Travel day

We are traveling today. We leave New Zealand at 6:30 PM Monday and arrive in Denver at 9:00 PM, Monday. It will take about 21 hours in total. We’ve gotten good at it over time, making sure devices are loaded with podcasts and having on hand books and sleeping pills. We play a lot of Scrabble when awake, and are both on an equal competitive level with one another so that winning is never easy. Such are the things that make a happy marriage.

The above video reminds me how much Noam Chomsky has aged since I first encountered him. He’d be 63 64 or 65 here in 1993, combative, assertive and confrontational. I remember listening to him in 1988, a speech at American University broadcast on CSPAN where he talked like this. As a right-wing Christian conservative reflecting my upbringing and education, everything he said flew in my face. It was outrageous. Nobody talked like that. Nobody.

And it would not have even registered with me, just as it will not register with those who watch but two or three minutes here and turn away. But I was gripped at that time with a burning question – who the fuck killed JFK? – that was causing me to look at things I’d never looked at before, opening a few doors, allowing curiosity to overcome the thought control system.

Chomsky, of course, pooh-poohs any curiosity about Dallas or 9/11, but I hold out that such events, if one lets go of the indoctrination system and looks at them in a questioning manner, are portals that will lead to sea changes in outlook. They disrobe the world before our youthful eyes, and begin the path towards intellectual maturity.

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