Small world

Hale Boggs
Hale Boggs
The Warren Commission, established to investigate the murder of John F. Kennedy, was comprised of men like Allen Dulles and Gerald Ford, a spook and a dullard. It did not do any investigating, but rather relied on the FBI and CIA for information, and so was (willingly) led down a garden path to a preordained conclusion.

One member, who was a dissident, was Louisiana Congressman Hale Boggs. The name is probably not familiar, but readers, especially liberals, might know his daughter, NPR’s Cokie Roberts.

Boggs was hesitant to sign the Warren Report but was under enormous pressure. His wife Lindy said he’d wished he’d never been on the commission and wished he’d never signed the report. He told an aide that “[J Edgar] Hoover lied his eyes out to the commission – on Oswald, on Ruby, on their friends, the bullets, the guns, you name it.”

Hale Boggs’ small airplane disappeared in Alaska in 1972 and his body was never found. It was probably murder, but with no plane and no body, there’s no case. Small planes are deadly for dissidents of all types in this country. (The Kennedy family has suffered six small plane crashes, five of them fatal.)

That’s all old news. Here’s a “cosmic coincidence,” something that simply defies imagination and explanation, but really is just a coincidence. On his fatal Alaska trip, Boggs was driven to the airport by a young future president, Bill Clinton.

6 thoughts on “Small world

  1. How else does one improve their standing among senior gang honchos? Why would anyone at this point think “making your bones” is limited to the lowliest street gangs. Stands to reason that the higher the rank of a criminal gang the more important the initiation process. How else does leadership know who to move up the succession ladder?


    1. He’s merely driving him to the airport, which also happens to be his final destination, it appears. Are you suggesting that it is a blooding?

      I hold nothing back with these people. They are capable of anything.


  2. No way of knowing. I do think, however, that criminal gang structure and function is ubiquitous in most politics, business, religion, you name it.


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