US Ministry of Propaganda pulling out all stops

I suppose the objective is the bombing campaign to decapitate Syria and partition Iraq, delayed by the Russians last year after the false flag chemical attack in Syria did not work. Now that the Russians are sidelined in Ukraine, immobilized, the beheading videos, which are probably fake, are meant to scare the crap out of you and get you to support a new bombing campaign. God only knows how many innocent people Obama will behead with those bombs, but that part will not be broadcast.

I did not realize that ISIS was meant to be the new Al Qaeda, scaring the panties off Americans. Always behind the eight ball here.

12 thoughts on “US Ministry of Propaganda pulling out all stops

  1. just because it’s on a screen doesn’t automatically make it fake. I think we both have tendencies to give the deep state too much credit for a full spectrum dominance they want to project, but have yet to actually achieve.


  2. Didn’t Mary Shelley write about this lo ’bout a hunerd and ninety odd years ago?
    This might be one of those times where both you and Lizard are correct, Mark, even at seeming disagreement. ‘Just my opinion, but ISIS seems to be a construct, very much like the Taliban before them, that simply outgrew it’s maker’s intentions. Only this time, CIA involvement is just a little too overt to hide. Even the dreaded MSM has reported that, while laying cover over the butts of those responsible, and scaring the panties off ‘Murkins.

    I think, maybe just me, that the Oligarchs have lost control of this monster and have no clue how to contain what they’ve created. For the record, the knowledge that they haven’t got control, for all their vaunted power, scares me far worse than the idea that they do. Dictators with fumble-fingers tend to get a lot more people killed.


    1. I suppose it is possible they really beheaded the guy, beside the point. How many people really died on 9/11.

      No, I don’t think it has gotten out of hand, and suspect that a mere phone call ends it all tomorrow. I saw film of the mass executions, noticed the clarity of images, deft cuts and blurs, and the excellent position of the cameras, and judged that the Americans are at it again. It’s all fake, that is the videos. When the bombs fall, that’ll be real.


  3. Um, time for a little history lesson. Cutting off heads, as horrrific as it is, is NOT new. Sheesh. The Ustahe in Croatia cut of about 800,000 heads with the crudest of farm implements during WWII. Hell, they ENJOYED it! And they did it all with the blessings of the U.S. and the Catholic church! I’m not making this up. Google and read. Sadly, cutting off heads is rather routine, only THIS time, it’s CIA propaganda writ large! And the Murcan public eats this shit up!


  4. Connect the dots comrades.

    The two journalists of the US Ministry of Propaganda were about to blow the whistle on the ISIS lies.

    For their betrayal they were sacrificed for the greater good.


        1. Context, Lizard – context. Whether real or fake, the key word is “staged,” but for whose benefit? By definition, since it is done with a camera there, it is done for that effect, and so staged.

          The terrorists were used to decapitate the government in Libya. They were agents provocateur, and NATO used them as pretext for bombing, which eventually succeeded. Libya is now in chaos, the objective succeeded.

          Next was Syria, the script there calling for a “red line” that was to be crossed to justify another bombing, decapitation of the government, and chaos. Russia interfered, exposed the chemical attack as false flag, projected military power into the region, US was furious and had to back down.

          US decided Russia had to be sidelined, and using billions and agents provocateur in Ukraine, brought chaos down on that country, and even as Kiev is bombing it’s own people (used as justification for an attack when it was alleged Libya did it). Russia is sidelined. Evidence abounds that Kiev shot down that airliner, none of it making the news here. Who does this shit? Who are these evil mutherfuckers? They are in Langley.

          Meanwhile, terrorists that served in Libya, Syria, and who are in the pay of Saudi Arabia, are well-armed and financed by US and France, who could be taken out at any time by Israel or Turkey, are repurposed and allowed to thrive and dangled in our face, just as al Qaeda was. (Remember the beheading right after Abu Ghraib? Timing was suspicious and it appeared staged.)

          Oh, and just coincidentally, ISIS was so stupid that it performs grotesque and barbaric acts on TV that are then shown to American audiences. This act is then used as evidence of our moral superiority, and justifies a massive bombing campaign, incidentally the one that the Russians thwarted last year, expanded now to include Iraq, whose government has again been toppled. It has a 9/11 feel about it, you know, freeing up the US military to go in a rampage. Geez these Arabs are stupid, begging to be attacked!

          This is all the US at work. Beheadings, airliners are apparently the calling card these days for CIA. US foreign policy is the source of all this evil we see around us. Context is everything. This is the devil that stepped into power when JFK was gunned down in the initial coup d’état. It did 9/11. It announced it was going to decapitate seven countries. They said that in public and they have done six so far. Syria was on that list. Can we assume they meant what they said?

          Just by coincidence, ISIS is playing along, being 9/11-style stupid, begging to be bombed. Please, don’t insult me by telling me what I see is not staged. Of course it is. Jesus. Of course it is. And the bombing, when it comes, will not be of ISIS, but of Syria and Iraq, and Russia this time will not be able to stop it.


    1. By the way Swede, there are far more possibilities here than you seem able to recognize:

      1. It is staged, the journalists are still alive and living under some sort of witness protection program.
      2. The journalists were really killed, as human life means little or nothing to our leaders.

      Another possibility, that ISIS did it, is unlikely becasue it enrages the American public and frees the US military to go on a rampage. Why would they invite attacks on themselves?

      Think about it, if you’re capable.


  5. Alastair Crooke from Conflicts Forum has an interesting set of articles out about the ISIS in a historical context. Crooke may be an ex-MI6 spook, but he’s an intelligent one.

    “You Can’t Understand ISIS If You Don’t Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia”

    “Middle East Time Bomb: The Real Aim of ISIS Is to Replace the Saud Family as the New Emirs of Arabia” (sorry for the HuffPo link, but he hasn’t posted this article up on his Forum yet.

    I think the neocons let another genie out of the bottle with their support to the “moderate” jihadists in Syria.


    1. You cannot understand the history of the Muslim Brotherhood unless you also understand the history of British Intelligence. You cannot understand the history of Hamas unless you understand the Israelis’ need to squeeze out the Palestinian Authority, or Fatah. In the same manner, you cannot understand the current rise if ISIS unless you understand the American need to repurpose its in-house terrorists after they were defeated in Syria.

      It’s called “managed opposition.” Probably as old as Wahabbism.


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