Wetiko, Collective Psychosis and Digital Slavery

Alison McDowell’s latest video explores ongoing research into genetically engineered (human) machines, “twinning” and the ramping up of “singularity” and the national security state.  Her latest blog entry prompted me to embark on my own exploration of what Native Americans (Cree) describe as wetiko. https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLnNSjVGWqTO4yDcX9eH066rt5v5yYMsnV&v=lLGMV7Qnfqw&feature=emb_logo

I have been sent no less than five separate messages from friends, or links to blogs and websites in the past week; all referring to wetiko and its amazing parasitic influence on human behavior.  These converging signals constitute what is commonly called synchronicity, defined as “the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.”  I ignored these events for decades.  I now take notice and move closer to explore these mysterious events. 

If you take the time to do a little exploring or your own, I think you will find the subject of wetiko both fascinating, and cathartic in the context of our current predicament.  Who knows, one more journey into the unknown may be “just that the doctor ordered.”

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“A fish rots from the head down.” – Rumi

By now, we have all heard rumblings of Empire’s imminent collapse.  Propaganda can no longer hide the obvious fact that social, financial, cultural and political systems have failed miserably, and are still failing with no end in sight.   

Some collapseologists are observing something less apparent, which they describe as a “post-propaganda” phase or stage.Clearly, Empire is fighting for its life, overwhelmed by one institutional crisis after another in every bureau and department.What is left of Empire’s tattered unifying symbols? Is there much more remaining than a flag, national anthem and the Super Bowl to believe in? Even the national anthem was dispensed with at a recent NBA game in Dallas. https://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local/article/Mark-Cuban-responds-NBA-push-back-on-anthem-15942393.php

Propaganda can no longer serve as a unifying tool to rally the commoners behind their great ruler (hero) and transport the masses to a parallel universe where all agree on common purpose, shared history and a willingness to work toward a future vision which promises a new, “Golden Age.”   Instead, evidence of multiple grave crises afflicting the system surround us.  The advanced state of Empire’s decomposition (rotting from the head down) caused by malevolent and incompetent leadership is now self-evident. 

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Tune in this evening …

AB (Fakeologist) and I are going to have a conversation tonight – I will be on Skype, while AB is much more technically gifted and has many ways to do things. You can listen in, call in (we would love to hear from you).

I only know Skype, and my user name is live:mptokarski. AB is @ Fakeologist. You should be able to find both of us and get in on the show either way.

He will initiate the conversation at 8PM Eastern, and I am in Mountain, so it will be 6PM here. Hope to hear from you!

AB says “We will be on skype – you can add me @ fakeologist and I’ll conference you in when I’m ready. Message me first.” I am new to Skype so if you try to get on through my user name, it may not work just due to the fat finger problem.

Full circle

In a post below, A Treasure Trove, I linked to a website that contains English translations of the work of Dr. Stefan Lanka, a German virologist doctor.** These are, it appears, reprints of articles from the magazine Wissenshafftplus, which translates to Science Plus Knowledge Creates More. I have been deeply immersed in the work, and feel at this time that I finally have a handle on virology, that is, the supposed science as it is done in the post-Enders era. More about that later.

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Macabre morning

I’ve been immersed in the Stefan Lanka writings linked below, and will cite a passage from a Wisssenschafftplus 4/2020 article called The Causes of the Corona Crisis are Clearly Identified Virologists  … I printed this article yesterday, as I don’t like on-screen reading, and now cannot find it again. If someone has the link, please add it to the comments. Here a the passage from the beginning, a long paragraph that rocked my world:

“Humanity is facing a great challenge: the inherent dynamics and consequences of fear and anti-biosis through the discipline of biology and medicine, disturb and destroy the environment, plants, animals, people and the economy. The corona crisis is only the visible tip of an iceberg on a collision course with everyone and everything. One of the reasons for this challenge is materialism, the attempt to explain life by purely material models. Our materialism of today was invented in “post-Socratic” antiquity as an explicit counter-reaction to fear and abuse of power by religions. This is a comprehensible, human and humanitarian motivated action, but it has dramatic consequences. This materialism has produced the taught good-evil-biology, the “prevailing opinion” in medicine based on it and the resulting anti-biosis (antibiotics, radiation, chemotherapy, disinfection, restriction of basic rights, vaccination, lock-down, quarantine, social distancing etc.). More and more people, environment and economy are harmed by this ideology. Their materialistic good-evil theory, which has no actual basis but is based on disproved assumptions, developed unrecognized into the most powerful religion. The materialistic theory of life states that there are only atoms, but no consciousness, no spiritual forces and no animator who would’ve created them and set them in motion. In order to be able to explain the cosmos and life in a purely material way, are “science” is forced to assert a huge bang, in which all atoms were created out of nothing, which flew apart. Some atoms would touch each other by chance and form molecules. These molecules had formed the primordial cell by accidental coming together, from which all further life had developed by struggle and selection. All of this is said to have happened in unimaginable length of time in the distant past, and is therefore not subject to scientific examination and must therefore not be called scientific.”

