A tale of two religions

It does not hurt, if we are going to be discussing the lies of our own times, to reflect on times past. The humble assumption is that people alive now are no smarter than those who came before. I assume that thought control is a product of our modern mass media, but how can that be?

I was raised a Catholic, and as a child my head was filled with notions of a risen savior and virgin birth. Such beliefs, designed for the mind of a child, are easily overcome with maturity except that while I was indoctrinated, I was also inocculated. I was told that anyone who told me the teachings of the Church was false was an agent of the devil. That made it very hard to mature intellectually.

It was done to me in the 1950s and 60s, and also to children throughout history, pre-mass media. Religion is a thought control regime. It is mostly benign. All of the wars that are blamed on religion really just hidden leaders using religion as an excuse.

But religion still exists and is powerful because people

  • need authority figures;
  • are suggestible;
  • and want simple answers.

Those simple answers do not exist. But religion supplies them anyway, and that makes people happy. So be it. Religion does far more good than harm.

Religious leaders throughout history have zeroed in on human weakness. Imagine then that leaders of civil society understood humans as well as religious leaders do. We might then expect that in civil life we would be supplied with mythology, images, dogmas, hallowed leaders and simple answers, just like a religion.

Americanism is a religion, just like Catholicism, and we are all indoctrinated and inoculated from birth. It is mostly benign in purpose, to bind us together as a nation, allowing us to live in harmony. It works. Montana has never invaded or bombed North Dakota, and probably won’t.

But what if our American religion were not so benign? What if our mythology was designed to make us warlike, acquisitive and aggressive, seeking to take control of resources of others? Americanism then might be a problem for the rest of the world.

2 thoughts on “A tale of two religions

  1. Replacing Americanism with Globalism is proving to be a challenge, however well anticipated by the oligarchs and plutocrats pushing the buttons of the NWO. Nationalism in countries like Russia, Germany, Japan and China might overpower the “incentives” to become a vassal state or group in a global scheme led by a bunch of white, male bankers.


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