Into the rabbit hole

The events of 9/11/01 appear to have been intricately planned on a vast scale. There is  evidence of outside energy directed at the seven buildings of the World Trade Center, and no others.

But only a small portion of the evidence was directed at the American public via their TV sets: buildings emitting smoke and fire and then collapsing. The accompanying narrative was that jet aircraft had hit the buildings.

This imagery targeted at us via our TV sets was accompanied by a story of an evildoer in a cave and nineteen suicidal cohorts.The crime was solved before the day was over.

A third building “collapsed” before our eyes later that day, Building Seven. It did not have the “hijacked aircraft” cover story,  and so its demise was harder to explain. Consequently, to this day, most Americans don’t know about it, much less of the destruction of four other buildings bearing the prefix “WTC.”

The success of the caveman-Arab hijackers cover story, a conspiracy theory, can be attributed to the near religious faith that Americans have in their news media, and also to  a blackout of evidence showing of a much larger and more sophisticated event.  The success of the cover story in the years later is due to the continuing blackout of evidence in our news, education and entertainment systems. Events like the “killing” of Osama bin Laden in 2011 have the effect of giving the official story a booster shot.

To find blacked-out evidence,  people have to take their own initiative and seek out other sources, such as books, lectures, YouTube videos and podcast. Most don’t do that. In fact we are warned away from doing so by the “conspiracy theory” meme, a thought control device.

Here are some of the phenomena of that day that I will cover in subsequent posts, as best as I am able. Some time back I offered some crude mathematics regarding coincidence – that related events can be paired to test the likelihood of their simultaneous occurrence, the “CO” in coincidence. Keep this in mind as we review the following – that is, it can all be explained, but why did it all happen at once?

  • A hurricane, Erin, that originated in the South Atlantic and traversed in a nearly straight line towards New York City, stopping and remaining stationary on the morning of 9/11, and then turning abruptly northeast.

    Hurricane Erin at midday, 9/11/2001
    Hurricane Erin at midday, 9/11/2001
  • The straight line on which the hurricane approached New York City in the immediate days before 9/11 was -15 degrees, or magnetic north. path of erin
  • The hurricane was barely mentioned on local news coverage even as we know that American television news reporters go gaga over hurricanes.
  • At the same time, a massive cold front approached New York City from the east.
  • Consequently, during the events of that day, the World Trade Center complex was between an extreme high pressure system (cold front), and an extreme low pressure system (Erin).
  • During this time, stations that measure fluctuation in the earth’s magnetic fields showed disturbances at precisely the times of the “events” in the complex: The North and South Towers being “hit by aircraft,” the two towers “collapsing,” and finally, around five P.M. Building Seven “collapsing” on its own without benefit of an “aircraft.”
  • After the Building Seven event, the magnetic lines returned to a more normal (though still disturbed) state.
  • During the whole of the day after the buildings experience the supposed aircraft hits,  Building Seven was seen giving off fumes from its west side. The fumes defied wind patterns, and we’re headed upward at forty-five degrees and downward at the same angle, with a division line apparent at two darkened floors around the thirtieth. Seven
  • At the time Building Seven “collapsed” at 5 P.M., it did so silently, registering no significant seismic signal – that is, it had been gutted of its mass.

Do you understand these events? Neither do I. Here are the problems: By not having the raw evidence of that day at our disposal, we don’t know even to wonder about what really happened. But even so, now having the evidence, we lack expertise in science and so are not skilled at interpretation.

So we have to look to ‘experts” to interpret data for us, and just as when the TV that day was spinning lurid lies about hijacked aircraft hitting buildings, we are at their mercy.

Good stopping point.

One thought on “Into the rabbit hole

  1. The June, 1996 bombing of Khobar Towers, Saudi Arabia has been blamed on Iranians, Hezbollah, and al-Qaida over the years. Big crater, looked like OK City scene.

    Another who dunnit’? Nobody investigating, as usual.


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