The community organizer does not fit the profile

In attempting to understand American politics, it is wise to ignore received information – the stuff we are given by mainstream media. We tend to internalize it without question. It could be just fluff, or cover.

The “Community Organizer”

One aspect of the career of Barack Obama that simply does not fit with his beliefs and personality is a stint he did in Chicago in the 1980’s as a “community organizer.” It is plain to see from his record in the White House that he is neither a leftist nor an idealist. He is cagey, smart and secretive. What then was he up to?

There is so much mystery around this man that it is hard to know, but safe to assume, that he was doing something other than what we were told. During this time he formed relationships with Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.


Ayers and Dohrn bear the hallmarks of agents provocateur:

  • Their activities in the 1960’s were widely publicized. Like another agent provocateur of that time, John Kerry, they were moved to the front of the line in media coverage of dissent.
  • They became magnets for true radicals of the era.
  • They led them it acts of violence, which discredited their movements.
  • They faced minimal consequences for their behaviors, having charges dropped and jail sentences minimized.
  • Most importantly, unlike so many other radicals of the era, they are still alive. Neither has been run over by a car.

The Rev. Wright seems a genuine man of great influence in the black community. Obama struck up a friendship with him that he described as almost familial.

From this sketchy beginning, I would venture forward on the theory that Obama was not a “community organizer,” per se, but rather a mole, or infiltrator. In this role he would follow in his mother’s footsteps, as she apparently did similar work in Indonesia in the 1960’s prior to the violent purges in that country that left hundreds of thousands dead.*

The US Government has long had an active interest in ground-level organizing in the black community. If there is ever to be an uprising in this land, it is there. So it is no coincidence that black leaders are routinely spied on, compromised, framed, jailed and murdered, and befriended by moles and infiltrators.

It’s all cursory at this time, of course. But all of the above, taken together with the intense secrecy surrounding Obama’s background, place of birth and education, his “community organizer” stint in Chicago smells bad. There is much to learn, much hidden from view. I operate now on one premise only, something I know to be true: Prior to our presidents being elected, they are selected.
*Indonesia was a bloody massacre during the time that the one in Indochina occupied center stage. Perhaps due to restraints of troop commitments in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, the US relied on internal forces to murder 500,000 or more people there, and reform the country more to western liking. The CIA provided the lists, the Indonesian military, in Phoenix style, went about killing the people on that list.

3 thoughts on “The community organizer does not fit the profile

  1. Always good to look to John Pilger, Aussie independent journalist and documentarian for the low down on the down under and indo-china history:


    blockquote>Suharto, the model killer, and his friends in high places, Jan. 2008

    …Here lies a clue as to why Suharto, unlike Saddam Hussein, died not on the gallows but surrounded by the finest medical team his secret billions could buy. Ralph McGehee, a senior CIA operations officer in the 1960s, describes the terror of Suharto’s takeover of Indonesia in 1965-6 as “the model operation” for the American-backed coup that got rid of Salvador Allende in Chile seven years later. “The CIA forged a document purporting to reveal a leftist plot to murder Chilean military leaders,” he wrote, “[just like] what happened in Indonesia in 1965.” The US embassy in Jakarta supplied Suharto with a “zap list” of Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) members and crossed off the names when they were killed or captured. Roland Challis, the BBC’s south east Asia correspondent at the time, told me how the British government was secretly involved in this slaughter. “British warships escorted a ship full of Indonesian troops down the Malacca Straits so they could take part in the terrible holocaust,” he said. “I and other correspondents were unaware of this at the time… There was a deal, you see.”

    The deal was that Indonesia under Suharto would offer up what Richard Nixon had called “the richest hoard of natural resources, the greatest prize in south-east Asia”. In November 1967, the greatest prize was handed out at a remarkable three-day conference sponsored by the Time-Life Corporation in Geneva. Led by David Rockefeller, all the corporate giants were represented: the major oil companies and banks, General Motors, Imperial Chemical Industries, British American Tobacco, Siemens and US Steel and many others. Across the table sat Suharto’s US-trained economists who agreed to the corporate takeover of their country, sector by sector. The Freeport company got a mountain of copper in West Papua. A US/ European consortium got the nickel. The giant Alcoa company got the biggest slice of Indonesia’s bauxite. America, Japanese and French companies got the tropical forests of Sumatra. When the plunder was complete, President Lyndon Johnson sent his congratulations on “a magnificent story of opportunity seen and promise awakened”. Thirty years later, with the genocide in East Timor also complete, the World Bank described the Suharto dictatorship as a “model pupil”.

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