Wisdom after-the-fact

imageI’ve been puttering in my garage lately while listening to radio programs from the early 70s by Mae Brussell. I am getting a sense of her intelligence, and perhaps some brashness and youthful enthusiasm. She has figured most things out.

In the current programs the Watergate breakin has occurred. She is trying to understand motive and ramifications. She knows the parties involved, and that “burglar” James McCord never truly “resigned” from the CIA. Her co-host has easily figured out that the burglars wanted to be caught. Mae is not up to speed on this.

She is convinced that Richard Nixon will be murdered. Indeed there were attempts on his life during this time, but his security was always top notch. Richard Nixon will be removed from power via the Watergate affair. She’s got motive right, but not means. There were so many public murders during that time that she assumed he’d be done in that way. It makes sense.

Nixon was a right-winger, but as his record indicated, not right wing enough.

Reinhard Gehlen
Reinhard Gehlen

Mae is sure that the United States is heading into fascism. Her interest was triggered by the JFK murder and cover-up, and the other public murders that ensued. She knows about Operation Paperclip, and the importation of Nazi scientists and generals by the Dulles brothers, including the infamous General Reinhard Gehlen, who was integral in the newly formed CIA.  She draws a parallel to 1930’s Germany as Nazis murdered their way to power, throwing a wet blanket on opposition and rendering opponents and critics silent by fear and intimidation.

She came from an era when there was still limited access to public airwaves. People then and now are mostly clueless, fed shit and kept in the dark. They imagine fascism to be movie-style blunt intimidation. It is far more subtle than that. While ordinary citizens walk around imagining free speech to matter,  votes counted, choices real, those in power know better.

There is a blanket of fear over government. People are afraid to speak up. Those who do are murdered, imprisoned, or hounded out of office by fake scandals. Everyone is under surveillance. The public is distracted by dumbed-down schooling, entertainment and sports, wedge politics and phony elections.

We attended a town meeting last week here in Conifer/Aspen Park. The subjects discussed were a local highway intersection where accidents are too frequent, fire danger in the forest interface. Such issues are important and our opinions and actions matter. The problem is that people imagine such control exists beyond our townships. That part is a grand illusion.

Mae Brussell died in 1988. I’ve hours of listening to go, years in fact. I’ll be full of wisdom after the fact, but will never lose sight of her foresight, insight, courage and persistence. I hope she someday has her face on a postage stamp along with other patriotic people like Bradley Manning, Ralph Nader, Rachel Corrie, Paul Wellstone, Anthony Weiner, Gary Webb, Dr. Judy Wood.

Never lose faith. That day will come.

4 thoughts on “Wisdom after-the-fact

  1. “…fire danger in the forest interface. Such issues are important and our opinions and actions matter.” Really?

    From what I can tell the “WUI” (Wildland Urban Interface) issue is as concocted and fradulent as any other subject controlled by agency bureaucrats with police powers. The quasi-military propaganda began during the 1988 Yellowstone wildfires and has intensified each and every year since.

    You seem to like probability problems. Try to find out what the probability of a wildfire is in your neighborhood. Good luck. What you will hear is fearmongering over “unnatural” this, and “catastrophic” that, or more generally, a fear campaign to instill subconscious images of worst-case consequences. Consequences+probability=risk. Why the cloak over probability? Inflated risk assessment=public fear=bigger fire budgets. That’s why the Forest Service’s primary objective — logging — is tied to WUI/wildfire programs, which are pushed heavily by commercial ad campaigns and endless “news” reports — all subsidized by taxdollars. Fear supports more logging. Same way government keeps endless war alive.


    1. I hear you. But we’ve had two pre-evacuation notices here in five years, one time having to drive back from Arizona as a controlled burn got out of hand. The Boulder fire a few years back destroyed about 200 houses, and Colorado Springs got nailed too.

      All they are doing is asking us to have some distance between trees and house and to know what to take with us when we have to leave quickly.


      1. That is what the science supports. Very sensible information.

        However, local fire companies, like local cops, have been co-opted by fed policy and grant $$$.

        Moverover, local governments continue to encourage building in habitat types that experience frequent fire, and in habitat types that burn less frequently, but intensely enough to replace most of the forest. Homeowners typically find out after purchasing, then are asked to mitigate. Local governments have extended very little effort to prevent building in fire-prone areas, or requiring realtors to inform buyers (full disclosure) before a sale. Nothing impedes “commerce.”


        1. Yeah. I’ve had second thoughts about this place every since we got called back from Arizona. However, the front range do2wn here is heavily populated, and is not just a few hundred scattered cabins. There are thousands and thousands of homes. Logging is not much discussed down here as it is up there. There are no loggers trying to get into the woods around here using forest health as their lipstick.


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