How big is this thing anyway?

ITAI’ve been trying to come up with a metaphor for Life in These United States, but am not creative enough to do it really well. The TV series Mad Men’s lead character, Don Draper, was raised in a whore house and is running from his true identity. The series is built around the advertising business, and this makes me wonder just how good this Mathew Weiner, the creator of the series, might be. He seems to be a conscious smuggler.

My search for a metaphor circles around the question “just how big is this thing anyway?” Way back when, watching the movie JFK in the early 90’s, Kevin Costner’s Jim Garrison hits hard on two words – fascism, and coup d’état. What happened on 11/22/63 was a military takeover of our government. But the words did not sink in.

My best effort at a metaphor follows. Please supply a better one if you got it, pronto.

Imagine you are walking along one day, and trip and fall on a small hole in the ground. You pick yourself up and move on, but later go back and take a closer look. The small hole that you stumbled up is very deep, so deep, in fact, that you cannot see the bottom. You keep going back, as curiosity drives you, till eventually you put your whole body in, and look around and learn that not only is the hole very big, but that there is a whole city functioning down below us, hidden just below the surface of the ground.

I keep stumbling on things, and these are only a few ‘things:’

  • Anthony Weiner was scandalized out of office after raising a ruckus over health effects of 9/11.
  • Charlie Sheen doubted the official 9/11 story on a TV show, and lost his job on his hit TV series. Later he woke up in a hotel closet alongside a hooker, covered in cocaine.
  • Wendy Burlingame, daughter of the pilot of the plane that supposedly hit the Pentagon, died in a fire, trapped in an apartment.

But it did not start with 9/11.

  • Dorothy Kilgallen, TV personality and journalist, interviewed Jack Ruby and swore publicly she would blow the lid off the JFK conspiracy. Drug overdose.
  • prinzeFreddy Prinze was a popular star in the 1970’s, and wanted to do a Hollywood benefit to raise public awareness about the JFK murder. Suicide.
  • Bill Hicks was an up-and-coming comic who used to make fun of the Warren Commission and offical truth in his act. Galloping cancer, age 32.

Those damned independent thought alarms. We’re taught to ignore them.

I’m slowly reading the book Votescam, written in the early 1990’s, about Florida elections in the early 1970’s, specifically Dade County, where Janet Reno was the State Attorney. The Collier brothers, Ken and Jim, stumbled on an oddity, that local TV stations in Florida “called” all of the elections when all they had in their possession was a readout from one voting machine.

They are persistent. I am at a point now they have learned that in “training” election volunteers, officials got their signatures and later used them to “certify” results without volunteer knowledge. The boys have assembled an impressive pile of evidence, and are taking it to major newspapers and the FBI. That’s a huge mistake, but they are not yet deep enough in the hole to see that. They find that the FBI is indifferent. The media is actually hostile.

The book opened with an odd passage that caught my eye:

This book also contends that the theft of your vote, or Votescam, is part of a supposedly patriotic “collaboration” between federal officials and the news media that began shortly after the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963, when “responsible” American press was persuaded by American intelligence services to hide from the American people the actual implications of the Kennedy murder.”

Implications of the Kennedy assassination? The two words from that movie come to mind.

It’s not a few. I have seen hundreds of suspicious deaths, and a news media that is either forcefully silenced or peopled by automatons. I see people who use their minds properly silenced by intense ridicule by their peers. I see people with deadened brains imagining that lack of curiosity is a smart thing about them.

I know the power of suggestion. I know the power of group think.

Anyway, Happy Monday to you too.

3 thoughts on “How big is this thing anyway?

  1. Excellent! Perhaps you are experiencing one of those universal, subconscious moments (Jungian archetypes?) that reside like smoke on water in the collective unconscious of people everywhere. I feel like I’ve been there before more than once.

    Welcome to Alice’s world. “Remember what the doormouse said; feed (not “keep”) your head.”
    – “White Rabbit,” by Grace Slick (1965-’66?).


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