the migrationexperiments should be conducted in each particular case. Migration of intact nanoparticles into foodsimulants is negligible, implying consumer exposure to these materials is likely low. This suggests there is low potential for safety issues related to the nanosize level of the materials incorporated into food packaging. If they migrate in nanoparticulate form, it would be anticipated at the resulting low concentration in food that many of the metal oxide nanoparticulates would likely dissolve into their ionic forms upon contact with acid foods or stomach acid. Theoretically, potential consumer exposureto nanomaterials incorporated into food packaging will appear if: they migrate into foodstuffs or drinks from the packaging, or if the nanocomposite polymers degrade and ‘dissolve’ into food or drinks. Migration can theoretically occur if nanoparticles desorb from the surface of the packaging material due to weak bonding at the surface (only really relevant for coatings), diffuse into foods as a result of a concentration gradient, or dissolve resulting in ions released into food [209,290]. However, currently, there are no internationally protocols or standards concerning nanomaterials characterization or to assess their implications on the consumers health [291–293]”

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            1. DJ –

              Based on reading the paper I linked on smart nanocoatings for food packaging, I suggest the next “challenge” would be to use a black UV light to test for the smart nano barcodes that the paper referenced (may be seen with a UV light) — similar to the UV light challenge that was highlighted (no pun intended) here: (need to watch the video to see what I am talking about).


              1. Mind blown. We are truly living in the Twighlight Zone these days.

                And fyi, the meat was from walmart – where I never buy meat but was there for some other items

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                1. DJ –

                  This also makes me wonder about these new smart nanocoatings that could be used in packaged foods in large institutional settings — ummmm, like nursing homes, perhaps??? The implications may be pertinent and immense, if you stop and think about it . . . I would definitely NOT be cooking any food in microwaves these days, as I imagine (even based on the anecdote you previously provided) the interface between the smart nanocoatings (whether left on to heat; or removed, but still leaving its nano-residue) and the microwaves could have disastrous deleterious effects on the biological body (humans and pet companions included).


                  1. Yes, and I was just being silly (below) in pretending to suggest that the FDA, or whoever is supposed to “protect” us would really attempt to do so. Your comment (above), just like the graphene / vaccine revelations, points the finger at a higher power that is determined to use nanoscale tech to surveil and harm and rule the human herd.

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              2. . . . aaaaand so much for drinking/eating out of Tetra Paks: “Tetra Pak explores Graphene material for the food and beverage manufacturing industry” (from October 2019) This just gets darker and darker . . . As I have said, this is a graphenation agenda. Gone are the days when I simply suggested that people avoid cooking in Teflon cookware. We have entered an entirely new – and dangerous – paradigm. To top it off, it’s completely out-in-the-open, yet invisible to us.


                1. The chemical formula for graphene oxide is C140H42O20 while glucose’s is C6H12O6 and I see the formula for glycogen written differently – C24H42O21 and (C6H10O5)n. Huh? So it contains exactly the same elements as carbohydrates but obviously in a different configuration. It seems weird but I know nothing about chemistry or biochemistry.

                  I’ve seen the magnetism referred to as “pseudo-magnetism”. Magnetism is defined as a “physical phenomenon produced by the motion of electric charge, which results in attractive and repulsive forces between objects”. It is said about graphene that it is highly conductive so why would the magnetism be described as pseudo, assuming it is the substance responsible for the magnetism?

                  I remember when I first heard about graphene. I thought what a wonder product – so strong yet so light. Oh dear. I thought perhaps graphene in its pure carbon form may be OK so I looked for “graphene” and “danger” and found this. I stopped skimming the article when I got to:

                  “Interesting[ly], a low dose of GO caused serious damage to the gastrointestinal tract after maternal mice drank a GO suspension rather than a high-dose of GO because a low dose of GO without agglomeration can easily attach to the gastrointestinal surface and cause destruction through its abundant sharp edges.”



                2. No need to worry, Stephers. It’s all going to be OK. They’ve got it all under control.


                  “Graphene oxide (GO), widely employed for the delivery of biomolecules, excels in loading and delivering antigen and shows the potentiality of activating the immune system. However, GO aggregates in biological liquid and induces cell death, and it also exhibits poor biosolubility and biocompatibility. To address these limitations, various surface modification protocols have been employed to integrate aqueous compatible substances with GO to effectively improve its biocompatibility. More importantly, these modifications render functionalized-GO with superior properties as both carriers and adjuvants.”


            2. …”Theoretically, potential consumer exposure to nanomaterials incorporated into food packaging will appear if: they migrate into foodstuffs or drinks from the packaging, or if the nanocomposite polymers degrade and ‘dissolve’ into food or drinks. Migration can theoretically occur if…

              Those are some big “ifs”. I’m sure the FDA and other consumer protection rackets have put these possibilities to rest with their ever diligent industry, whoops, I mean consumer protection efforts.


  15. I agree with Petra. The paradigm seems to be a Soviet show trial. As the Party was always right such that even the innocent would find themselves confessing, so the Pharma project is always right, no matter what happens to individuals.

    The reality of one’s injury will be viewed as “disinformation” by the officials. The slight acknowledgement of denied experience in no way delegimates the overall project. Possibly there will be a slowdown of vaccinating kids, but likely this was the case already.

    I’m struck by the similarity betweem “believe the injured,” who just want to be heard, and the mantra “believe women.” The latter was obviously ridiculous when taken literally. As Biden has proven, “believe women” is meaningful when accusations are weaponized by the powers that be. We seem to have the same thing: a gesture toward “hearing” all ; all have a right to tell their story. As Biden has Anita Dunn, so Pharma has:
    the Committee to Defend Health Care.

    Rings in my ears like the Committee on Public Safety. Their group aims to hold politicians who question the narrative “accountable.”

    Can you say w e a p o n I z e d?
    I note that they claim NO ONE has died from the vaccines. This quote seems criminal to me:

    The confirmed rate of all serious vaccines side effects are about 1 in 500,000 people inoculated. No deaths have been linked to COVID-19 vaccines. In contrast, COVID-19 is now the leading cause of death in the United States, killing more than 3,000 people every day, more than heart disease and nearly twice more than cancer.

    Claims that the vaccines can cause death are false. One rumor that claimed an Alabama nurse died after getting vaccinated has been shown to be false because the nurse is alive and well. A selectively edited video showed a Tennessee nurse dropping to the ground after getting vaccinated, implying she died, when she in fact had fainted. The deaths of 24 people in a New York nursing home were falsely blamed on vaccines — when residents hadn’t received the vaccines yet.

    Conceivably this op is the establishment of a controlled paradigm in which further testimony can be processed. I notice how controlled Stephanie de Garay is, even when claiming to be betrayed. I’m struck by the effective dismissal of her critique. Her words go into the ether.
    It’s as if Phama says, “you have said that you, the one single mother, thinks we should stop the trials, but your words are unworthy of any response or discussion. They reflect your subjective feelings, not objective reality. You are statistically insignificant and still do not qualify as providing actual “information.”

    Why haven’t the medical records been handed over? I find the child’s performance lacking. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her as a miracle recovery, no doubt with another pharmaceutical.

    There is a bizarre self-sacrificial aspect here, and an obvious willingness on the part of parents to sacrifice their children. Reminds me of a comment of Arendt’s regarding an absent sense of self-interest and even self-preservation under totalitarianism. This is our reality: people are willing to sacrifice themselves and their children. This perhaps means that there is awareness at some level of the reality of the situation among the uncritical.

    It seems the biomedical experiment is the model of the social contract and people accept their role as sacrificial animals.

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    1. “Reminds me of a comment of Arendt’s regarding an absent sense of self-interest and even self-preservation under totalitarianism.”

      My observation is that this applies. A friend’s brother had surgery to remove a brain tumour the Wednesday before last. He was doing fine after the operation and his wife was going in each day to spend time with him from Thursday to Sunday. At 4pm on Sunday, visitors were banished from the hospital (lockdown took effect the day before (Sydney)) and have not been allowed in since. On Monday the patient ended up with a collapsed lung from aspirating food and also pneumonia which caused delirium resulting in him attempting to pull his cords out. If his wife had been allowed in the food aspiration problem may never have happened as presumably she would have been helping him eat and he also would have been in a better frame of mind while he was eating his food. On Thursday, he was given the sad news that he had to bear all alone that not all the tumour had been removed so not a good prognosis now.

      So ironic. The patient was diagnosed only a day before the operation so the health services were really good in responding so quickly to the urgent need for surgery and seemingly did a great job of the surgery (even if not all the tumour was removed) as the patient suffered no immediate ill-effects and he wasn’t really in the best physical shape.

      My friend and her sister-in-law are beside themselves as I imagine the rest of the family are. My friend doesn’t believe in the virus but the rest of her family do. She herself is a nurse and has been ringing the hospital each day, imploring them to let her sister-in-law in to visit her husband. So far she hasn’t been successful though yesterday a doctor she spoke said he’d try to get something done.

      My own approach would have been so different. I’d be writing a letter to the head of the hospital accusing them of crime, pointing out the lack of evidence for virus, virus illness and pandemic. I’d be up at the hospital going ape. They are so upset but they are hoping for goodness when goodness tends to stay very buried in these situations. I was refused treatment at a hospital for a chronic condition (lymphoedema) a few months ago for refusing to wear a mask. I found out later that the Public Health Order making masks mandatory excluded health services so I wrote a letter to the head of Occupational Health asking under what legal authority I was refused treatment. No reply. A month later I wrote again and copied two of the therapists I’d seen over my treatment period asking under what legal authority I was refused treatment. Shortly after I received a phone call inviting me to have a treatment – maskless.


    2. Wow, good stuff Rachel! The child-sacrifice aspect has been highlighted as a requirement for entry to super-special groups by those that study the groups who wear fezzes and drive tiny cars in order to save children. You know, the ones who designed major cities and then just decided they were tired from all the city-designing and decided to disappear and let others design cities.
      The “miracle recovery” angle is likely!
      Creepy and dark at minimum.

