Stupid American tales

The following video, sent to me by a relative, made me sad. People actually fall for this stuff.

That reminds, me, listening to sports programs on the radio yesterday, the deflated balls story is consuming lots of bandwidth. It’s not a real story, and will go away next week when the real Superbowl hype kicks in. This appears to be a planted story to keep the game in the news and on people’s minds.

People imagine such things happen naturally. These would be the same people who are now checking their mobile phone flashlights to see if the Russians or Chinese have invaded.

2 thoughts on “Stupid American tales


    While the top vid story is an attempt to cash in on the fact that present yet probably unused soft ware does scare people and drive sales, the fact is that many devices are spatially aware and reportable and individually identifiable through wireless tech. So while the case your relative sent you may not be more than a sales ploy, it is a ploy based on real potential.


    1. I’ve no doubt about any of that. The reason I thought this guy nuts was that he said the information was going to Russia and China, as if either of those countries have any interest in ordinary US citizens. If indeed there is malware on phones using flashlight aps, it can be traced to US criminals without doubt.


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