One of those “Duh!” moments

Thierry Meyssan makes a head-slappingly obvious point in his recent piece, Charlie Hebdo has broad shoulders. After the attacks, French laws were invoked for times of emergency that banned all public demonstrations. The reason is simple: They don’t want more violence, and if terrorists are out and about, more people might get shot.

But then they did a turn-around, and had a demonstration in public where two million people showed up and forty heads of state paraded in the open. Meyssan rightly concludes,

Thus, the government could ban demonstrations because they might be dangerous to their participants, but its members could organize a huge one, inviting leaders of foreign governments without fear for their safety.

This manipulation confirms that, contrary to its declarations, the government knew precisely the extent of the threat and knew it did not concern gatherings.

He speculates that the drive behind the event, if false flag, is a new attack on Libya. We’ll have to wait for the other shoe.

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