There he goes again

This is futile, I know, as Dr. Mark Johnson and Governor Jared Polis are just actors, and following orders from above. I find Polis to be especially offensive, appearing in public as he does behind a mask, a man of so little dignity that he is willing to carry out any order coming down without any thought or conscience. He makes me want to puke. Johnson, on the other hand, has the benefit of a medical degree, meaning he really believes in viruses. At least we can forgive him his brainwashed state. Some might object to my reference to “3/11” in Johnson letter, but I am convinced that there is a prerequisite to holding any high office in our world, and that is to be a member of the elite by some sort of order, maybe masonic, but I do not know. The head of the public health department in a county of almost 600,000 people surely does not land there by accident. He has been vetted. My reference in the Johnson letter to abuse and fraud against the citizens of this county is quite deliberate, as a lawsuit is in order. Of course, that would have to go before a court whose members have also been vetted. C‘est la vie.

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Freedom of Expression Crackdown in Germany Begins

Speaking to UK colleagues Dr. Fauci says it’s time to “do what you’re told.”

I suppose I always knew it would come to this.

Government reserves, insists, its exclusive right to use violence against any and all who do not comply with its arbitrary laws and rules. It is the military and police that “enforce the laws” without question and generally with impunity from prosecution if violence becomes excessive.

Freedom of expression is just one more idea I was taught in school that has no real foundation in reality whenever government determines we are in a “state of emergency.” As we can now see clearly, any old excuse can be the government’s justification for declaring a state of emergency, which by definition means suspension of any and all temporary “rights” granted by the state’s constitution.

Every nation state has one, and every state uses the state emergency to suspend constitutional rights.

I have returned to my painting studio recently to put paintbrush to canvas to express whatever I wish. My work does not seem controversial, but now I cannot help but wonder how long even that form of free expression might be deemed unacceptable. It’s happened before.

I thank Mark for providing a platform for free expression. I know some of you do not like what you are exposed to here from time to time. I suggest we all take a deep breath and formulate a personal plan for when that knock on the door may be ours to answer. Stay strong, the times, they are a changin’.

“The Times They Are A-Changin'” – Bob Dylan

Propaganda Wins Again Personally, I can shut this (noise) out, most do not, cannot. I forgot. Oooops!

Can a number rule public opinion? Sure it can.

This morning I did a very stupid thing. On my second cup of coffee I made some quip about the idiotic hyping the number of “Covid deaths, ” currently being reported at somewhere North of 200,000. My wife objected strenuously to my “point of view” on the subject. After a moment of silence, I realized I had crossed a line and swore to myself never to be that stupid again. Propaganda works, even in my own home. My takeaway: Death is no subject for the breakfast table, nor for that matter, ever in an audible discussion in the US of A. Invisible powers are more powerful than I realized. Lesson learned.

So, I looked up the annual death rate in the U.S. and found this:

A: Approximately 2.8 million die each year if that number can be arbitrarily agreed to. We deny each and every one in some twisted internal calculation which I attribute, at least partially, to a blanket denial of our own inevitable demise. Hardly an “emergency” or “pandemic” at play here.

If we cannot somehow overcome this grand delusion, our slow but steady death-march toward some mass-suicidal event seems all but inevitable. I’m overreacting, I realize, but “getting over it” is easier said than done.

How did people ever manage without smart phones?

The medical establishment has become a major threat to health. The disabling impact of professional control over medicine has reached the proportions of an epidemic. Iatrogenesis, the name for this new epidemic, comes from iatros, the Greek word for “physician,” and genesis, meaning “origin.” Discussion of the disease of medical progress has moved up on the agendas of medical conferences, researchers concentrate on the sick-making powers of diagnosis and therapy, and reports on paradoxical damage caused by cures for sickness take-up increasing space in medical dope sheets.

Thus begins the introduction in Ivan Illich’s 1975 book Limits to Medicine – Medical Nemesis: The Expropriation of Health. As with his 1971 book Deschooling Society, a critique of education, this book seemed to create a flurry in its time, generating translations and much public discussion in the pre-Internet age, and all to no effect. I’ve read not much further than that opening paragraph, but was stunned that Illich so accurately described in 1975 the current problems associated with medicine. Forty-five years after it was published, the problems have only gotten worse, and the public now seems less able to cope or comprehend.

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Common vaccine ingredients.

As decision time approaches for billions of unsuspecting people scared to death of Covid -19, here is an answer to one question that never seems to make the Top-10. What’s in the vaccine you’re going to shoot into my blood — bypassing all my God-given defenses against foreign matter that might make me sick or kill me?

When confronted with a new food at a party or restaurant it’s always good to ask: What is it? Where did it come from? Wouldn’t that seem like an appropriate natural response to a new vaccine developed at “Warp Speed” to counteract a “virus” that has not been identified properly?

We can begin here:

Q: “How does FDA evaluate adjuvants for safety and efficacy?:”

A: “When evaluating a vaccine for safety and efficacy, FDA considers adjuvants as a component of the vaccine; they are not licensed separately.”

The FDA has a similar list of vaccine ingredients and narrative. Please read these texts carefully before you decide whether or not you want any of these known ingredients injected directly into your blood. Aluminum is one ingredient that deserves a lot more scrutiny, and less cheer-leading, IMO.

A silent film for your enjoyment

Hat tip to Alexie for supplying this video, which I have downloaded in case YouTube censors it for violation of community standards (the “community” in question probably Langley, Virginia). In it Stefan Scoglio, an Italian researcher and Nobel nominee, describes the nitty gritty of virology and how they “isolate” … a word gutted of any real meaning in that profession. It is subtitled, so turn off the sound. I think we on this blog and elsewhere have come a long way in understanding the nuts and bolts of the pandemic, and this simply adds to our body of knowledge. Fortunately, Oregon Matt supplied an English version of the paper that Scoglio refers to here. (While the body of the paper has been translated, all of the references are in Italian.)
I also watched Dr. Andy Kaufman give an address at the Red Pill forum on Jekyll Island, Georgia recently. It is titled The Pandemic Fraud Runs Deeper Than You Think. (I don’t think that title applies to me.) He and Scoglio are on the same page.

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Big Picture Conversation with Dean Henderson.

In less than an hour Dean explains a heck of a lot about what’s happening in our world today. I’ve known Dean since the 1980s and have a lot of respect for his personal integrity and research. I’m not asking for anyone to agree, or disagree, with his train of thought. Relax with an open mind and listen to one who cares about our collective future with love for all Creator’s lifeforms. I know how busy some of you are. Me too.

An offer to expand upon that which we already know.

The 2020 Coup is Hiding $Trillions (Debt)

Don’t watch the election “news,” watch the Federal Reserve Cartel demolish Empire.

Debt is the constant in this chaotic creciendo to nowhere. Blue or Red does not matter. Democrat or Republican, it does not matter. The real power is hidden from sight. It is the same as it ever was. Power is in the City of London, the Basil Bank of Switzerland and here in the U.S. Corporation it resides in the Federal Reserve Bank. It’s all connected. No elections necessary. The peons will pay, as usual.

Humanitarian barbed wire

Obfuscation in bureaucratic writing is the norm, and we see no shortage of it in this document from CDC called Interim Operational Considerations for Implementing the Shielding Approach to Prevent COVID-19 Infections in Humanitarian Settings.

Just that title alone contains the following euphemisms:

  • Interim (Permanent)
  • Shielding Approach (imprisonment)
  • COVID-19 infections (false positives from a non-functioning testing regime)
  • Humanitarian Settings (Prisons)

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