Something rotten in Holland

Four countries are charged with the investigation of the downing of Flight MH17, the flight that crashed in Eastern Ukraine on July 17 of this year. They are Netherlands, Belgium, Australia and Ukraine. Since Ukraine is a potential suspect in the matter, it has a bold faced conflict of interest and should not be part of the investigation. But it gets worse:

Part of the agreement between the four countries and the Dutch Public Prosecution Service, ensures that all these parties have the right to secrecy. This means that if any of the countries involved believe that some of the evidence may be damaging to them, they have the right to keep this secret.

This is unheard of. In fact, it is bizarre. It is a strong indication that something is going to be hidden. So ask yourself which of the four countries listed above would want to protect, say, Russian interests, and which would want to protect NATO/US interests.


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