Anomalies, moles, patsies, sheepdipping

Anomaly (NOUN): something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.

Anomalies often serve as doorways for investigators, as they can lead to important information. 9/11/2001 was an anomaly circus. I will highlight a few today and tomorrow.
Anyone who has flown on an American passenger airline knows that the flights are almost always full, or nearly so. The airlines vary the size of the aircraft and shift passengers so that they maximize occupancy on any flight. They are pretty good at it. It’s rare even to have an empty seat next to us on most flights.

However, on September 11, 2001, the four flights that were supposedly hijacked carried very few passengers. In fact, on Flight 93, the source of the famous “Let’s Roll!” fable, each passenger enjoyed a full row of seats. Here’s the occupancy for that day:

  • Flight 11: 180 seats, 76 passengers;
  • Flight 175: 180/46
  • Flight 77: 200/50
  • Flight 93: 200/26

Such a shortage of passengers on these flights is suspicious. The 9/11 Commission did not investigate the matter.
“Short sales,” for those who are not familiar with stock market terminology, are a trading device used by investors to take advantage of a falling stock price. He “borrows” stock from a broker, sells it, and when the price falls buys it back and returns it to the broker, pocketing the difference. A “put” option is a form of shorting the market, betting that a stock will fall without actually buying and selling the stock.

Inside information is a huge part of stock market success, so the SEC monitors the Chicago Board Options Exchange for anomalies in puts and shorts.

Three stocks were heavily shorted immediately prior to 9/11/2001, United and American Airlines (whose planes were hijacked) and Morgan Stanly Dean Witter (offices in World Trade Center). There were spikes in activity on these stocks that caught the eye of investigators after 9/11. The Chicago Board Options Exchange saw purchases of 4,744 put options on United Airlines, and 4,516 on American Airlines, and 12,215 on Morgan. Previous activity might have seen at most a few hundred puts on these stocks, and there was nothing in the news just indicate that their price might fall. Someone was operating on inside information.

I regard this as humorous – someone, knowing 9/11 was coming down, simply could not resist. Mendacity, treachery, and greed operated hand-in-hand. Who did these puts? We don’t know. $2.5 million in profits lay unclaimed to this day. The 9/11 Commission investigated, of course, but found that there was no connection to Osama bin Laden, its predetermined villain, and so did not do further inquires.

More to follow. Stay tuned.
PS: This is in response to comments below: At some point in the near future I will write about the so-called “truth” movements and “truthers.” At this point the organizations with the words “…for 9/11 Truth” are Architects and Engineers, Scholars, Pilots, possibly one or two others. I avoid them, regarding them as merely part of the ongoing coverup.

6 thoughts on “Anomalies, moles, patsies, sheepdipping

  1. Truthers failures.

    They cannot grasp the human mind.
    They cannot grasp that people make mistakes.
    They cannot grasp that due to complacency, normal protocol is often not followed.
    They cannot grasp that the universe is full of randomness. This is a key point I want to make. Random things happen every second. No explanation. Hell, the fact that we as a species live and breath on a planet that sustains life in a universe that sustains itself… is random. People survive plane crashes, car crashes, tornadoes, and a thousand other surefire tragedies. Some without a scratch on their body while everything and everyone else around them has been destroyed. A person winning the lottery is random, but it happens every day. That’s science. You can’t refute that.
    They cannot grasp that terrible things happen for A) Terrible reasons, i.e. terrorists attacking our country, and/or B) For no understandable reason, i.e. the various violent shootings.
    They cannot grasp chance. Chance is part of randomness, and some may say it’s the same thing. But things happen by chance. Chance sometimes can defy our understandings of logic, odds, and especially science.
    They cannot grasp anomalies. Another term related to both randomness and chance. Anomalies happen every day.


    1. You forgot the quote marks. Who are you citing?

      And because you do not read, you’re unaware that everything you wrote here was dealt with in depth prior to setting out on this group of posts.

      For chrissakes, Swede, do someone the courtesy of reading before you spout off. You are so completely full of shit, and of course, the last to know it.


    2. Fuck! You don’t even know that I am not a “truther.” You spend your waking hours unaware of even the basics of what other people are thinking and writing, and commenting away!!!


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