The rule of fours

In airline talk, there is what I call the “rule of four,” meaning take any delay they announce multiply by four. So a ten-minute delay will actually be forty. Yesterday we flew from Milan to Frankfurt, and had one hour to get from an A gate to a Z gate in the massive Frankfurt terminal, not knowing where the Z gates were. While waiting in Milan, they announced a ten minute delay in boarding. Oh oh, I thought, forty minutes. We’re cooked.

Happy ending, we are running through the Dufry (duty-free) in the massive Frankfurt air terminal when a Lufthansa employee appears in the distance and yells out out “Denver?” and we shouted “Yes!” and he waved for us to follow and ran ahead of us, handing us off to another person who also ran and took us to the gate where a smiling flight attended said “you can relax now.”

Thank you Lufthansa for taking special care of two people of the 520 or so who were on that flight. (And yes, the delay was not ten minutes. It was forty.)

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