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  16. o.k I have a question but first a preamble: lets think this through; if wanting you folks to try and look at this from another angle, please do not accuse me of being a real gadfly. I am not here to try and subvert the conversation to another subject or re-direct your researches ; on the contrary i would like to be told, what exactly is it that you wish to gain by an ever deeper and deeper understanding of the controllers game?(This is rhetorical and not yet my question) For make no mistake about it: from an outsiders perspective like my own, what i see in all that transpires on this blog is that a group of intelligent motivated isolated and powerless individuals expending great amounts of energy to stay one step ahead of their masters. They are your masters since you are playing by their rules and on their toys; will you deny that as long as you dance the dance with them, they lead and you follow? They act and you react; they move and you try to counter. Let us imagine how they retire at the end of a day of work; do they feel threatened afraid anxious about what is going to happen next? Do they fear losing their liberty and health? Do they feel anything except perhaps a certain glee in the on going chess game against people like you, clever enough to be onto them? They like you for so many reasons but you mean nothing to them and your efforts only allow them to understand what is the next best move since being on their toys and playing by their rules, they cannot ever be anything but one step ahead of you.

    And so now to my real question: What would you do with those hours and hours each week if you stopped trying to figure out these sociopaths next move?
    i really believe this is the most important question since life is time. It is that simple. Time is life and is trying to outwit these fucks really how you want to spend your time; You all probably ache on some level to go back to a normal life; you are all probably old enough to remember when the computer and the psyops were peripheral to your life (pre 1995?) Obviously there is nothing new or profound in what i am saying; i have only decided not to participate, to never get sucked into their game, beyond a few positing here and there.

    To answer my own question, since i did go through a period of about 9 months where i researched intensely all of these things, became familiar with all of these things, i now have gone back to my library; a library that has very very few books written before 1950, and most written hundreds and hundreds of years ago. I no longer feel any temptation whatsoever…zero…to research anything concerning what is going on today because as we all know it is all a psyop of a psyop of a hoax of a hoax and what will come will come; I mean you do not think you are going to win this game do you? Me, i feel i have already won because, at 58 years old i have been living through the best years of my life for well over 7 years; and i suspect it will continue on for another 7 or more; time is life; please do not look back later and say,”Why did i just spend the last 20 years on the fucking computer trying to understand what those sociopaths were up to?

    well, i get to personal dont i?. i will not expect an answer, but thank you for letting me have my say.


    1. Godfly, I might be wrong, but I am proceeding on the possibility that the sociopaths are not infallible. There are cracks in their narrative. They are on a sinking ship. If we pay close attention, we may be able to leverage their weak spots. Remember, Hitler’s 1000 year reign only lasted 12.


      1. Rachael, I don’t think the Hitler show ended because the enlightened masses rejected it. I think it was cancelled by the networks to make way for new programming.

        I do think being enlightened is subversive, though. Friends and relatives have told me I am the only person they know who does not fit the media-created stereotype of Covid-denier-as-ignorant-QAnoner. I think it is subversive to treat people who subscribe to the mainstream with respect, to appreciate that there is infinitely more to a human being than what he or she thinks about what the media says, to eradicate the stereotypes of “sheeple” and “non playing characters” that are so popular with (and ego-gratifying for) people who see through the Matrix. To the extent we do this, individually, in our private lives, we frustrate TPTB’s attempts to get society’s permission to marginalize, criminalize, imprison and destroy us. When the enemies are psychopathic, misanthropic mind-controllers, kindness and civility and respect for others become fucking revolutionary.

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        1. I really like your thoughts on respecting people who still trust the government or msm. I have called them robots, zombies (I dislike npcs haha too demeaning!) Anyway, I will try very hard now in future to never refer to people not seeing the deception as anything other the men and women. Great post!


          1. Same here, David. Scott and others on this site have helped me to temper the NPC angle, as it ends up depleting our own energies and ends in contempt for others less “dialed in.” That serves “evil.” Why not help instead? Before the “unmasking” happened down here in the borderlands, I found that the masked would often engage my unmasked self in conversation in the market. No one ever reacted angrily to me, at least to my face. Fascinating time, and rewarding, as most were elderly with “elevated risk” and even-more restricted chances at human interaction than “usual.”
            As to Godfly’s question, I am curious so I read. I have always had many questions about “reality” (we are the same age), and finding out why I never watched ET, or liked strip-bars, is interesting to me. I learn to not be fooled, to listen to intuition, to not follow the direction to the dead-end to which were are shunted. If that is too “new-agey”, then too bad for you. I see it as the human spirit resisting oppression. Simple, not some windmill-tilting flight of fancy.
            Besides, I do other things, so it’s not an obsession. In fact, I have found many old books and treatises in digital form from my research that interest me as well.
            Thanks for the question! It’s good to reflect.


    2. “What would you do with those hours and hours each week if you stopped trying to figure out these sociopaths next move?”

      This is such a good question and delving into it would make an excellent blog post. Can you imagine the amount of overall truthers’ research hours being spent weekly? It seems such a waste trying to understand effing lunatics at the top. Like you said, where’s the point in consuming info about any more hoaxes and lies if you already know the truth?

      For a while I thought this kind of exchange of ideas and communication with other truthers would make a change, but it doesn’t work that way. What’s comforting is to know there are other people who are aware of persistent trickery and lies. I sometimes really need to put it all out and when it happens, I need somebody like-minded in terms of being aware and fed up with lunatics’ games being played.

      The level of frustration as a consequence of awarness how much we’re being messed with on everyday basis is just overwhelming from time to time. The best way to let the pressure out would be some substantial action in order to resolve the frustration at its source. But honestly, what can anybody do about it on his/her own? In reality, nothing worth mentioning. And certainly nothing that could possibly make any significant difference in terms of getting rid of the psycho’s at the top. So I’d assume many truther bloggers are active just for the comforting feeling of doing “something” instead of doing nothing about the mess we’re collectively in. Usually, this is followed by realisation that the masses, hoi polloi, are hopelessly attached to the prevailing paradigm based on propaganda and fakery. With it, the frustration deepens, since now there is even less hope of any significant change to the better – blowing in the wind would describe this in the most precise way.

      Therefore, you may undestand all this as a special mental exercise, with its own moto being borrowed but to the point – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Simple, right? 😉


      1. it is the rainy season in japan and that is my excuse for being at my desk all day and not on my farm planting …it is soybean planting season…thus why i have my computer open to POM alot these days..

        it is as scottrc said above, it is more about socializing, and you say it even better, it is about finding …needing like minded people in order not to go stir carzy…and yet, i would still say that you must be careful to look for emotional and intellectual support through the computer..i believe it comes to the exact same mistake as trying to stay one step ahead of the controllers.
        Again though, i do not expect others to live as i do, but for the record i come to the computer as a toy and my life, in ALL respects is not dependent on it; perhaps that is the key word for what i am saying; to try to figure out their next move is to be dependent on them; best to structure your life (food communication etc) to be as in-dependent as possible…each finds their own level ..


        1. I dig your Zen position, but that’s just too passive for me.

          You’ve overlooked an important aspect of a digital confession : it doesn’t matter who’s listening as long as you’re able to put it all out. It’s like a punching bag at the gym, always there for you to take the burden off. Being careful applies only to the puncher as in hitting/using it without hurting himself.

          Also, the joy of finding like minded people is superior to a feeling of being aware of the fact, that we’re actually helpless at a present moment in history. But this small groups of like-minded people offer great comfort and they give hope – maybe, just maybe, if we all do our best and put a lot of effort in waking people up, something significant might happen in terms of getting rid of the psycho rulers. Hope is what determines and discerns any human as a positive observer of his surrounding as being an opposite to pessimistic or negativistic. It counts, trust me, or even better – try it yourself, you’ll instantly feel the difference.

          Also, from a psychological point, being active and spreading the gathered knowledge is a step toward resolving the underlying frustration. It helps and it is necessary to maintain the mental balance. There’s another way of letting the pressure out, like ie punching the gym bag or gardening, but these are resolving only the consequences of the frustration and not the frustration itself.

          All this is to say that if you’re a fighter by nature, like I am, than you can’t just walk away from a fight and your opponent. If there’s any masculine dignity left in your heart, you need to stay in this fight since it is definitely a life changing event. Unless you’re counting on others to fight for you, you’ve defined yourself as neutral or even negativistic in terms of hope and belief in the fact, that there IS better reality possible. The way to get there is by fighting the oppression, which calls for cooperation of like-minded people – you certainly can’t and won’t find them in your garden.

          So it all boils down to your expectations, which seem to be rather sparse when it comes to dreaming of better future. If you were a believer that the change for the better is possible, like I am, you’d know we need to organize ourselves first in order to put up any significant resistance. Isolation and ignorance are working against it, I hope you do realize this.

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          1. “This is such a good question and delving into it would make an excellent blog post.”

            Yes it would, ask Mark to set it up! Maybe we can figure out why we keep looking for answers.
            We want to get access to parts of the playbook because we know the script is already written.


        2. I have to say I did laugh at your original comment, even if guilty of what you’re pointing out. To me though, it’s not about staying one step ahead of the controllers, it’s about educating others – on both sides of the conspiracy fence – in how they fool us, especially as how they fool us hasn’t really changed in centuries I don’t think – we can see exactly the same kind of MO in the 1605 Gunpowder Plot and the 1666 Great Fire of London and no doubt many other events I’ve never even heard of. The Problem > Reaction > Solution and divide-and-conquer techniques date from at least as far back as the Romans. It’s so formulaic you can hardly credit it! We’re not talking sophisticated strategies here. How do they keep getting away with the same old same old is what I ask.

          I’m a rather lazy person and I never would have been drawn to analysing psyops except for the fact that they make it so easy! I don’t do anything like the kind of detailed work that Stephers does (or others I’ve noticed on this site), I tend to simply cast a glance and go bang bang bang bang bang at all the obvious hallmarks and even though that approach only provides very limited knowledge and understanding, it’s still way more than most people have.

