Authentic frontier gibberish

We are off tomorrow on yet another journey of a lifetime. We have to do it while we can. This time we are off to Geneva, Zermatt, the Dolomites, Ljubljana, Florence, Cinque Terre, and finally Milan. It’s a return visit to Florence for us. That place, with its history and culture, is a magnet.

Once one the ground we’ll be using our favorite forms of transportation – our feet, and the amazing European train system.

I’ll probably be writing throughout. I don’t sleep a whole lot compared to other mortals and have time in the early morning for this purpose.
This blog, more than anything, is my personal journal. I’ve been asked why I do not simply write and keep it under wraps, like a diary. I don’t get that at all. I have had to change my name to a nom de plume recently, as there are some nasty people out there. But understand, that has nothing to do with other bloggers or commenters, all of whom have good manners mostly, or just somewhat, like me.

Paul Marshall is my “porn name,” our middle name coupled with the street we were born on. If you were born on a numbered street, it’s a little more difficult, but do try it on your own … it usually sounds porny. I don’t know why.

My writings here go back to 2006, and the changes in my outlook during that time are a trip on a vine over a chasm – hoping like hell for a safe landing. Just asking a question leads to a whole new outlook. I know all about security in moderate views, how hiding from exposure to ugly truths leads to a more stable existence. However, once the question was asked, I was on the vine. The destination is no safer than a return journey.

I now have the ability to go back and review my own thoughts from 2006 to now, not knowing then where I was headed. I cringe at times, but am forgiving. It’s a journey.

Perhaps the greatest movie I have seen in my time was the Godfather, Part 2. But the best was Blazing Saddles, Mel Brooks’ masterpiece. Below is a scene encapsulating American politics. (Important back story for the viewer: the town is Rock Ridge, somewhere in the west. The townspeople are frightened by evildoers. Everyone in town shares the last name “Johnson,” and all of the Johnson’s support and agree all the other Johnson’s. There’s an ice cream store in the middle of the town with a large sign that says “Howard Johnson’s – One Flavor”.)

[Sorry about the ad, but this is The United States America, where advertisers are free to interrupt any gathering at any time for any purpose. Hell, they even get to target kids!]

21 thoughts on “Authentic frontier gibberish

  1. The benefits of living in a semi capitalistic society. You can amas wealth with the help of bankers and retire while you travel the world.


    1. Have not received much “help” from bankers.

      Average household wealth in Europe and Canada exceeds that in the U.S. Don’t discount effective socialist programs that work – health care and education. They allow people to amass wealth.


        1. That is not “bankers.” They are merely people who confuse access to other people’s wealth as wealth creation. They need to be caged and neutered for all our safety.

          (People in foreign lands, like socialist Canada and Italy, also save and invest.


  2. Sweet Jeezus! Wanna know why the Dems are the losing their asses big time? Go read the latest smarmy shit by mary seedy moe over at the cowturd site! Shit. Now that cowturd has apparently turned the entire site over to AbNorma, THAT is the kind of hard hitting writing we can expect! Jeezus. Just Jeezus. No, EDGY Jeezus! That’s some edgy writing! Pathetic. Instead of allowing a vigorous free for all of discussion, we get treated to THAT shit! What was the point, other than to allow one of the anointed Dims blog space to spout ego stroking bullshit! That is exactly why I left most all the mainstream enviro groups. They spent MOST of their time giving each awards for their heroic efforts instead of getting down and dirty in the trenches!
    Now, you just wait. AbNorma and the likes of mt. mommy will come on and publicly gush over this bullshit!
    The Dims, the party of the weak minded! They deserve to lose!
    Oh, and I see that Tweety Talbutt and Pee wolf have done their very best to turn Don’s site into the most boring milquetoast site in the state! Yep! Foreign affairs are the BIGGEST issue in Montana!
    Jeezus. We USED to have some great blogs.


    1. Does she bring us authentic political gibberish? I ain’t no genius, but spotted Mary Sheehy for the empty can she is right away. She comes from a long line of Democrats, and likely thinks holding office her duty, presuming that she’s just born with chops. Aristocrats are like that.

      But then, Larry, Democrats are just a shell anyway, so having an empty vessel for a leader fits anyway, right?


