Sorry, Ms. Potter

Our camping vacation was cancelled by some nameless masked freak hidden away in some office somewhere in the beltway, or Geneva or Seattle. Once we learned we had nowhere to go, I approached the ranger near the Park entrance at Silvergate, Montana. He saw me coming, and left his booth. Before he got close to me, the pussy put on his mask! “We were told Pebble Creek Campground was open now, and it is closed. When will it open?” He shrugged. “Why is it closed?” He shrugged again and made some reference to to, you know, this stuff going on around us.

We have resources and will simply do other stuff while here.  We are not hurting. So don’t shed a tear that we drove eleven hours based on the offerings of the Park Service website, and then had the rug pulled. The bastards don’t give a shit. In this world where everyone fears a case of the sniffles, common courtesy takes a back seat.

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Judge halts planned logging in Helena-area roadless area

Ten Mile-South Helena Logging

A large roadless area on the Continental Divide West of Helena, Montana will not be logged and burned as a result of a lawsuit brought by several grassroots ( code for “broke”) conservation groups I’ve worked with since the 1980s. Although this is not a total victory, the “defacto wilderness” is protected for now.

The following (and photo) is from Tom Kuglin a reporter at the Helena Independent Record: “Roadside logging and other fuels reduction work south of Helena has been ongoing since 2019 for the Ten-Mile South Helena Project.

A federal judge has halted the U.S. Forest Service’s plans to log and do other fuels reduction work in portions of an inventoried roadless area near Helena.”

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Dystopia and death by overdose of Purell

I am sitting in the Cmon Inn in Casper, Wyoming. I am up very early, my norm, and so left our room so I don’t disturb my wife and grandson. Thus do I observe the background workings of a motel, surely following the dictates of Mrs. Wilson’s second grade class at Broadview elementary in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. This, I have decided, must be the source of all of the stupid procedures businesses must follow.

People are walking around in masks with buckets and mops following, scrubbing every floor, counter and exposed surface. Bottles of spray disinfectant are all around. If we die of any foreign agent in the coming months, it will be Purell.

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Shall we play a game?

Below is a brief dialogue from War Games, the 1983 Cold War science fiction film (see the movie trailer above), in which a young computer hacker, David Lightman, unwittingly accesses a US military supercomputer. In the film, Lightman gets the WOPR (War Operation Plan Response) supercomputer to run a nuclear war simulation, believing it to be a computer game. But the computer is connected to the U.S. nuclear weapons control system and unable to distinguish simulation from reality. 

Falken (The WOPR creator): It’s a bluff, John, call it off.

John (the operations head): No, it’s not a bluff, it’s real. 

Falken: General, what you see on these screens up here, is a fantasy, a computer-enhanced hallucination. Those blips are not real missiles, they’re phantoms.

John (to the General): Jack, there’s nothing to indicate a simulation at all.

Falken: General, you are listening to a machine (referring to WOPR – the supercomputer). Do the world a favor, and don’t act like one.

Alright, are we just being played? Are nukes, and the potential for a nuclear war, a bluff? Are pandemics a bluff? Is police brutality a bluff? Is the population control agenda a bluff? Is the Singularity a bluff? 

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Pavel S. Blagov PhD is shaming us!

Predictive Behavior

I thank Steve Kelly for bringing this to our attention.

We can all either read the abstract of the body of the above paper by Pavel S. Blagov, PhD, of Whitman College, or ignore it in total. Hardly any scientific papers are read, with busy people just skimming the abstracts, if that. Blagov’s paper is deeply offensive. He is shaming people of independent mind and moral courage who do not wear face masks or engage in social distancing. How dare he!

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The Medical Propaganda Machine in Action

Businesses play a significant role in adopting the narrative that surrounds the global lock-down associated with the virtual reality of the “pandemic” declared by the WHO (World Health Organization). One PR group, Edelman Trust is an example of how the network of business interests, medical researchers and political figures work seamlessly to create a narrative that becomes the new “reality.”

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Colorado takes the lead in mandatory vaccination.

