Brian Williams has a bad day

NBC stays silent, but privately stands behind news anchor Brian Williams

Only in America do they lie about the reasons for a war, the violence committed during the war, including casualties and refugees, torture committed and innocent deaths, but then get after a news reader for embelleshing a story about personal danger while flying to be close to boom booms while he reads his lines.

Bryan Williams is an actor, paid to sound trustworthy as he lies about everything he happens to be reading, probably unknowingly. He’s not that bright. Leave him alone. He’s just doing his job, lying convincingly. He had a bad day. OK? One of the lies got away from him.
PS: Tom Brokaw, extremely arrogant paid professional liar also capable of writing complete sentences, thinks Williams ought to be fired. The crime, I assume, must be ‘getting caught in a lie.’

5 thoughts on “Brian Williams has a bad day

    1. That is a good piece by PCR. I have not been following American news, was not aware they were still claiming Russian troops and tanks are pouring into eastern Ukraine. Lying should not be so easy, but no one calls them on it, no mainstream American news outlet anyway. They speak with one voice.


      1. NPR had a piece today with the US NATO honcho and he said after a round about fashion, that hundreds of Russian Troops were in country (Ukraine). Which if you analyse it could mean anywhere from 101 troops to 999 troops. And he didn’t say they weren’t in the Crimean peninsula. Which voted and now is part of Russia de facto and always was, with their fleet continuously stationed there.

        The amazing part is as they do acrobatics to remain within some sort of framework they can wiggle out of, they still project the impression that Russia has massively invaded and it’s playing a major role.

        It’s a game. That has no end.


        1. As PCR said in his article that JC linked, it took the Russians about five hours to drive the US/Israeli[-trained] forces out of Ossetia. If indeed there were Russians in Eastern Ukraine, the game might well be over by now.


  1. Another possibility, adding to Roberts’ expert analysis is the constant need for “plausible deniability” when the shit hits the fan — again. “Plausible deniability is a term coined by the CIA in the early 1960s to describe the withholding of information from senior officials in order to protect them from repercussions in the event that illegal or unpopular activities by the CIA became public knowledge.” – Wikipedia

    This appears to be another “Dan Rather moment” with a new strategy/twist. Low press credibility makes the propaganists’s job that much easier by allowing source-liars to hide behind an “incompetent” press. It also sends a chilling message to every MSM talking head: you could be next, with or without any real facts to support the smear. Suppose we have to be exceptional at something, right?

    What a lovely way to attack the 1st Amendment, and democratic process on our way to life as slaves in a total, authoritarian police state.


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