          1. I got in big trouble for calling the two idiots who wouldn’t allow Bernie Sanders to speak “loudmouthed fat little black chicks”. Hooo Jeezus did the lefties whack my wee wee for that! (even got me booted from Don’s site thanks to the appearance of someone claiming to be mt. mommy) Well, seems that I’m not the ONLY one who would like to hear what Bernie has to say instead of being kicked off his own stage and not allowed to speak. Guess that Don will now have to censor THIS guy too, one of my heroes. Cain’t have NO Bernie speakin’ when there’s fat lil’ black chicks around to protest! No sireee! Or sumthin’ like that.

            Sorry, I’m still outraged at the antics of those two. I’m still convinced it was some kind of Rovian dirty trick. What’s next? That Bernie’s got a Mejicano LOVE child? HEY, a little Sandnerista! Why not? Cornel and other black leaders need to come out strongly and TELL the blm movement to lay off their white allies. They’re hurting their own cause by calling all us lefties racists. That just insulting.

            p.s. One would THINK that the folks running Don’s site would be just a wee bit more sophisticated. They should be able to recognize the lil’ righties who show up outta no where in order to get people they disagree with banned. I mean, really, Montana Mom and Old Swede?? Where did these folks come from? Same method they used on me at the Cowturd site. OOOPS! I mean the new improved AbNorma site. And why is AbNorma still allowed to post? I don’t get it.


  3. I guess I would be a little more careful making racial references around people whose primary claim to moral superiority is electing a black president. Take that from them, they got nothing. They know nothing about him, they’ve looked the other way as he has bankrupted their party if what little moral sway it had, but dammit he’s black! It stops there.

    There are a hundred ways to get banned by Democrats, who tend to be little puddles or moral certitude anyway. I’ve explored the ways myself. But the race issue, their black president, is their shining city on the hill.


    1. It’s interesting to find out that both of the young women who interrupted the rally are both attending a private “Christian” college. Hmm. What does THAT tell you? And they come from wealthy families. And they have never had to personally suffer whatever it was they were protesting. Far from it.
      And also interesting to read that the rally had already included BLM speakers prior to them taking over the stage. Very strange. Here is a good article I found from someone in attendance. Again, BLM was included in the program all along.


      1. BLM fast becoming a good BM, or bowel movment! Look, those of us radical activists who’ve been around for awhile KNOW that you only use tactics that work, for it’s all about strategy and tactics. If you’ve got sht for tactics, you’re done! And that appears to be where blm is, sht for tactics. In other words, tactics that not only do nothing but are harmful to your supposed cause. I’m suspecting more and more a Rovian dirty trick here.


        1. Geez, having a hard time posting the link. But here it is. blm is fast becoming a joke, and they should be! They’ve got nothing to say other than attack candidates. And that’s just real sad. MLK would be so disappointed to see what has become of the black civil rights movement. WHO are their articulate spokesmen and leaders? Two fat lil’ black chicks from a private “Christ stain” college and wealthy families???? Jeezus, just Jeezus!

          p.s. I’m quite sure that AbNorma will LUV this comment!


          1. Oh, and I forgot to mention. Black transgender women VERY high on my list of things to be concerned about! (blm apparently is) Hell, I STILL haven’t taken the time to figure out just WHAT transgender even means! Hell, I’m sixty-four years old, and I have NEVER once in my life had to confront the problem of transgenderites! Think I’ll just keep it that way! Although I did enjoy that Queen of the Desert movie from Australia. But that’s about as close as I get to drag queens!
            Yes, folks. This is appearing more and more to be a Pubbie dirty trick! Remember Clinton’s character? Well, this is the Dems black “friends”!


          2. And finally, I have just ONE question for AbNorma and feel the Bern Sanders. WHY AREN’T THERE ANY BLACK PEOPLE IN THIS FLICK?
            After all, it’s the most pressing issue of the day! Fat lil’ black chicks lives matter! And so do transgender black folks! USA! USA! Swing low, sweet degenerate, comin’ for to carry me home. SWING low, sweet degenerate, comin’ for to carry me home!
            I looked over yonder and what did I see,
            Comin’ for to carry me home
            A couple of fellas dressed up like ladies
            Comin’ for to carry me home!


          3. Black…….trans……..women. Why not? Let’s stand with’em! After all, it’s time for us white librul racists to do something positive for this long neglected group!


            And here I thought that I was good at making up goofy sounding groups that libs should back. But this, THIS? I couldn’t even on my best days come up with a group like this to hand to the Pubbies as an ad bonanza! I can see it now, the Dems, the party who supports black trans women! How ’bout them family values?
            Jeezus, just Jeezus.


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