POM and the MSM

Family duties of late has exposed me to television on a regular basis for the first time in  ages- The show I find most amusing is from NBC- Timeless is the title of the show and it’s a reimagining of the old 60’s lunacy, The  Time Tunnel, from ABC-

I will not belabor too much at the risk of the collective readership’s forehead crashing through the tabletop in a narcoleptic seizure but I do want to let TV-free readers know just how reliant TV is on conspiracy culture these days-

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Matt Damon impersonates Tom Brady on Kimmel Live

I was passively watching a rerun of Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday while fiddling with something else, when he announced that New England quarterback Tom Brady was on. Right away I thought spoof, and as the door opened and a fully clad football player walked out, I instantly knew, even before the big reveal, that it was Matt Damon.

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This is Your Mind on Super Bowl Commercials – Part 1

The Super Bowl is one giant social engineering wet dream. The entire country sitting around a television glued to the commercials, completely oblivious to the psychological effects being beamed on them. I decided to break down each commercial one by one and discuss exactly what they are suggesting to you and how they are affecting you. By the end you will realize that every single one of these commercials is made by the same centralized committee. Madison Avenue is one giant spook operation. My suspicion is that even if you had the money to pay for a Super Bowl ad, they would not allow yours on the air unless it was made by a “pre-approved” ad agency.

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How Deeply Sports is Scripted

With the Super Bowl last night, there is a lot of interest on Conspiracy boards today about game fixing and scripting. Most of it is on a pretty shallow level of the onion (“It’s all about the money, man”, “It’s just the refs”, “It’s just a couple players”). I made some really long posts in the comments section of old articles that have gotten some interest online. I decided to put everything here while scripted sports are a topic of debate so it can be found easily.

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The Curious Case of the Jerusalem Truck Attack: Notes on “Operation Fantasy Land”

On January 8, 2017, a resident of the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber plowed his flat-bed truck into a group of IDF soldiers getting off a bus near a promenade overlooking the Old City. Or did he?

Surveillance footage surfaced showing the moment the truck slammed into the soldiers and was broadcast worldwide. When I saw that video, I was skeptical, to say the least. Don’t get me wrong: the Palestinians have more than enough reasons to want to drive over a gaggle of Israeli soldiers. But there is a wealth of evidence that most, if not all, terrorist attacks are hoaxed, especially those of recent years. And if the IDF footage of the Mavi Marmara raid is anything to go by, I had good reason to suspect hanky panky here as well.

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