The modern-day oversoul

TVLife is interesting. I don’t know how to get that across to people who are living down below, down in that place where truth is handed you on a platter, where nothing is understood until explained by a two-dimensional talking head possessed of a one-dimensional brain. I wonder what it was like before television.

We reflect our environment. Americans have no reason to wonder why they revere certain facial structures, such as Lincoln or Washington, and abhor others, such as Hitler or Osama bin Laden. They don’t realize that it is merely stimuli used to control their thoughts.

BeheadingPerhaps two thousand years ago, certain leaders realized the state of the average human, and sought to bring order to chaos by introducing fables and symbols. No one understood the nature of the sun, the giver of life, so it became a god, the big deity alongside other minor ones like the moon (Meres, or Mary), the five wandering planets. Each year in the northern hemisphere, where most of us live, the sun would each day move further away on the horizon, and it got cold and plants withered and died. It kept moving away, but then stopped, and appeared by optical illusion to rest in place for three days. And then journey back. The son rose again.

BadattaWithout that return journey, humans were doomed. The solstice was a celebration of the son’s return. People imagined it had faces and personality and powers, and that it even cared about us.

Roman leaders realized that if they could place human faces on those symbols that people would bow to people instead of planets, and could thereby be controlled. Thus did the Roman empire adopt Christianity as the one true religion, destroying all the remnants of any other it could find, along with the people who believed otherwise.

LincolnIt’s a practice that repeats in other parts of life. Concepts that are too large for the average mind to grasp, like security in resources, elimination of underclasses, encirclement of potential enemies, and power for its own sake – no leader will appear on the TV screen and admit these to be the true objectives of wars and conquests. Instead, human faces have to be put on the concepts, making them into deities of a sort. In recent times, the desire to control resources became Osama bin Laden, the need to eliminate lesser beings the hooded “terrorist,” and the encirclement of potential enemies is now called “Putin.” These symbols become our reality, sublimely suggested to us day in and out on our electronic screens. Thus are our minds under control of the state.

French-terror_coldbloodedmurder-THUMBWe’ve had a bit of a blog kerfuffle these past few days over the attacks in France, whatever substance lie beneath. It’s mere imagery, the use of the “terrorist”, the mindless robot who kills without reason and out of sheer hatred and who therefore must be himself killed. It’s timeliness is undisputed, as it comes at a time when the President of France and those around him were deviating from control, making nice with Russia. That the actors were available, the script written in advance, and that it is all understood from one capital to another – befuddles people. Surely they cannot manufacture events of this magnitude on a dime! Surely it is a random event, unplanned, and unpurposed.

gw ghostStep back, jump on a cloud, get above it all. Of course they can and do. The leading classes and their armies of technicians, and planners, and hired thugs can put on plays of this type almost at will, as their resources, experience and technical skills are almost unbounded. The politicians whom we imagine to be our elected leaders are just actors, themselves scared of the power that manifests around them. They play along to survive.

140617bryan-williams1_300x206It’s a complicated world, but an interesting one too. Think of it this way: If they can make you believe, really believe in virgin births and men who rise from the dead and reside in your brain and need to be conversed with daily, can they not make you believe anything? They do have power over your perceptions, and they do have control of the TV screen. They do own your reality.

6 thoughts on “The modern-day oversoul

  1. Machiavelli: The Prince: Chapter XVIII
    “But it is necessary to know well how to disguise this (…he who has known best how to employ the fox has succeeded best…) characteristic, and to be a great pretender and dissembler; and men are so simple, and so subject to present necessities, that he who seeks to deceive will always find someone who will allow himself to be deceived.”

    “There’s a sucker born every minute.” – David Hannum


  2. Here’s some pretty good accounting of events that may ultimately yield greater understanding of who the criminals were, what might be the political agenda behind these attacks, and who controls and finances these terror operations?

    “15.09 Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, has ordered Mossad to provide French officials for all the assistance they need in tackling the ongoing terror situation in and around Paris:

    [There is no evidence that Mossad was present in France prior to the attacks. But this statement by Israel’s PM should be carefully analysed]”


  3. The soul is the perceiver and revealer of truth. We know truth when we see it, let skeptic and scoffer say what they choose. Foolish people ask you, when you have spoken what they do not wish to hear, ‘How do you know it is truth, and not an error of your own?’ We know truth when we see it, from opinion, as we know when we are awake that we are awake. It was a grand sentence of Emanuel Swedenborg, which would alone indicate the greatness of that man’s perception, — “It is no proof of a man’s understanding to be able to confirm whatever he pleases; but to be able to discern that what is true is true, and that what is false is false, this is the mark and character of intelligence.”
    –Ralph Waldo Emerson, excerpted from “The Over-Soul”

    Not sure why, but I thought this might be appropriate here.


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