The problem with voting

People are frustrated. I get that. Tossing the bums out feels good.

This is the great elixir effect of politics, that people vent their frustration by voting out one set of oligarchs (or tools thereof) and voting another in.

It’s our only voice, but we don’t control the choices. They are handed down from above, by money and media and power of suggestion. In those cases where voting can indeed bring forth an effective leader, the election results can easily be tampered with and overturned by the electronic machines. That’s why they are there, just in case.

Without voting, we’d have no outlet for frustration, and people would get upset and organize and force meaningful reforms on government. We’d have representative government.

Voting prevents meaningful change. If it were a truly effective tool, it would be outlawed.
Speaking of the power of suggestion, I don’t hear much mention of “Tea Party” anymore, as if they are being quietly ushered out of our perceptions. I said from the beginning days when they were foisted on us by FOX and CNBC that they were a tool to make Obama appear as a lefty (strident right wing bigots yelling at him makes him appear their opposite), and that they would disappear when no longer useful.

People don’t seem to be able to grasp the idea of perception management, perhaps because the implications are frightening. The very idea that we are studied and gamed so that we think we are acting on our own even as others control our thoughts and behaviors … freaky!

4 thoughts on “The problem with voting

  1. Just finished another reading of Orwell´s 1984. Always good to reset expectations with reality. A little McLuhan and Emerson to round out the vacation in Peru, and I feel refreshed and ready to pick up a few rocks — rather than gawk at them in ancient piles of rubble. The rubble — no matter which former empire it’s from — does something to me. Gets me thinking I supppose.

    One recurring thought is how that majority of non-voters may one day have its day in the sun. We have the rapidly-evolving technology, now we need a fresh outlook. I’m not counting out young people to figure out the hard stuff. Not yet.

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