          Things that people seem to find hard to really take on to their full extent even if they know them intellectually:
          — they always give us the clues above and beyond
          — they virtually never fake anything so well that anyone who believes their story can brandish it in defence of it
          — they have a stranglehold on the opposition which includes, of course, pushing out things that make them look really bad (but not as bad as they really are, eg, the faked Collateral Murder video – everyone was up in arms (including innocent me at the time) but, of course, that faked-up video is NOTHING on what really goes on I’m sure).

          Also, people are not good at making facts mean what they must mean (alternatively, they make facts mean what they don’t necessarily mean) and they cannot distinguish between fact and speculation.

          On POM I think most people get it, perhaps even better than I, but I don’t see everyone on OffG getting it so well, not nearly, and it’s utterly absurd the difficulty I have in getting people to understand death and injury were staged on 9/11 – I mean how indoctrinated can people be? I pay zero attention to the news and it’s just the odd thing that pops up I’ll pay attention to. An article popped up on the alleged killing by Israelis going on in Palestine and immediately all the red flags popped out – the unbelievable survival story of a father in the collapse of a building (oh yes, where have we seen the unbelievable survivor story before?), the image of him carrying a pristine white bundle (implied his dead child) although the hand of the arm he was holding the bundle in allegedly had just had a finger sliced off it) and quite a few others. So an article appears in OffG accepting the story as presented by the media and I put my comment exposing the fakery after quite a few other comments had been posted. It was only after I posted my comment that a few others chimed in with some very good information actually from the Miles Mathis site on the obvious bombings of the three buildings (sound familiar?) – similarly, when I posted my comment on a comment on the fake vaccine story – someone else chimed in but I was the first. I’m generally the first on OffG to point out fakery – sometimes people chime in, sometimes they don’t and sometimes they really challenge. It is astounding how people will challenge obvious fakery. And what happens to essentially a complete refutation of the article? Zero, it just slides on by.

          To me, it’s about educating others in recognising how they fool us and how they target both sides equally. From a good understanding of 9/11 I predicted accurately from Day One:
          — Trauma-based Mind Control Psychological Operation in the form of a “live” exercise (Pompeo says those very words – “We’re in a live exercise here”)
          — there wouldn’t be a virus (they only do things they want for real for real, the rest they fake and, of course, a real virus wouldn’t work for their narrative in any shape or form)
          — there would be two major streams of propaganda (mainstream / directed to skeptics – “yes, there’s a virus, but not pandemic levels and response inappropriate”)
          — there would be lots of substreams (Wuhan lab, etc, and then loads and loads about masks, lockdowns, etc)

          Until I started reading Stephers’ stuff I wasn’t aware of non-viral particles being part of the “exercise” so that’s something I need to really look at. This “exercise” is obviously really a lot more than a psyop but if we’re looking at the actual virus propaganda it’s all completely predictable.

          I don’t think of people so much as “sheeple”, I think of people as wilfully not wanting to know because they can’t handle the cognitive dissonance and they simply don’t want the world to be the place it really is – and I mean to some extent I have sympathy with them. And even people who recognise the scam are really no better than people who don’t in some ways. I was on the phone to a friend who said she went into the post office and simply put on her mask to get what she wanted in there. On the same day I happened to go to the post office too but I didn’t wear a mask and when I was challenged I said, “I don’t obey unjust laws. Martin Luther King said we shouldn’t and I agree. The Germans obeyed unjust laws.” I heard grumbling but I got my parcel. I mean, if they weren’t going to give me my parcel without a mask, sure I would gone and got one but you’ve got to test your limits at least – so far, I’ve managed never having to don one but I know that’s not possible in every situation. My friend didn’t wear a mask because she didn’t want to stand out, she didn’t want to cause a fuss and if you’re’ not prepared to do that what’s the point in recognising the scam? But then we’re simply different personalities. I don’t mind a fuss being made, it doesn’t bother me so it’s easy for me to test the limits. Other people are different.

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    3. Godfly, these are great observations and questions. I grapple with them all the time. I’m glad you brought them up; I think it’s important to talk about this.

      As you know, not everybody is in—nor can be in, nor wants to be in—your particular, enviable situation of living on a farm, growing your own food, and living largely independently from society’s demands. Of course, if a significant community of people arose, doing as you’re doing, and our psycho leaders took notice, the community would be subverted/destroyed, as I’m sure you also realize.

      Speaking for myself: I’m creative, I’m collaborative, I believe I was literally built and designed to create and to perform. Even before I “woke up,” even as a teenager acting in school plays and being told I should go to Hollywood and try to get famous, I felt that the way society uses talents like mine—and the way most people who have them allow them to be used—cheapens and degrades them. And so, for a long time, I simply suppressed and squandered them. But that, I eventually realized, is even worse than trying to cash in on them. So, at 51 years old, I’m still developing my talents, working with teachers, and looking for outlets that allow me to do what I do while maintaining my resistance to the societal conformity that Hollywood stars and union-card-carrying theater actors must submit to in order to do what they can’t not do, what they are designed and driven to do.

      Somehow, I have to work within this horrifically sick society without growing bitter, without alienating myself as an arrogant and condescending gadfly, figuring out which battles are worth fighting and which aren’t. It would be impossible to do this if I felt completely alone. If I did feel completely alone, I would give in to despair, and can imagine reaching a point where suicide was the only option. I am not the least bit suicidal, but I have thought it’s not an unreasonable proposition, given the increasingly obvious lack of options available to people who want to be truly free. That kind of despair, however, also amounts to a delightful victory for our controllers, as you know.

      So that’s one reason I come here and often spend way more time than seems sane writing comments that hardly anyone will read. It keeps my head in the game, makes me realize I’m not alone. It comforts me knowing that people as smart as, or much smarter than, I am are struggling with the exact same issues I am. POM, to me, is literally a life saver.

      Another reason is related to my experience with AA, which I mentioned in another comment. I’ve been sober for 13 years. For the first 3 years, it was absolutely necessary to immerse myself in the AA community. At a certain point, I realized I didn’t fit in anymore, that I wasn’t comfortable with it, that I needed to move on. There is a cult-like mentality in many AA groups that is easy to criticize from the outside, but which I know from experience is actually necessary and purposeful. Serious drunks who want to get sober need to be told to shut the fuck up, stop thinking for yourself, and do what you’re fucking told. Obey and conform, or die. This was extremely difficult for me—it is for nearly every drunk who gets sober—but the miracle of sobriety does not happen for us if we don’t surrender to it. In order for the AA community to continue to save lives, people with long term sobriety like me must continue to go to meetings and pass their experience on to newcomers. These old timers tend to be very conformity-oriented, not only about AA, but about life in general. I’m grateful for them, I’d have been dead without them, and the fact that I cannot do for newcomers what they do bothers me. But I can’t. The arrogant delusions that kept me drunk are gone, but the defiant anti- authoritarianism that can be so deadly to drunks remains, and I can’t let go of it enough to be useful to newcomers. This really bothers me.

      But sites like this, I think, are also more for newcomers who are “waking up” than they are for us old-timers. If these sites didn’t exist and we weren’t sharing our “experience, strength and hope” (as they say in AA), then the less than one percent who “wake up” would feel truly alone. And that, too, would only delight our controllers, would it not?

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      1. ScottRC –

        I always appreciate how you elevate dialogue at POM. Thank you so much for sharing what draws you here, including your personal story in such raw and genuine detail.


      2. well scottrc, you have reiterated the exact sentiments of minime : you are here in order not to fall into the cesspool which we now must call society. Far be it for me to want to push you in. My only question then remaining would be, since all this is for completely salvational reasons, why not focus on that instead of the evil controllers all the time? There seems still to me something dishonest in the on going contents of this website if as you say it is just a place to meet like minded people. Whichever narrative of history you choose to accept, whether it be the “history from below” narrative, a “great man” theory narrative , the “All is a hoax and controlled” narrative, the “economic” narrative or whatever, we always come back to the exact same thing: a tiny minority ruling over a vast majority with another tiny minority refusing to rule or be ruled. Knowing this, that it has never been any different, you must ask yourself if that is just not the way of the world, the way of the human heart and in fact, the people get what they deserve; in other words, things are exactly as they should be. So you see, even now, focusing not even these last 24 hours on POM makes me feel ready to once again turn off the computer and go back to say, a Schopenhauer or a Dante or go play with my young children or plant my soybeans; what i mean by this is, i still cannot fathom how one would look upon what goes on at POM as a “lifesaver” It still seems somehow dishonest to me, focusing so much on the poison and projecting it all outward. And then calling that “socializing” But perhaps as with my commenting policy oversight above, which you corrected me on, i am failing to see something. But there you have it: i do not insist you are being insincere, but it feels somehow insincere to me.


        1. Godfly, by all means, if you don’t feel the need to participate, don’t. If I lived on a farm and had young children to raise and interests I could pursue apart from society, I absolutely wouldn’t waste much time here.

          If you’re not a drunk, don’t go to AA. If you’re not driven to create art, don’t subject yourself to the grueling rejection of a life in the arts. If you have absolutely no reason to give a shit what the rulers are doing to the ruled, don’t visit truther sites.

          Just as you sense insincerity or perhaps delusion in all this, though, I sense you are avoiding some obvious points. For instance, the information you filled your head with in the nine months of post-waking was largely placed there for you by controlled opposition, and controlled opposition wants nothing more for genuine opposition to throw up its hands, give up, and say “Fuck it, this how it’s always been, just let em do what they’re gonna do.” Your reaction is no less predictable, no less accommodating to the psychopathic trillionaires, than the reactions that annoy you so much.

          Secondly, your problems with Stephers’ personality notwithstanding, she’s doing research that goes beyond my reasons—and Minime’s reasons—for coming here. There’s stuff going on that we still don’t understand, and that it would behoove us to understand, because it could affect us and our families and our loved ones even if we choose to live on a remote farm in Japan. Just because most of our socializing and our observations are repetitive doesn’t mean the impulse to be curious about what’s really going on is pointless. Wait, you have young kids? Are you sure they’re going to renounce society as completely as you have? Do you care what they might be in for if they don’t?

          But this is beginning to sound defensive, and I really feel no need to defend anything here. I’ve enjoyed our exchange. Keep checking in, or don’t. I wish you the best.


