Bumps on the happy path

I don’t, can’t watch these beheading videos. I am sure I am like most people, which is part of why they are so effective. Are they real? Who knows? These days, when CGI can make aluminum airplanes fly through steel buildings without resistance … everything is suspect.

Back during Abu Ghraib, when the Bushies were doing damage control, there was a faked beheading. The people in hoods were probably westerners, most likely CIA or MI6 or Mossad, the three sources of most of the terrorism in the world. The victim was already dead, from appearances. I did watch that one. Even so, even as I knew it was faked, it was grotesque and upsetting.

Anyway, if you read this blog, you are sentient and incredulous, and so have asked the same question I have: Why does “ISIS” publicly taunt the people who possess $600 billion war budgets? Isn’t that kind of stupid?

Of course it is. Cui Bono? The people with the $600 billion war budgets who have publicly stated their aim of overthrowing the governments of Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Sudan and, at the end of their happy path, Iran. That was supposed to happen within five years of 9/11, and was derailed by Iraq putting up such excellent resistance. (That was a profile in courage if there ever was one, the way that Iraq fought back. It was a testimony to the human spirit, like the Russians at Stalingrad.)

The purpose of the beheading videos is so obvious: to traumatize the American public. Duh. We’re not famous for big brains anyway, and in a traumatized state will believe anything – as history shows. This television trauma, a PSYOP, translates into continued public support for continued unjustified military aggression against the people of the Middle East. The bastards have destroyed whole countries now, killed millions of people, American pilots with their war boners dropping bombs on whole cities, even going after schools and hospitals. Nothing is out-of-bounds to these mutherf******. They will do anything to terrorize and subdue the countries on their list.

If only the list were that short, but it is apparent now that the US client government in Kiev is intent on drawing Russia into war, and has shot down an airliner and is bombing schools too. Like a pit bull, Kiev exhibits the traits of its master.

The object: Preservation of the dollar as a viable currency, destruction of alternatives to American corporate socialism and its global ambitions. No one is exempt, not even little Cuba. Any country that succeeds outside the London/Wall Street model presents the threat of a good example. It cannot be tolerated. It’s a hole in the dike, which is why Cuba is still being punished all these years later.

The uprising in Hong Kong too is CIA-backed it appears, either to establish a terror base close to China, or to draw China to repress the movement, so that the mouthpiece American press can condemn them for it. It is grotesque the way Americans talk about democracy, as if they did not hold it in utter contempt. It’s window dressing.

That in addition to already killing millions – men, women, children, old and sick. They even starved half a million children to death in the 1990’s, so they might also chop off a head or two. No big deal. Dead is dead.

So if you have the stomach to look at a beheading video (they know you don’t and so are open to suggestion), ask yourself two questions: Is it real, and who is under that hood? Most likely, it’s an American, Brit or Israeli. The real terrorists come from those places.

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