A brief trip in the hall of mirrors

OBL FrightOsama bin Laden is one of those characters that appears to be, like Lee Harvey Oswald, in part real human and in part a creation of the American intelligence system. The image on the right was shown Americans during the staged 9/11 events, and was designed to frighten us, to be part of our nightmares. It is heavily doctored to look menacing, almost a religious icon. OBL fattyBut like “Oswald,” there are apparently more than one Osama, and after his death (reported to be December 13, 2001), new images appeared. To the left is “Fatty” bin Laden alongside the real guy. fake-bin-laden1The man immediately below is an impostor as well. Most Americans are not attune to photographic fakery, and the power of suggestion makes images shown to them to be what  authority figures say they are. This is true of both bin Laden and Oswald. Harvey and lee The image below a comparison of two Lee Harvey Oswalds. The one on the left a man born by that name in New Orleans in 1939, the one on the right a Russian-speaking Eastern European immigrant whose real name is not known to this date. It is the one on the right who was murdered by Jack Ruby on December 24th, 1963, and who miraculously survived for almost two days in custody of the Dallas Police. Two people, to my knowledge, have reported having contact with the New Orleans-born LHO on the left after the assassination – Robert Vinson, as reported in James Douglass’ book JFK and the Unspeakable (see link), and Mae Brussell, who reported on her radio show in the early 1970s that she had been contacted by the man on the left. In the world of spooks, we can never be sure what is true. Both “Osama” and “Oswald” were operatives, spooks, and patsies at once. Both had body doubles running around impersonating them. Both were “sheepdipped,” or made to look guilty prior to a crime and without their knowledge. All are now dead for sure, and I can only guess that the New Orleans-born Oswald was either dispatched or re-branded after 11/22/63. Osama was murdered in 2001, shortly after 9/11, and with reason given his comments below:

“I was not involved in the September 11 attacks in the United States nor did I have knowledge of the attacks. There exists a government within a government within the United States. The United States should try to trace the perpetrators of these attacks within itself; to the people who want to make the present century a century of conflict between Islam and Christianity.

That secret government must be asked as to who carried out the attacks. … The American system is totally in control of the Jews, whose first priority is Israel, not the United States … I have already said that we are not hostile to the United States. We are against the system, which makes other nations slaves of the United States, or forces them to mortgage their political and economic freedom.

(Those were his replies to questions submitted by Pakistani newspaper Ummat, published on 9/22/2001.) (I know, he went all Mel Gibson on us.) OBL November tape

Fake Osama later appeared on al-Jazeera in November of 2001, and approved of the 9/11 events, implying foreknowledge. But one year later, in November of 2002, the Swiss Institute for Perceptual Artificial Intelligence in Lausanne, commissioned by a French TV station, concluded that the voice heard in the November tape was not the real bin Laden.

In mid-September of 2001 the Taliban offered to turn bin Laden over to the United States if some evidence of his complicity in 9/11 events could be produced. The United States opted instead to bomb Afghanistan.

I don’t know what is real or fake, of course. I’ve been fooled many times. It is no more wise to trust self-described “9/11 Truth” leaders than the CIA, as I’ve found that they are often in league with one another. The former operates as a second tier of the cover-up. I can only report to you that this is a complicated world with many liars, and that the last place to look for truth is in the United States Government or its state-controlled news media.

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