          1. ScottRC (and Godfly),

            Superbly expressed, Scott. Thank you.

            To Godfly – I am not as articulate as Scott, nor do I wish to expend energy in defending myself and my reasons for bringing me to POM. Fellow writers, Mark and Steve, know me quite well at this point. They clearly understand and appreciate that I am a part-time writer here (typically only posting once or twice a month, and sometimes going a couple months without), as I am a full-time dedicated wife, mother, caretaker, and (amateur) homesteader. I can barely keep up with replying to comments, which is why it may take a day or two to respond.

            My WordPress “address” is duly noted as “Novicestephers,” as that is how I consider myself as a “blogger” and commenter at POM. This writing is new for me; and yes, I do not have much time to perfect the craft. Again, I live a very full life off-line, where I extract most (if not all) of my happiness and fulfillment.

            That said, for the most part, I engage in empowered truth seeking – particularly with regard to this COVID operation – because it directly impacts the health of myself and my family, loved ones, and friends. I know I make a difference in their lives by educating myself in this regard, and helping to relay that information to them, so that they can make well-informed decisions. And, guess what? I also do not wish to hoard the information I discover (with my own eyes and ears, directed by innate and insatiable curiosity), so I might as well share it with a larger community comprised of discerning and caring individuals who wish to be here and have respectful, elevated mutual exchange.

            Yes, this blog has been a blessing to me on many levels. I thank Mark continually for the opportunity to share what I learn, as I evolve as a writer and researcher and mid-life adult. I guess you could say I am a perpetual student of life, and that does entail digging into controversial and “conspiratorial” realms and agendas – from time to time. But that is not what drives my efforts. Nope. I ain’t trying to take down any psychopathic controllers. That’s not me. I am simply incorporating my knowledge of their distasteful (obviously, an understatement) intentions, in order to more safely, compassionately, and effectively navigate my time spent here on this planet. I feel compelled to share that with others – but only if they want to hear what I have to say.

            That’s all I got for now. I have my furry animal companions to which I need to attend, and house cleaning to do . . .

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            1. So glad we are part of what has sometimes been called “the remnant.” So glad there is a remnant to communicate with, and yes, even “socialize” with. As has been pointed out by many theologians and philosophers, great and obscure, ideas, doctrine, systems and the like all have critics that misunderstand, misinterpret, misrepresent, and dismiss the essence of the original thought(s) due to lack of introspection, and/or to passionately-held presuppositions that lead to narrowness in thought — missing the “big picture, so to speak.

              Cheers to the remnant (minority) still kicking, still digging deeper in search of some truth and a little peace and quiet in a noisy, crazy world full of deranged humans infected with “wetiko” without a clue as to what ails them (the majority).

              Here at POM, life goes on, good weather and bad. I marvel at how little petty bullshit there is here, day in, day out. Thanks to all who participate in their own, mostly well-intended, unique way. Ain’t life grand?

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              1. its true…there really isnt much petty bullshit at POM and as i said creme of a crop i do not like…my wife is always growing crops i dislike…slimy okra slimmy taro… haha


                1. “Dislike” is a button one can push over at YouTube. Now, that’s hardly something to get excited over. Maybe you’ll feel better when the rain stops.


            2. OK, Stephers, well now I’m feeling quite ashamed. I have NOTHING on my agenda, I’m not even working at the moment, and while I spend a lot of time supposedly “thinking”, there is very little productivity happening. So hats off for all you manage to accomplish, Stephers.

              So I have some questions about COVID. Before I came across your articles I was unaware of ENPs so my thoughts were that this pandemic is simply a 100% Emperor’s New Clothes affair so no virus and no COVID. Obviously, the swabs and the “vaccines” are real and now you’ve opened my eyes to what’s in them and what effects they might have but I’m wondering why you refer to COVID as being the illness caused. Why choose the term COVID, why not some other term – “intervention disease”, for example, or vax illness?

              To my mind, using the term COVID can be confusing. I’m also assuming that the alleged array of possible symptoms presented by the CDC for the alleged COVID would not necessarily align with the symptoms of the “real” COVID. And the “real” COVID presumably would not be showing up in the PCR tests but rather the positive result in a PCR test is simply manipulated by using some random RNA strand and a high cycle threshold.

              What would make things so very much more complicated, of course, is if not only graphene oxide is causing effects but other elements in the vaccines so that a whole array of issues may result. The mind boggles.

              So happy to wait for a response, Stephers, but I am curious why you use the term COVID.

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              1. Petra –

                That is a great question, that one no one else has asked.

                My short answer is that I actually did make an attempt at choosing a different term.

                In fact, in my ENP piece, I did not once mention the term COVID, and instead, used the term “nano-bio cytotoxicosis” – which I emphasized in bold.

                If you do a DuckDuckGo search of “nano-bio cytotoxicosis”, you will see only about 4 or 5 mentions (besides POM) of my ENP article from various sites that picked it up. Otherwise, you will not see it, because I did create the name of the condition. It was the best I could conjure at the time – to best depict both the cause and effect – in my first (and only) attempt at medical jargon. And I intentionally chose a term that I could not find anywhere on the Internet prior to my use of it.

                I noticed it did not stick with readers, and I typically resort to “COVID”, just so people will know what I am referring to. Even though I perceive this illness as iatrogenically-induced (which I have explained in previous posts), I do not see the injections (AKA “vaccines”) as the sole vehicle. Nano-bio cytotoxicosis can result from being exposed to the ENP (in this case, what I suspected was carbon-based; and now more specifically, graphene and/or graphene oxide) in various ways of dispersal (aerosol, injection, ingestion, and dermal exposure).


                1. I see the problem, Stephers. How about just nano cytotoxicosis or NCT? Maybe it really should have the bio included but, if not, then just taking out one element makes it a little simpler.


                  1. Petra –

                    It seems you think similarly to me. It’s probably why I have always been drawn to your analyses.

                    In any case, I think in determining a “name” for any illness incurred from the interface of ENPs (in this case, most likely graphene/graphene oxide) with the human body, it is important to emphasize the bio and the nano, as that is key – due to the resulting “bio-molecular corona.” It seems this is from where they extracted their “spike protein”, which I speculate is actually a chemosensory protein that they subsequently reconfigured/recoded so the body would “safely” detect – and therefore, not adversely react (theoretically) – to its presence. (Note: I am further developing this hypothesis, but this paper may give you a head start if interested:

                    From what the mainstream scientists are currently reporting, it now seems they may aim to ditch this one “spike protein” and use another protein (again, from this protein corona emitted by the ENP), that they consider “safer.” It’s all one behemoth (with an emphasis on the chaos-monster aspect) experiment.

                    All that said – and given your gentle push – I am inclined (for the very few who may read this comment) to take a quasi-poll here, to help determine a name for this vast and curious “illness” resulting from exposure to graphene/graphene oxide (GO). I am open to any suggestions.

                    In this regard (in mid-June), the Spanish “team” of Sevillano and Delgado termed it “graphenation.” On Twitter (before my account got deleted yesterday!), I was using that as a hashtag. My only concern with this term is that it does not imply toxicity in the name. It could indicate it’s good or bad, without any context. If you know what I mean (?) So I still think the “diagnosis” would need to reflect “toxic” in the name.

                    I like the use of an acronym – as you suggested – to keep it simpler for most, but I steered away from this in the ENP “tale” as I felt that it was crucial for the “ENP” to stick. And it did. I felt it would be acronym overload (if you will) if I dropped another one into the mix. But now, it may actually apply quite easily – even if it was nano-bio cytotoxicosis (NBCT). It’s not horrible. But that would leave out the newest key piece – graphene. I don’t know . . . maybe bio-graphenosis? Not that catchy. Neither rolls off the tongue. I hope you can offer more suggestions, and maybe others will oblige as well . . .

                    Finally, this is not where I am best exerting my efforts, as I am focused primarily on how to safely degrade this graphene crap. That is my main concern. Indeed, it may be the only aspect in which I tend to disagree with the Spanish researchers at La Quinta Columna: It seems Delgado is recommending NAC (a glutathione precursor), which I had suggested (as a possibility) a while back in a previous comments thread. However, the studies I am seeing (which come out of environmental remediation of graphene oxide) seem to suggest that it “reduces” GO – which is NOT the same as degrading. In fact, it simply means it is modifying the graphene oxide to synthesize reduced GO (called rGO). I don’t see this necessarily as a positive. So, they may be seeing studies I have not located indicating actual degradation by NAC (I do not count decrease in symptoms as the same thing!), but then that would conflict with the studies I have seen. Hence, there is much more work to be done in this area, and I am informing myself mainly from environmental remediation reports, as experiments on graphene oxide in humans is nearly non-existent – and I would claim is precisely what is occurring on this global scale before our very eyes – out in the open, yet obscured by the tall tale that the engineered graphenated particle is a virus. People have a lot of catching up to do. As I have said before, there is a graphene (or graphenation) agenda – this graphene is here to stay (which is why they continually say in the mainstream – that COVID or SARS-CoV-2 is here to stay).


                    1. Steph,

                      So you’ve been spreading dangerous misinformation on twitter?

                      What is Covid? Is it corona…virus…disease = Covid? I suggest avoiding a pure acronym. My only “bright” idea so far is Graphtox, or Graphtox-D (to emphasize the disease element), or Graph-D / Gra-D.

                      (possibly adding an O)…GraphOx-D, GraOx-D, GraphO-D, GraO-D….

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                    2. OM –

                      Yes, it seems I am guilty and charged with my second Twitter felony.

                      Some clever ideas. Let’s aggregate some more names, and ultimately, have a readers’ consensus vote, perhaps?


                    3. How about stealing the virus away from them, and pointing the finger in the right direction?

                      Graphene Virus Disease = GraVi-D. Better yet, GraViD. Jingles just like CoViD.


                    4. After watching the Amazing Polly video, I’m thinking of using the acronym for superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles: SPION. Or, SPION-19. Or, SPION-2020.

                      The Amazing Polly video was incredibly helpful, by the way, in helping me get a better grasp on the many threads you’ve laid out for us, Stephers.

