Cuba: Watch yer back

Item: U.S. Removes Cuba from list of states that sponsor terrorism.

Operation Mongoose was a terrorist offensive by the U.S. against Cuba begun in the 1960s. Operation Northwoods, nixed by President Kennedy, was to be a false flag attack on the U.S. which included the shooting down of civilian airliners. Cuba would have been blamed and the island bombed, invaded, and restored to control.

In 1976 a Cuban airliner was blown up in midair, and all 73 aboard, including a young Cuban fencing team, died. The man responsible for the bombing, Orlando Bosch, was later pardoned by George H.W. Bush, and he was harbored in the U.S.

Most Americans don’t know about any of this, of course, because our information system is designed to keep Americans in the dark.

Cubans, far better informed that Americans, know all about Mongoose and American terrorism throughout the 60s and 70s.

It’s odd. The United States is the largest source and sponsor of state terrorism in the world. Books have been written on the subject. In this country, that’s a good way to hide it.

The State-Sponsored Terrorism List is a weapon used to bludgeon states that are charting courses independent of large banks and corporations. These powerful imperialist forces want to control the world’s resources. They try to isolate countries not under corporate control, like Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, and to bring in terror regimes, as happened to Chile under Pinochet.

The hypocrisy is simply stunning.

Take one country, just one of scores: Iraq. It was brutally attacked, invaded, bombed in 1991. Sanctions in the 90s killed a half million of its precious youth. An attack in 2003 followed by a brutal occupation, complete with torture facilities like Abu Ghraib, killed hundreds of thousands and caused millions to flee the country. The U.S. lied about its reason for the attack, and by power of suggestion used its own 911 false flag operation as justification.

Americans ate it up. Has there ever been a more deeply clueless people? Perhaps the Germans in the post-World War One era, so angry at their mangling by Britain and company and about Versailles … perhaps they were done in by their own anger and so were easily manipulated as the Nazis rose to power.

But the people of the U.S. have no reason to be angry at any other country or force on the planet, so the attitude of the American public can only be attributed to deep manipulation by agitation propaganda.

The U.S. is removing Cuba from its naughty list. Watch yer back, Cuba. World wide, American embassies operate as CIA stations and portals though which our terrorists enter and operate in  other countries. By allowing an American embassy, Cuba is inviting terrorists in its front door. (The illegal Cuban embargo, which is the reason why Cubans drive old cars, has been carried on since the Eisenhower regime, and is an important incentive for Cuba to take this chance.)

Watch yer back, Cuba. This can only be the old Mongoose wine in new bottles.

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