We can’t know anything certain for days or weeks or months, even years, about what is taking place in Paris. However, if the media instantly solves the crimes, and if it unleashes new military aggression in Syria or other Middle Eastern targets, which is the current focus of American aggression, then be assured this is a false flag attack. The tension that is simmering with refugees caused by the American-backed terrorism in Syria is bound to boil over, and what CIA/MI6/Mossad and all the other spooks do best is create tension, then take advantage of it.

Still, it is frightening to see what the lion does when his claws are trimmed. Recent Russian action in Syria has set back ISIS, al-Nusra and al Qaeda, and has caught their American sponsors flat-footed. This might be the first response from Langley. Knowing nothing else, that would be my guess. Our leaders in Washington are clinically insane.

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