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                    5. ScottRC –

                      We will put those in the queue with the others, for sure.

                      SPIONS are a possibility in this case, which I had definitely considered. But I am still leaning towards graphene, due to the findings from La Quinta Columna, and the intense plans being laid out with the emerging graphene agenda.

                      On the topic of graphene, and returning to your question about the C2C agenda and the “green” economy . . . I think you will find this guy interesting to watch and listen to (and evaluate): Dr. James Tour (of Rice University) gave his nano graphene shpiel to Congress in March 2021: Tour’s 5-minute sales pitch starts at the 12:51 time stamp, and then he fields a few soft-ball questions from the congressmen. Only the last guy questioned him about potential environmental risks, but it was quickly glossed over; and not one questioned Tour about potential health risks to living beings. He simply said “non-toxic” at the get-go, and no one batted an eye.

                      Of course, Tour’s main sell is zero net carbon emissions and saving the earth from climate change – his “green” graphene will save the day, and needs to be in nearly all building materials. Most significant and applicable to what I wrote in my Free Wally/spike protein piece, Tour notes the key involvement of Argonne National Lab (shortly after the 15 min timestamp). Not surprisingly, he asserts the primary funding and involvement from the Dept of Energy, DoD, and Army Research Labs. The only one missing was DARPA! He even notes later on the involvement of Oak Ridge National Lab. So we see all the players wrapped up together, with Dr. James Tour at the helm. He drives this point home when he discusses all of the nano and graphene patents he owns, and his many spin-out companies from Rice U. Watch out for this guy:


                2. We have used the term “CONTROLA virus” from day one. Guess it didn’t sound sighentific
                  enough, but begged the question–just whom are we trying to impress? Our goal is
                  arousing the energy of the people, not some career medocrats. What do we care
                  if some special boys like our nomenclature or not? Can recall 12 years ago {in a room of
                  fine alternative health practitioners} who were discussing how to get doctors to “like” them.
                  Spoke up and stated that their view was inverted…just do your thing well with congruency
                  and confidence in the healing outcomes and the doctors will pay attention. Their approach was actually based on trying to get their expertise covered by insurance companies in a
                  hospital setting; not a strong position in my view. A pat on the head by the cystem is what they were after. That is not where this train is going…


                  1. b1 –

                    In all honesty, I was actually making light of the whole nomenclature bit. From what I gather from others who offered up their suggestions, they seemed to be playing along as well. I apologize if you thought otherwise. Sometimes, we do tend to inject some ongoing humor in the comment threads – in which we banter a bit, and perhaps I got a little carried away (?). With all due respect to Petra, who recommended denoting any illness related to this event by a different term than “COVID,” this is very far down on the list of priorities, as far as I am concerned. I indicated as such.

                    Meanwhile, I have my mind wrapped around so much research on graphene and the players involved; and of course, I am dedicating time to experimenting and developing natural ways to improve and maintain health amidst ongoing “graphenation” (not to mention additional assaults from miscellaneous nanoparticles and other environmental toxins, including electrosmog). But in some sense, and on some level, I still consider the “name game” an interesting exercise in critical thinking. So I thank Petra for that. Indeed, I had made a small attempt in my April 2021 ENP post at characterizing this COVID-related sequelae under a new lexicon, as I do feel reluctant at times to reinforce the jargon created by the system, especially since their words tend to carry esoteric and occult meaning that we may not want to perpetuate.

                    Needless to say, b1, your points are fair and duly noted.


                    1. I like the idea of “tox” in the name although, ironically, we have Botox so possibly NBCTox which kind of has a double-meaning that is not unwanted necessarily. But perhaps as you say, Stephers, getting a name at this point isn’t so important especially as we don’t really know what the effects are and whether it’s just graphene oxide that is the culprit and so on.


              2. Petra –

                I had intended to respond to your reference to the RT-PCR and RNA sequencing. I hope this NASA-funded 2016/2017 paper suffices for the time being: “Acute toxicity of graphene nanoplatelets on biological wastewater treatment process” At the very least, you may perceive the problem-reaction-solution (from the perspective of the controllers, of course).

                There is so much to unpack. I plan to cover it in-depth in an upcoming post that ties all the graphene oxide information and COVID operation together. As I have previously implied, there are specific aspects that do need to be addressed, and can help explain the true purpose (in my opinion, of course) of the RT-PCR and how RNA deep sequencing may have been utilized/applied. This paper that I linked offers much revelation to this end. Suffice to say – in a nutshell – RT-PCR can be an ideal cloning process, particularly for graphene (once combined into the human body), which can be thermally synthesized. If you imagine stepping into the mind of a “graphenator” (or who I refer to as a “graphene guru”), you may be able to conjure how this whole process could be implemented. In theory, it would be fairly simple. However, these nanomaterials kind of have a mind of their own, and do not – and will not – perform precisely as predicted (even with their supercomputers and molecular simulations).

                Following is the opening to the paper linked above (where they begin to set up the “problem”): “The large market growth of graphene and graphene-based nanomaterials is indicative that more graphene will be consumed or produced by diverse industries in the coming years. The potential release of carbon-based nanomaterials and other nanoparticles in the environment by various industries will probably happen due to production, consumption and use of these nanomaterials. This study contributes for the body of knowledge of the impact of graphene nanomaterials in biological processes, such as biological treatment processes, if this nanomaterial is to be released to the environment.”

                . . . And here is how the paper concludes: “Besides this acute toxicity study, chronic studies still need to be performed to complement this study and give us a better understanding of the long term effects of this nanomaterial . . . These chronic studies should be done for longer periods of time and under smaller concentrations of graphene to simulate real release of nanomaterials from consumer products. Such studies would determine whether exposure to lower concentrations of graphene for long periods of time would lead to potential adaptation of the microbial community {and the human/mammalian community, my addition} to the presence of this nanomaterial, as previously observed with several other environmental contaminants.” Keep in mind, they have spent lots of time and money studying the human microbiome (and recently, wastewater/sewage!). Ostensibly, we are comprised of more microbes than we are of “human” material. This notion is crucial in grasping the connection to this study (in addition to the understanding that we are water beings), even if read literally.


          2. scottrc..thank you for your time and thoughtful responses; i will make this my response my last one for a while.
            obviously i feel some need to participate or i would not have done so, but yes, i have reached my limits for the time being.

            two things;
            it is a bit unfair for you to assume that during my nine months or so, i was duped by the opposition; you have no reason to assume that since you do not know my shit detecting abilities or what it is i read, to say the least. it was not really raw infomation that i see i was not clear, it was simply knowing what was out there since i am relatively new to the computer; the whole conspiracy thing was unknown to me 3 years ago..really, i had never used the computer beyond email until 2017 or 18

            as for my children, quite frankly, i do not care what they might be in for if they decide to not stay hidden away…if that will even be possible in 20 years.
            And i doubt that will want to stay hidden away until they have gone out and knock their heads against the wall for a decade or so.
            i am old already and will be dead before they truly mature (age 40?) so it is all the same to me; my wife will get to deal with those tragedies.
            So much could be said about this but here is not the place.

            lastly,please consider what i said about things being the way they must be; it is about human nature more than anything else; People get what they deserve in the end…. the more things change, the more things stay the same..because the human heart, our natures, have remained more or less constant for millennium, just as the social dynamics of majority- minority i mentioned above have remained the same.
            feel free to put in the last word. I will read but will probably take a rest from responding.


            1. lastly,please consider what i said about things being the way they must be; it is about human nature more than anything else; People get what they deserve in the end…. the more things change, the more things stay the same..because the human heart, our natures, have remained more or less constant for millennium, just as the social dynamics of majority- minority i mentioned above have remained the same.

              I consider such things all the time, and have heard the exact same ideas expressed in different ways many, many times on this site. Many “truthers” may be driven by a desire to defeat the trillionaires, but, as Stephers so succinctly indicated, it has little or nothing to do with that for many of us.


              1. congratulations, you have shaped me and “my” ideas into a shape that fits snugly into one of your pockets; i have experienced this so many times, and i will be content henceforth to stay put in your pocket, safe and misunderstood


          3. Haha, good point, Stephers. Contrary to appearances over the past few days, I’m not a full-time POM commenter, either.

            Most of the regulars here seem to do as I do–binge for a while if there’s a topic they’re particularly interested or invested in, and then withdraw for a while. I recently finished a big project I’ve been working on for several months, and have had a lot of down time at my day job, and have enjoyed the back and forth with you and Godfly, so I’ve been checking in a lot. But, as always happens, I’m getting sick of staring at screens, and sick of seeing “ScottRC” in the “Recent Comments” column of this site. I’m always happiest when I’m spending more time away from Internet devices than in front of them.

            Godfly, this is one of the many pitfalls of participating in forums like this: It’s easy to forget that the other participants are not the two-dimensional cartoon caricatures you sketch in your head when you read their words.

            Frankly, after all you’ve expressed, I suspect your attitude toward “conspiracy” culture and your relationship with this website are not as unique as you think they are.

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    4. Good point Godfly. I think that there is more to it than thinking we can win. Ephesians 5:11
      Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.”
      It seems that it’s a natural instinct in many to want to be a part of awakening others to deception. These lies have been going on for a long long time, I don’t think reading books from the 1800’s is really going to steer you clear from deception. I personally do not think we have a 1% chance to overcome this beast system, but I do want to take part in helping others awaken to see the lies. In 20 years will I regret my choice, I have no idea. We all play our roles, I come here for information that I find important, so that I can then go out on the street and use it in my conversations on the street while doing activism.
      I do other things for fun and to distract myself from the reality this system and hopefully most here are choosing to spend there time doing what they enjoy, whatever that may be. Peace


  17. they own the possibilities the cracks the narratives the ship and the water; you will pay close attention if they allow you to

    . And i might be wrong also,

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  18. Sorry for my English, but let me get that straight: this mommy took her 12 years old child, and gave her as a guinea pig for some vaccine trail? GREAT! So now we know: Pfizer is telling the truth of course. Real people, not just numbers on papers but real childrens with the support of their “scientist related” parents, VOLUNTEERED as a guinea pigs.


