So deep in the stupid

I’ll be blunt here. The video above, which went viral over the 9/11 pornography festival, makes me wanna puke. In it American soldiers, who in reality knock off democratic governments and bomb, murder and maim innocent civilians, are portrayed as heroes. Ronald Reagan, a good actor and very stupid man, narrates.

Sit through it if you can. The German propaganda ministry used to put out films like this, and they too were very, very good at it. They knew how to rally the troops.

Then there was this, a comment from a friend’s Facebook post under this video, since taken down:

Incredibly Powerful. 911 is tomorrow. I have heard from a report from American intelligence that an imminent attack is coming. Pray to be rescued. Pray to be saved. Please pray that they can’t and won’t succeed.”

It is just one frightened and stupid person. But it gave me pause to know that so many millions of Americans, deep in the stupid, are under psychological control by use of such devices as this Nazi-like patriotic film and that goddamned intellectually debilitating fear this poor gal is expressing.

It makes me want to lose hope, but then I remember that it only takes a few. We certainly don’t have critical mass at this time, but there are many incredulous, skeptical and thoughtful people out there. Many read this blog. Not you Swede. Sit back down. I wasn’t talking about you.

Anyway, whew! Fricking 9/11 is over for another year, we’re done bemoaning our victimhood and pretending our soldiers are brave and smart. As you were folks. Back on your heads. Break’s over.

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