Colorado is apparently taking the lead in mandatory vaccination using the public school system as gatekeeper and record-keeper. We knew this was coming.

Colorado Adopts Mandatory Vaccinations for Children

According to the article’s author, Renee Parsons:

With little more than a 48 hour public notice,  many Coloradans were enjoying a brilliant  Sunday afternoon as the State Senate Health and Insurance Committee was squirreled away in the  confines of the State Capitol to approve the School Entry Immunization Act, also known as SB 20-163.   (Emphasis provided).

In Colorado both houses of the state legislature have Democrat majorities, and the Governor is a Dem, which barring some unexpected political twist or turn is a pretty good indication that SB-163 will become Colorado law.

We don’t spend nearly enough time here at POM discussing the law, IMO. It is law — and the color of law — that enables Orwellian mandates to permeate society and restrict our movement, our ability to support our families, and most other choices that should remain one’s personal responsibility.

Not surprisingly, companion legislation is being considered by Washington lawmakers. Congressional Democrats are pushing H.R. 6666. Now, isn’t that an interesting number? It’s called the “Trace Act,” because it calls for testing and contacting every American citizen, and undocumented guests within U.S. borders. H.R. 6666 also establishes a new, national tracking agency to monitor vaccine history with a digital record-keeping system that will be used to accept or deny certain rights and privileges — such as airline travel, or admission to a federal facility, for example — using a network of checkpoints to control our every move.

“HR 6666 grants $100 billion to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) to establish a local mobile health unit in each community to conduct a diagnostic door to door COVID 19 testing program.” – Renee Parsons

Imagine if shopping for food at your local Wal-Mart store required a compliance scan to gain entry. Sweet!

The government wants a population of children, so it is no surprise that mandatory vaccination will begin in our public school system. Be vigilant. This is not a drill. Fight for life. Your’s might someday in the near future depend on it.

Sunday morning ramblings: The New Normal

There is nothing insidious in going on right now in Colorado. No one has stopped by our house seeking our personal information. We are just dealing with medical stupidity, people so sure they know what they are doing that they cannot be reasoned with. A reasonably intelligent person cannot pass through medical schooling and get her papers without buying in, that is, the brainwashing is very deep and permanent. Doctors and nurses are the last people who should be in charge of our medical system, but anyone who bucks the system is out the door.

We planned our day yesterday around a visit to Ted’s Montana Grill, our favorite hangout. Ted Turner, the founder, is interesting. He’s a lifelong rebel, but within the constraints of propriety, as he is well-born and bred. I remember an interview he did with Ralph Nader where he felt Ralph had entrapped him and wanted out of the confrontation. He told Ralph that he had kicked the system too, and only gotten broken toes.

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COVID-19: A new superimposed reality – part 2 – moving forward

The self-imposed “global shapers” do not want society to move forward. Rather, they want to MOVE US forward, and they demonstrate that at the World Economic Forum’s site outlining The Great Reset initiative. In the words of Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum,“We must not miss this unique window of opportunity.” In the same video (linked above), Prince Charles chimed in, “We have a golden opportunity to seize something good from this crisis. Its unprecedented shockwaves may well make people more receptive to big visions of change.” He continued, “Think big, and act now.”

In my opinion, this rapid movement and evolution into the future — this “momentum” — is anything but organic. I suggest this is ALL by highly calculated design. Problem. Reaction. Solution. Not a new concept for POM readers.

Chasing Their Tales and Our Tails 

I’d like to piggyback on MT’s recent post with respect to the Cuban Missile Crisis being a hoax. One of the most helpful documents I have ever come across (in my preoccupation with hoaxes) is Fakeologist’s list of psyops — the Psyop Histogram. Since discovering this work of art, I have echoed this by creating my own charts involving presumed staged events.

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State of Fear governance: The Cuban Missile Crisis

Over this past week I’ve been reading the Wikipedia entry regarding the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. I tried to do so with as open a mind as possible, not prejudging, not presuming to know the event was fake.

Since I lived through it and most readers did not, I will go through the events and timeline. Remember, this is official history. More about what really happened later.

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