The significance of U2, hiding from ugly truth

Q: Do you think these people who were behind all this [JFK assassination] are still very powerful and very deadly?

Gerald Patrick Hemming (U.S. Intelligence Agent): They never stopped doing their work. It’s a continuous event. You see, people don’t understand. The coup didn’t occur in November [of 1963]. The coup had already occurred before the inauguration. Kennedy never took power as president. He never functioned as a real president. This is what Eisenhower was warning* about. They’d done the same thing to him. They’d caused him to cease functioning as the president himself.

Reading over the blog this morning, entries going back a few weeks, I thought it a pity that people don’t read it. I need to spice this place up! I need to write about football and elections! I should not expect people to come here, but rather go to where they live.

Except that I can’t do that.

People advise not to go down rat holes. They say that our country is like sausage – if you like it, don’t ask how they make it.

People get discouraged when they find out that we’ve been lied to most of our lives about everything of importance. It is more important to believe than to live in the real world. Belief sustains people, where truth debilitates them. So it appears, anyway.

Religion, for example, a completely irrational belief system, makes people happy.

Odd. I become exhilarated when I learn truths. Hemming’s statement above was a light switch clicking on. I have long marveled that when Kennedy was murdered, all of the apparatuses to carry out the murder and then cover it up were in place.  The Justice Department, FBI, Dallas Police, Secret Service, intelligence agencies and their mobsters were all either part of the event, or the cover-up.

That’s not a new understanding. What is interesting is that these people and agencies behaved as if it were a practiced drill. They knew instinctively what to do.

And so did the news media. To this day, people of power in the news media know to continue with the cover-up. How do they know to do this?

The answer will not please you. I cannot speak of the time before World War II other than that I know we did not have a powerful military, so that our power to do evil was limited.  But by process of war and formation of organizations to fight it, and by assimilation of elements of the Third Reich into our intelligence establishment, some time after 1945 we experienced a bloodless coup d’etat. The National Security Act of 1947 was the frontispiece.

Eisenhower experienced it. The McCarthy hearings, the public face of a purge, happened on his watch. He sought détente with the Soviet Union, and was undermined by the intelligence agencies, who managed to pull off the Gary Powers U2 affair** to sabotage his meetings with Khrushchev.

Already we were being governed from behind the scenes by acts of treason. Ike knew it, tried to warn us. But as Hemmings tells us above, the country was already lost by that point, our form of government severely weakened. It has never recovered. We are a fake republic, and have been for decades.

I only sort of understand the mechanism that makes people hide from truth. I don’t suffer from that defect. I have never been harmed by knowing things. If as a child I grew up in a whorehouse, I would not know it. When later I put two and two together, I would be hurt, for a brief spell. Then I would want to know more. I would not hide from ugly truth.
*He’s referring to Eisenhower’s farewell address wherein he warned of the dangers of the “Military Industrial Complex.”
**Sitting on stage right in the middle of the courtroom gathering witnessing the Powers’ trial in the Soviet Union was a young man put there to send a message to the American intelligence community, a “defector,” Lee Harvey Oswald. Gary Powers was sure that Oswald had given the Soviets the information needed to bring him down. But it was a failed operation in part, in that Powers was not supposed to survive when his aircraft was brought down.

PS: It occurred to me after writing this that the coup might have occurred on April 12, 1945, or before that time when Henry Wallace was replaced by Harry Truman in backrooms at the Democratic convention. Josef Stalin told Elliot Roosevelt, Franklin’s son, that FDR had been murdered, poisoned by “that Churchill gang.”

5 thoughts on “The significance of U2, hiding from ugly truth

  1. Mark, you do good work that needs to be done. Yes, your site should be on everyone’s reading list. I will tell you this though, that after nearly twenty-five years of keeping very close tabs on the Nazis and christofascists in this country, I had to take a break. Unlike most people, I would listen daily to their radio shows, etc. for long periods of time. Until I thought I was losing my mind! Now, I must take their propaganda in smallish doses. I rarely listen to hate radio any more. It’s incredible how effective they have become. I see their talking points reflected everywhere, and I even work in a place that is probably sixty percent christofacist. They specifically HIRE those kind of folks. And they are good workers and good people, but they buy into that Christ stain Nazi shit whole hog.

    I’m very afraid that the next coup will not be bloodless. The military is now full of folks with fascist tendencies and beliefs who have benefited greatly from our tax dollars. And they don’t like civilians at all. That is a recipe for disaster. A professional military full of psychopaths who enjoy killing and hate civilians, like that idiot sniper dude. Hello South America here we come!


      1. Interesting link, and thank you. I read Blum many years ago. But remember that anytime you begin to wander the pathways trying to understand the intelligence apparatus, that they have probably constructed the pathways themselves. It is a complex game designed to enthrall, occupy your passions, and mislead you all at once. Thus are you side-railed.


    1. I don’t see any need for a coup. Things are pretty much under control. Neither Bush II or Obama has set off any alarms. Clinton was threatened with impeachment, but recovered, I suppose by attacking Serbia.

      Talk radio is a wasteland, I am glad you have learned. I have not listened to any of it in years. Radio is the perfect medium for agitprop, as the talker and the listener have a one-on-one relationship, so it is easy for the talker to enflame the passions of the listener, who has no outlet for that anger. Best to avoid the entire circus, as no good ever comes of it.

      Thank you for the link.


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