    1. Tm Tom,

      Please re-read the short post, and the readers’ comments. What you describe is one narrative, but not one that is being depicted here. I suggest you also watch some of the press conference to view the participants (mother and child, in particular) yourself, and form your own opinion. It may differ than mine. I have no way of confirming my suspicion. That said; sadly, it seems there may be parents who are volunteering their young children as lab rats.


  19. lets remember that 1% of 7 billion people is 70 million. Since we can be fairly sure those that have even a whiff of the truth of things is probably around 7 million, you need not even speak of the “other 1%” as truthers often do.
    And do we dare to even think we are 7 million? well, since i am a “critical thinker” (the heading of this post) i can only conjure of the image that we are but a few rats in maze, allowed to have our electronic toys in order to see what we do with them. I do not suppose all the flukeys called government think that way but those above the government just might have the height to be looking down on us in such a way. Being a “critical thinker” i try my best to put myself in my enemies shoes.


    1. Now, that’s “BOMBSHELL” material. Way to go, Stephers! All that digging pays off, big time. Thanks so very much for your work chronicling this amazing discovery.


  20. So, given some striking evidence that graphene oxide (GO) may be in the injections (, we may be able to move forward in conjuring additional implications for the implementation of such medical nanodevices (being misrepresented as “vaccines”).

    In tandem with 5G (and 6G and beyond), it seems that some apparent (albeit insidious and dangerous) applications of implanted graphene-based nanomaterial (or even other purportedly biocompatible “smart” nanomaterials) include mind control; comprehensive, bidirectional, wireless machine interface with the body; and biometric surveillance (molecular and nanoscale) may be planned imminently, or on the horizon.

    I addressed these concerns in the following blog posts:

    1) “Mass Zombification via Remote Biohacking: The Farce Awakens”;
    2) “Confessions of an Engineered Nanoparticle”;
    3) “Part 9: Tuned In ~ A Mother’s Intuition on Transmission From the Jabbed to the Un-Jabbed”; and
    4) “Free Wally: Tracing the Spike Protein Drama to a Llama”

    But are there additional applications that have been overlooked by researchers (including myself)?

    For additional “practice” in critical thinking and cross-pollinating among readers (if there is any interest, no pressure, really!), I am offering these two links:

    “Strategic Elements’ Self-Charging Battery with Graphene Oxide Materials”


    “Mining the Fourth Industrial Revolution”

    Click to access Media-Release-Mining-the-fourth-industrial-revolution.pdf

    One question to consider:

    How do you think these two links could potentially be connected to one another, and possibly to the human body?

    I know that is way open-ended, with not much to go on . . . So, here is a more specific question:

    How may the “green circular economy” – being driven by the long-standing and ongoing climate change narrative (and serving as the backbone of the 4IR) – be related to injecting/implanting (possibly even via inhalation) GO into human bodies?

    . . . And some additional questions:

    How may blockchain/cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency mining potentially be related (see this paper, which I have provided in a previous post: “Cryptocurrency system using body activity data” To this end, could this help explain the fierce push for this technology?

    Could human bodies (particularly if modified with GO) be utilized as “self-charging batteries” to serve as free energy (clean and green?) in which to store and subsequently, harvest (AKA mine) – in order to help run the emerging Spatial Web/planetary computer/AI system?

    Does anyone else see this as a possibility? If so, we may have more research and unpacking to do. I don’t think I can do this without some additional help from fellow critical thinkers . . . This has already been a huge learning curve for me, and I suspect others may be much more technologically-savvy.


    1. I fear the motives are much simpler: Cradle-to-grave control over who lives, who dies (when, how), who gets to have children, who will be permitted enrichment and who will be retarded by remote control. That remote rests in the hands of the ruling transnational plutocracy. Survivors of the initial cull are to be cyborg chattel living out their existence in a global cyber plantation.

      A critical mass had awakened and could not be put back to sleep. The absurdity of democracy Lucha libre had become transparent and those who were no longer spellbound were rapidly becoming an existential threat to the ruling class that required them to take swift, decisive steps to manage this most serious of security risks since the labor movement.

      At this point, the so-called “Fourth Industrial Revolution” is mostly a lure and a distraction to induce cooperation.


      1. Les –

        Well-stated. Points taken. Indeed, it seems “cyborg chattel” existing (not quite living) amidst a “global cyber plantation” is their end-goal.

        I would take the notion of “cradle-to-grave control” one step farther . . . as it seems it is even worse than that: the concept of “cradle-to-cradle” (C2C) will reign supreme in the emerging circular economy and “closed loop” existence (see here and here

        Tragically, the biological circle of life – which we have been accustomed to – could potentially be transformed into a digitized, synthetic (and programmable) biological life cycle. By the way, this also means no more human burial, nor cremation – instead, welcome to “ecoLation” ( “a 4-step process that returns the loved one’s remains to their families as calcium and carbon powder, in a biodegradable urn. The process used is environmentally friendly and non-polluting, unlike Cremation. The Urn has a hollow spot in the cover in which to place a tree seed. Families can then plant the urn and seed thus having a tree as a living reminder of their departed. It’s a living reminder of the departed and will breath new life into our planet . . . It’s a nice thought to think of your departed playing a role in fighting climate change long after their passing. As the circle of life closes it reopens anew.”

        They have detailed and long-term sustainable plans (which inform both COVID and climate change narratives/operations); and while biological life will greatly suffer and eventually be digitally transformed, I imagine stakeholders will benefit immensely from the emerging C2C economy. If I ever have time, I may have to write a post on this – perhaps titled, “From C 2 Shining C”. I think the title is more catchy than “ecoLation.”


        1. Stephers, I’d like to read more of how you connect “Cradle to Cradle” technology with the Covid jab and nanoparticles. I read the links you provided, and I must admit, if I read them outside of the context you provide, I would see nothing alarming in them.

          (Well, that’s not completely true. The alarmist justification for C 2 C that alchemia-nova gives us is typical climate science nonsense. “The planet produces a limited amount of resources and we are consuming more than our share per generation. More resources than the Earth is able to regenerate annually. If we continue at this rate, future generations will have no planet.” I think it’s more like, The planet produces abundant resources and the Elite are hoarding and squandering more than their share per generation.)

          At any rate, I have a chemist friend who heads up projects that create organic, biodegradable alternatives for toxic materials used in manufacturing industries. Who can argue with that? Maybe that’s why it’s difficult me to connect the dots here.


          1. ScottRC –

            I appreciate your inquiry. Just off the top of my head, as it relates directly to graphene nanotech and C2C. . . Here is a link to a C2C product called “Graphenstone”:
            In my opinion, based on much of my research, the information (selling points, AKA propaganda) presented therein is highly misleading.

            I think one takeaway that I would like to emphasize is that the “sustainable” and “renewable” economy (in accordance with the UN’s SDGs) needs to have biosensors in everything and everyone. Graphene is their main ticket to accomplishing this. Everything will need to be tracked and traced as it “circles” throughout the “closed loop”.

            With regard to your friend, I imagine he or she has only the best intentions. Most, if not all, in the renewable field do. Many of their efforts have positive implications. That said, biodegradable (and even “organic”) and green do not always translate to “healthy” for biological life. I ran into this paradox about 12 years ago when we did some home renovation. Each time the contractor specified a “green” eco-friendly product, I read the MSDS sheet and saw it was toxic to human life. He insisted it was LEED-certified, and non-toxic. But that only meant non-toxic by their own definition and clever marketing materials. That was a wake-up call for me.

            Most “green” manufacturers simply imply their products are “eco-friendly” in that they produce less carbon emissions and thus, a smaller carbon footprint. But what does that really mean for biological life – that can only be truly sustained by the presence of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? It is how we have always survived. Less CO2 emission —> less biological life? If they achieve zero carbon emission as they intend, what does that mean for us? The Green New Deal and “Net Zero” constructs were devised by climate capitalists for their own corporate interests, typically represented by their NGOs as the front-men/women. I think Steve K. could probably speak more to this than I can (?); and the best resources I know on this matter are and Cory Morningstar at


    2. The funny thing is I tend to forget some of the information I have previously presented. (It’s a lot to keep in my mind at once.) It seems I was already on this track, although I was just beginning to attempt to understand the notion of energy harvesting and bio-nanomaterials (such as graphene) for energy storage.

      If others are interested, please explore my piece: “Part 7: The Endgame ~ One Web to Rule Them All” Here are some pertinent excerpts:

      “Akyildiz and his colleagues explained that devices and transceivers used in the Internet of NanoThings (IoNT) are in the scale of nanometers, and thus, behave differently than classical wireless communication systems. To elaborate, the authors elucidate that each nano-thing is self-powered via piezoelectric energy harvesting, and therefore, will consume less energy to perform data processing and data storage, as well as enhancing nano-sensing capabilities that will be required to provide necessary communication. Within the paradigm of bio-nano-networks, nano-materials such as graphene and carbon nanotubes pair with encoded signals being carried by molecules, and utilize integrated plasmonic antennas that use Surface Plasmon Polariton (SPP) waves (as distinct from traditional antenna arrays and standard electromagnetic wavelengths). The authors went on to point out that the nano-sensors can sense “external force, gas molecules, and biological objects such as antigens and antibodies . . .”

      “Moving into the domain of IoBNT, which Akyildiz et al. claim was first introduced in 2015, they define the IoBNT as “a network of molecules which can communicate with each other. The types of molecular communications include artificial cells which act as . . . a bio-cyber interface which can convert molecular signals to electrical ones and transmit to external devices for further processing.” Akyildiz previously collaborated (in 2015) with three other researchers on a paper titled, “The Internet of Bio-NanoThings.” I presume this is what they refer to as the first introduction of the concept. In any case, in the 2015 paper, Akyildiz and his colleagues not only praised this new method of embedded bio-computing, they also put forth warnings: 1) The deployment of NanoThings can result in “unwanted effects” on health or pollution due to their electromagnetic radiation emissions; 2) The nano-materials may not be biocompatible; and 3) Bio-NanoThings could be used to access the human body and “either steal personal health-related information, or even create new diseases” (referred therein as bio-cyber terrorism). Never mind these critical cautions though, as proponents of this “game-changer technology” insist science will and must move forward with the IoBNT. I recommend readers take a look at the 2015 paper. My main takeaway from the paper can be revealed by two critical aspects of this intra-body sensing and actuation process (which was asserted within the body of the text and then repeated once again in the authors’ conclusion): 1) “the nanothings, thanks to their limited size, can be easily concealed, implanted, and scattered in the environment . . .”; and 2) “by combining nanotechnology with tools from synthetic biology . . . a cell can be effectively utilized as a substrate to realize a so-called BioNanoThing, through the control, reuse, and reengineering of biological cells’ functionalities . . .”


