Troubled times

American news is essentially state-sponsored propaganda, so I have long relied on other sources for news. But it is difficult to know who is honest in pursuit of truth, and who is just another liar. At this point in time I have decided to place some confidence in Moon of Alabama and Saker to guide me through the morass that is the “terrorist” attacks last night. From there will come an assortment of facts, links, and it will be up to me to use my brain to try and understand this current round of insanity.

The objective of terrorism is to create fear, and then use it to achieve greater objectives. 9/11 was, obviously, staged to justify the wars we have seen these last fourteen years, naked aggression against seven countries. Millions have died, and it ain’t over yet by any means.

French President Hollande is obviously a player in this current charade, reading his lines and already identifying a Syrian as an attacker. The timing, coming so shortly after successful routing of Western-backed terrorists in Syria by the Russians, is convenient, as Langley, Tel Aviv and London appear to be in panic mode. A cornered wolf is extremely dangerous.

Other shoes will fall all over … I suppose I should listen to Obama’s words, as there might be useful information about true objectives behind the attack in his coded language. I look to President Putin for a calm and reassuring response – the Russian government, from all appearances, has been a beacon of sanity in these troubled times.

Not so the Americans … The source of most violence in our world since 1945. It all started with a paperclip.

One thought on “Troubled times

  1. “The four-year war in Syria, as touted by Western governments and their media, has been a vile travesty from the beginning. A nation has been nearly brought to its knees because of the Western-backed terrorist onslaught on that country. We have witnessed one of the greatest crimes being perpetrated in modern times, and all with the involvement of Western governments, their media and their regional client regimes, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Israel and NATO member Turkey.” By Finian Cunningham


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