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PCR uses and misuses, medical brainwashing

In the above video, Dr. Sam Bailey does a marvelous job of laying out the details of PCR testing. She doesn’t say as much, but I will – that PCR is the beating heart of this hoax. Below are some screen grabs for the video in case you’ve no time or desire to sit through a 17-minute presentation. But otherwise, watch it. Your time will be well spent, and you’ll understand at last, if you haven’t before, that we live in an era of junk science and quackery. We need to get away from debating the merits of testing, virus isolation, the science behind masking – just walk away from all of that and focus on criminality. The people behind this hoax are not misguided, they are criminals, and belong in jail.

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Friday Tidbits

I grabbed these words from Jon Rappoport, a blog post titled COVID vaccine secret, a stunner.

A man visits a vast auto junkyard looking for parts. Over the office door, he sees a sign: “1972 Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Spider. Inquire within.”

The owner of the junkyard tells him, “We’re offering shares in the Ferrari. Three thousand a share. When we eventually sell it, you’ll make at least double your investment.”

The man says, “Where is the car? I’d like to see it.”

“Well,” the junkyard owner says, “look around you. We’ve got several square miles of cars and parts. The Ferrari is out there somewhere. We recently ran a test on exhaust fumes with a special instrument. It concluded that the ’72 Ferrari had recently been driven through the yard here…”

This is the sort of thing that happens in virology.

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Lawsuits and other rambles …

The above is a screen grab from an article posted at the National Health Federation website. I don’t know if I am allowed to do that. It is written by a guy named Charles Frohman, and he did a nice job.  He’s convinced there is a virus, so he loses me, but still, he’s got a good grip on things otherwise.

I have a conference call coming up in an hour or so, and no expectations. It is organized by a gal named Pam Popper. I say “no expectations” because in viewing her videos it is clear she thinks there is a virus, and that it is contagious. Nonetheless, she runs two sites, The Wellness Forum, and Make Americans Free Again that are worthy. She puts out mercifully short videos – I just cannot watch or listen to everything that is available. For the most part, I got it. I know what is up, I know what they are doing, and why.

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Qualis artifex pereo

I’ll be brief. My pre-election post compared Biden to Moses and Vespasian. Parallel to that, Trump plays Pharoah of the Exodus and Nero. With the election seemingly settled, that begs the question: Whither Pharoah/Nero? In fiction (‘Quo Vadis’, ie) Nero falls on his sword. In one ‘reality’ I’ve entertained over the years, Epaphroditus, Nero’s secretary, had a slave in the retinue stick a shiv in the emperor’s blubber- regicide. This because Nero had executed his own wife, Poppaea, who was a member of a secret society operating under Nero’s nose and within which Epaphroditus was a key operative.

Nevertheless, the actual details of Nero’s demise are uncertain. Sound familiar?

They don’t kill their own. But, when needed, they do kill personas. With that in mind, how does the Trump persona kick off? I will say, with nothing of substance to back it, that the Trump persona will perish in a plane or helicopter crash over water. Rumors of sabotage will never die. Like Pharoah, the body will never be produced. Trump will then join all the other personas on Epstein Island, greeted warmly by colleagues for having played his part so masterfully in another ritualized fabrication of history.

The End.

Reichstag ball …

I’ve long gotten over the notion that elections matter, that votes are counted, or that politicians are anything more than actors. Just an example, two things hidden from us were Barack Obama’s college transcripts and Donald Trump’s tax returns. Why? Not because of what they contained, but rather what was not in them. Obama was no scholar, Trump no billionaire business mogul. Both are hires, neither out to save us.

Joe Biden creeps me out, but he too is just an actor. This morning I was looking over photos of yesterday’s riot that shut down the Senate in session. I ask you to look here and at photos beneath the fold of the event. I will show just a few of many.

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