  21. Following is a pertinent video to watch by “Amazing Polly”: At the time she presented this (sometime last week, I believe), it seems she was not yet aware of the Spanish finding of GO in the injection vials, and yet she is intuitively very close to the target, and even mentions graphene a few times.

    Polly references Dr. Michael Persinger (see more about him here I emailed the following to myself in November 2020:, and here is an excerpt referencing neurologist Michael Persinger:

    “Under the Reagan administration’s top secret Project Sleeping Beauty, Dr. Michael Persinger, chief neurologist at Laurentian University’s Environmental Physiology Laboratory in Ontario, was “quietly” funded to find the answers. Using what are called time-varying fields of low intensity in the extraordinary low frequency range from one to ten hertz, Persinger was consistently able to make a cage of rats sick. The E(L)F field he generated had stimulated the MAST histamine-producing brain cells into inducing instant nausea.”

    Following is a relevant excerpt I texted to a friend yesterday about Norbert Weiner (father of cybernetics) and his ELF experiments on the brain and altering behavior:

    “Weiner had been involved in a German experiment in which human volunteers were unknowingly exposed to a low-intensity, 10-Hz electrical field. The subjects reported feelings of unease and anxiety when the fields were turned on. Both Hamer and Weiner were working under the assumption the ELF internal rhythms in the brain were determinants of behavior, and that pulsing external fields could “drive” these internal rhythms, thereby altering behavior.”(Source:

    At the 14 min timestamp in Polly’s video, she references this paper: “Magnetic Strategies for Nervous System Control” I noted the work of one of the authors of that paper, Polina Anikeeva, in my references and comments in my Part 9 post:

    At the 38 minute timestamp, Polly presents the patent related to body activity being mined for cryptocurrency, which I have noted a couple times, including my previous comment above, and in April 2021 “If we do not halt, or at the very least, temper the zeal of augmented reality builders (in addition to potentially naive, yet well-intentioned, cryptocurrency consumers), we may soon be living in a version of the Ready Player One “Oasis,” and I suspect it would be a Ready Player All existence. I, for one, do NOT consent to being a programmable node, to be tokenized, precision nudged (see here and here on precision nudging as presently applied to COVID vaccination adoption), data-mined, transacted — AND have my body activity harvested — in their futuristic storyline. I choose a natural means of interconnection and diversity, over omnipresent wireless networks, autonomous satellites, and datafied, gamified, and commodified homogeneity.”

    Much of what Polly covers relates back to my August 2020 remote biohacking post (featuring neuroscientist James Giordano:, and to the reference I made to Brane Interface in my Free Wally post: From the website of Brane Interface: “Brane Interface is a technology startup working to develop a low cost, compact and non-invasive brain-computer interface using a single atomic layer of carbon called graphene. When a person thinks or moves the brain generates a magnetic field that can be sensed outside of the skull using a sensor called a magnetometer. Currently, the best performing magnetometer is a superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) but this sensor requires an expensive liquid helium cooling system that weighs on the order of a ton. Because it is just one atom thick and can carry a relatively large current, graphene has the potential to make a room-temperature magnetometer that is as sensitive as a SQUID and yet is small enough to fit inside of an earbud. We believe we may have discovered the most compelling application of graphene to date . . . Using our graphene-based magnetometer, Brane Interface plans to link a human brain with an external device such a smartphone by sensing the faint magnetic fields of human thought.”

    In any event, I think Polly did a superb job presenting this material. She is an impeccable researcher and much more articulate than I am! I really hope readers will take the time to listen to her coherent presentation, as I think it not only echoes much of my efforts, but may help to fill in missing blanks. I have linked to her work in previous posts, but I think this most recent presentation is one of her best and most crucial.


  22. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! This isn’t good . . . They are “graphenating” zoo animals (beyond the gorillas, which I had noted in a previous post): You think I am protective over my human friends and family . . . when it comes to animals, my (metaphorical) claws come out. This breaks my heart. Interestingly, the photo in the ABC News piece oddly resembles typical images of graphene: It’s uncanny to me, and seems intentional.


  23. Excerpt:
    “Pay attention to this finding: Graphene oxide inside the body causes thrombogenicity, thrombi. Graphene oxide inside the body causes blood clotting. Graphene oxide inside the body causes post inflammatory syndrome or systemic or multi-organ inflammations. Graphene oxide inside the body when it is above the levels of glutathione —which is the body’s natural reserve of antioxidants—, causes alteration of the immune system, collapse of the immune system and cytokine storm. Inhaled graphene oxide spreads evenly throughout the alveolar tract and causes bilateral pneumonias. Inhaled graphene oxide causes inflammation of the mucous membranes and thus loss of taste and smell, possible loss of taste and smell: anosmia.”

    “In short, graphene oxide behaves exactly like the supposed SARS-CoV-2 of the official version, generating the same symptomatology of severe COVID-19. When installed at the neuronal level, it causes neurodegeneration or, in other words, neurological COVID-19.”

    Thanks again, Stephers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Steve –

      Thanks for dropping this excerpt into the thread. As you can see, it echoes much of what I described in my ENP “fictional tale.” Accordingly, this is a comment I left for Diego (on June 30) on that post

      “Diego – Had I viewed this particular paper (from 2016), “Toxicity of graphene-family nanoparticles: a general review of the origins and mechanisms,” when I initially wrote this essay, I probably would have titled the piece, “Confessions of a Graphene-Family Nanoparticle”: Given the 240 References, the analysis is incredibly pertinent at this time, as more evidence continues to be offered pointing to graphene oxide (GO) as the primary suspect in the COVID case. Thank you for all of your collaborative efforts in uncovering this hidden agenda. Marching onward . . .”

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Stephers, I had a feeling any link I posted just now you’d already have posted. All I needed to do was go through the comments carefully. So there’s at least one good reason to call the effects of GO, COVID. I’d still prefer a different name but it can wait regardless. What would be good to know is the full range of effects and how differently people respond. Do they tend to respond similarly, or at least similarly within the same demographic or is there a very wide range of response.


  24. Watch what this Spanish doctor has to say about the “spike protein” and magnetism (spoiler alert: he asserts there is no isolated virus): Only 8 minutes long and well-worth your time. Dr. Martinez is compassionate and funny, and spot-on. His message is actually very empowering. Best to listen to him in Spanish and read the English subtitles simultaneously for maximum effect.


    1. I suspect this is limited hangout. The conclusion is to purchase NAC supplements to heal yourself through the uptake of glutathione thereby supporting big pharma stooges.

      But who is to say these supplements and alternative treatments haven’t been contaminated. I shots MM an email but I probably won’t get a response


  25. Following are a few graphene-related comments offered today by fellow critical thinkers at Jon Rappoport’s blog site :

    Apolline says:
    July 5, 2021 at 10:24 am
    Hello Jon and everyone.

    This is NOT propaganda : As I mentioned on another post, the real culprit is GRAPHENE OXIDE we find in vials, masks and PCR test swabs. Read the last update of the Spanish site, La Quinta Columna (the fifth column), translated and transcribed in English par Orwell City site:

    Spike protein would not exist either. And injected people are not contagious.

    I wonder how alternative doctors will react when they discover this…

    I forwarded links to Dr Andy Kaufman.

    Raven says:
    July 5, 2021 at 2:31 pm
    Thank you so much for linking this report. I was blown away by this information, for this reason primarily:

    In Jan. 2020 my husband and I both contracted at the same time what we thought was COVID (for lack of better understanding at that time.) We felt mildly ill for two days and that was it. We are both in our late 60’s. This happened shortly after we noted a massive chemtrail spray event where we live right after Biden was inaugurated, whereas before that there had been no chemtrailing for several years so it was quite notable, especially since no one had heard much about COVID prior to March.

    We have taken an OTC astaxanthin supplement for years which, if you read the report to the end, also acts as a cure for graphene oxide poisoning due to it being a powerful antioxidant.

    Abigel says:
    July 5, 2021 at 3:26 pm
    I agree. The culprit is graphene, there was an excellent article with links to prove the point on SOTN. Musk talked about graphene as early as 2016, no need to chip, it can be injected and you’ll be connected.
    The hype about spike protein just another misleading info. Stay away from e-smog, that causes symptoms of ‘shedding’ but there is no real shedding.

    Pam says:
    July 5, 2021 at 4:30 pm
    Thank you for sharing this. I hope we will hear more about this. Dr. Lee Merritt has mentioned the strange magnetic phenomena in injected people as well and noted the symptoms appear to change over time.*


  26. What are your thoughts? I hope discerning problem solvers at POM will chime in. This is a very open-ended question

    QUIT that stupid Fakeology drug. You are a junkie and by your own admission so entrenched in the spice you keep consuming everyday that you fail even to make a case for even your closest friends and family.

    That is because you are lost in the crack epidemic that “analyzing media fakery”, “Fakeology” is. Stop that and your life improves.

    My pleasure for helping you see the light.


    1. you say potato i say potaato, you say pfizer i say fischer ,,,,,,,j,jonson and johnson
      ,i cant go for that


  27. FYI,

    Drs. Cowan and Kaufman will be presenting on graphene this Saturday, July 17, 2021: If you are interested in this topic and plan to attend their webinar, I highly recommend viewing this detailed, comprehensive, and well-informed presentation beforehand: “From Graphene, Nano, Morgellons to Bionic Man” Consider watching this erudite presentation in the next day or two as a “pre-game,” if you will. Even if you are not planning to register for the Cowan/Kaufman webinar, the Babylon Decoded video will give you plenty of context with which to grasp the graphenation/transhumanism agenda (sans fear porn). Critical resources and links are provided for further exploration.

    For additional context and potential “pre-gaming,” please read my April 2021 post, “Confessions of an Engineered Nanoparticle” ( – including the References and lengthy comments thread (that has been continually updated over the past few months with graphene-nanomaterial information) – and my June 2021 post, “Free Wally: Tracing the Spike Protein Drama to a Llama” (


  28. Here is Delgado (of La Quinta Columna) being interviewed today (July 16, 2021) by Canadian economist and author Michel Chossudovsky, (Founder and Director of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG), Montreal): In my opinion – and to echo my research and writing in this regard – Delgado did a wonderful job highlighting the main takeaways of their team’s research, including his final remarks on graphene oxide being applied to neuronal control. I was happy to see Chossudovsky giving Delgado the space to express openly; and perhaps this messaging will begin to spread to places that will inspire real change, and enable healing moving forward . . . I strongly urge viewing this 24-minute discussion, as they also both concur on the notion that no virus was ever properly purified and isolated; and thus, a virus could not have been the cause of COVID.


  29. Non-sensationalist reporting on the detection of graphene oxide in sample vials of Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Janssen (J&J) . . .

    November 16, 2021, Exclusive interview for El Toro TV: Dr. Pablo Campra talks about the technical report on the detection of graphene oxide in COVID-19 ‘vaccines’

    Following is a link to the featured report translated in English:


  30. On November 2, 2021, Brianne Dressen gave her testimony regarding her purported adverse vaccine reaction: Here she is again describing her situation: Dressen’s original testimony in June 2021 (as referenced in the post above) begins here at the 48 minute timestamp:

    Since I did not previously cover her background, following is some information on Brianne Dressen and her husband, Brian, that I discovered since writing this post on July 1, 2021:

    Brian Dressen, Ph.D. gave public testimony at the child Vax FDA hearing on October 26, 2021:

    Brian Dressen’s research is in microchip electrophoresis and microfluidic devices (graduate work at Colorado State Univ):

    It should be noted (as it is pertinent to the topic of this post, and potentially to COVID and the COVID injections) that nanomaterials such as graphene are applied to microchip electrophoresis (MCE) to achieve enhanced sensitivity of detection techniques (such as chemiluminescence):; and microfluidic devices are often graphene-based:

    Here is Brian Dressen’s Professional Profile (chemical scientist for U.S. Army, Test & Evaluation Command):

    Brian Dressen worked for Jacobs in Dallas, TX:

    Here is a military job description to work under supervision of Brian Dressen at Dugway Proving Grounds, UT:
    (Note #1 of Conditions – secret security clearance).

    Brian Dressen is married to Brianne Lunt Dressen of Saratoga Springs, UT

    Brianne claimed to be injured in a clinical trial of AstraZeneca and (as previously mentioned) testified at a press conference in Wisconsin on June 28, 2021 (the focus of this post).

    Although currently a preschool teacher, Brianne collaborated with Jeffery S. Horsburgh of Utah State University in January 2002:
    “GIS-based Watershed Data Viewer and Water Quality Data Analyst”

    See Jeffery S. Horsburgh’s (of Utah Water Research Lab) Professional Background in hydroinformatics and cyberinfrastructure:

    Click to access JSH_CV.pdf

    Horsburgh partners with DataOne: and

    The reason why the work of Horsburgh is highlighted is because it circles us back to water sensor technology (as referenced in this post), in tandem with machine learning/AI, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), blockchain, and IoT: Is this simply more irony, or is something else going on, or being planned?

    For greater context on the Dressen family, see the obituary of Brian Dressen’s father, Charles Dressen (LDS and long-term military asset), here:

    Charles David Dressen passed away Wednesday, October 11, 2017 at his home in South Jordan, Utah with loved ones at his side. He was born December 19, 1953 in Salt Lake City to Ernest Hugo and Virginia Diane Bailey Dressen, the third of four boys. Charlie was passionate about God, his country and family. At the age of 18 he enlisted and honorably served in the United States Navy during the Vietnam War. His 32 years of military service included serving in the Utah National Guard, retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel. Charlie was also an avid Scouter, an Eagle Scout, serving the youth for over 40 years. His service included Scoutmaster, Woodbadge course director, Vigil Member for the Order of the Arrow, District commissioner and many others. He attended Philmont, the Priesthood Leadership Conference on Scouting and served in the Duty to God area at the 2017 National Jamboree. Charlie was awarded the Silver Beaver for his hard work, self-sacrifice, dedication, and extraordinary impact on the lives of the youth he served. Charlie was an active member of the LDS church. He married his sweetheart, Ronda Fuller in the Idaho Falls LDS temple. They were blessed with four children. He loved God with all his heart, might, mind, and strength. He honored his priesthood. Like the Savior, he had a special place for children in his heart. Charlie is survived by his wife Ronda; four children: Alicia, Brian (Brianne), Chandra, and Jameson; two grandchildren: Cooper and Hannah; brothers: Danny (Pat) and Buddy (Wendy), and many brothers and sisters-in-law, nieces and nephews. He loved many and in return was loved and respected by countless others. He will truly be missed. Charlie was preceded in death by his parents, brother Donnie, sister-in-law Diane Thurmond Dressen and brother-in-law Mark Briggs. We look forward to the day we will be together again.


    1. It looks like Brian Dressen’s LinkedIn profile has been removed, so here is some data I had pulled previously from his profile:

      US Army, Test & Evaluation Command
      12 years 4 months
      Sr. Scientist/Manager
      Jul 2009 – Present 12 years 4 months
      Chemical Science Branch Chief
      Apr 2020 – Oct 2020 7 months
      Office of the Secretary of Defense
      Chief Engineer
      Apr 2015 – Oct 2015 7 months
      Jacobs Technology
      Project Scientist
      May 2008 – Jul 2009 1 year 3 months
      Colorado State University
      Graduate Research Assistant
      Aug 2003 – Apr 20084 years 9 months
      Utah State University
      Research Chemist
      Jan 2001 – Aug 2003 2 years 8 months
      Colorado State University
      Ph.D.Analytical Chemistry
      2003 – 2008
      Utah State University
      BSChemistry (ACS Certified)
      2000 – 2003


  31. Oh my goodness, I have gone AWOL on all this stuff, Stephers. How you keep up with it all and do all your other stuff I do not know. I wondered about Brianne. I didn’t pick up the obvious psyop clues with her as with Maddie but the seeming connection between them seemed suspicious. Well, well. The biotech/transhumanist side of it just blows my mind, too much cognitive dissonance for me to look too closely. Hats off to your fearless intrepidity.

    Yesterday, I saw that the head of a hospital, Dr Thomas Jendges, in Germany allegedly committed suicide by jumping from his hospital due to his feelings about the harmful jab.

    I was probably too eager to believe it as I see now he seems to have a shonky past:

    Story about massive malpractice by a doctor working in one of the hospitals under his management who should have not been allowed to get away with what he was doing for nearly as long as he was.

    Possible financial fraud although he was presumed innocent;art16305,3508501

    There also seems to be confusion put out there – typical of psyops – about a message put out before he died which is actually another doctor speaking. At first sight this doctor seems genuine but then the quality of the video seems unusually low – also he touches his nose a few seconds in – such a giveaway – they so often touch their nose as a sign of lying and he says he spent 1500 hours in the last month looking over the problem – there are only 730 hours in a month and speaking in terms of hours in the month is a strange way to talk about it. Nevertheless what he says fundamentally is totally true – the bastards, they push out the almost-truth, it’s just they always have to control it, they minimise as much as possible it coming from a genuine person. Get so sick of vetting stuff for authenticity.

    This 92 yo Holocaust survivor speaking at a rally though is 100% genuine (4 mins). Love her.

    Also, this video / paper from two NZ authors (one of them seemingly connected by blood or marriage to Dr Sam Bailey) dismantles in minute detail the four interconnected fraudulent pillars of:

    Virus isolation
    Genomic sequencing
    Outbreak modelling

    Video where Sam reads out the chapter on virus isolation (other chapters yet to be videoed if they ever will be)


    Liked by 1 person

      1. im sorry what is a holyhoax? do you mean holocaust?

        in any case i could only listen to a tiny bit of that video because bichute does not work for me so correct me if i am wrong: does the old woman speak of being in concentration camps or does she only speak of living under a repressive nazi regime?
        there is a very big difference; of course she lived under a repressive government but that is not a holocaust


    1. Petra,

      On the topic of the German doctor, Jendges, it certainly seems like a psyop to me. It is getting tons of coverage in the alt media (including David Icke). My guess is no suicide, and not “suicided.” Both narratives are being pushed. The video you linked above is of Dr. Guido Hofmann, which was circulated back in December 2020 (, and is now being re-circulated, with many misconstruing him as Jendges (as you implied). It’s a tangled web they weave. The Dr. Hofmann narrative was initially pushed heavily by Amy Mek of RAIR Foundation ( I suggest she should be a “person of interest,” given her propagandizing (she is hard right – known for pushing anti-communist/anti-jihadist rhetoric). Keep up the good vetting work. It is grueling, but necessary.


  32. “Shedding, Vaccines and Graphene Machines” (February 22, 2022) by Dr. Sam Bailey – just under 20 minutes

    Seems Dr. Sam is going deeper than Tom, Andy, and Stefan — steadily inching closer to my premise/analysis (?).

    She’s not all the way there yet, but getting much warmer . . .

    I still think I need to dig deeper into the potential pheromone connection . . .

    I am exploring further the work of Leor Weinberger (whom I have previously referenced with respect to transmissible “vaccines”) and his TIPs (, as well as his work in stochastic noise (

    Most important, we need to get away from any notion of physical “shedding”; and, instead, lean into transmission via inherent/engineered/hybridized circuitry, electromagnetic resonance ( and semiconductors/NEMS ( — proteins may play a role in this regard, as they can be exploited/tweaked (


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