Set anyone free lately?

The above photo is of Paul Simon and a singer named Dion, who had a minor career for a few years in the 1960’s. His big hit was a schmaltzy pop song called “Abraham, Martin and John” wherein he claimed that Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and John Kennedy “freed a lot of people.” At least King tried.

A Facebook friend put up this photo, and it just jumped out at me. The two did some work together in 2009, and I would guess Dion’s people were anxious to latch on to Simon’s justly earned fame. Simon agreed to allow him to share a track.

But the interesting thing, if you can spot it, is that the photo is faked. Look at Simon’s head for a second, and you’ll see that it is out-of-place. The neck is a different skin tone. The head is oddly placed atop the neck, and the face is too large. Paul is not the best looking man, short and squat (truly talented however), but his chin does not hang down on his neck. And look where the brim of his hat meets Dion’s glasses – they had a problem with it, and so just blurred that area. I do not understand why people cannot see this stuff!

But that is just show business, and done all the time. It is also done in news reporting. Under the fold, because at first glance it appears quite gruesome, is a photo of the so-called “Bataclan Massacre” in Paris. I would not put it up if I thought it was real.


The normal human reaction is to look away, so you are not going to be adept at picking out clues of fakery. But take a look anyway, as I assure you we are looking at crisis actors. This photos was taken long after the fact, after the building had been evacuated, and yet the blood is bright red and shiny. That’s because it is not blood, which would cake and turn brown. It is Tempera paint, widely used in crisis drills to simulate reality for the responders.

Further, no one would leave the bodies on display for a photograph. Rather, we have triage, as medical personnel would sort through the victims looking for signs of life. These bodies have not been molested in any way, not turned over – there are no signs that medical personnel have even been near them – no discarded equipment, bandages, tourniquets – they just left the bodies to rot. There’s been no attempt to give care. Do we assume death now?

The line of blood running in the middle looks like Tempera paint spilled from a can. Unless the floor is tilted, blood will pool under wounds, but not run in a river. The distance of the camera from the scene obscures everything so we cannot see detail, but there does not appear to be actual wounds on the victims – rather they bleed without getting any on their clothing. In other presentations of this photo, the only one available, the images are blocked out, a way of saying “things are so bad we cannot show you,” but is probably done just to allow your imagination to assume it is more gruesome.The red lines where it appears bodies were dragged could have been achieved with a large mop. Nice touch.

This scene is faked up. Another false flag event, appropriately, done in a theater. The photo is on CNN*, which operates as a CIA front in these events. No doubt they warn you away from looking, thereby sealing the con job, as they know most people cannot look.

My advice: People, smarten up. If the official script of this event were true, Syrians would be enraging the French population for the purpose of having a Libya-like massacre brought down on their country in retaliation. In real life, that does not happen. Warlike countries like France have to provide their own provocations.

Ergo, False flag attacks.
* Anderson Cooper, CNN anchor, spent his summers after his sophomore and junior years at Yale in a training course at CIA in Langley, VA, designed for people who want to be CIA agents. CNN says he dropped out after, but more likely he was seen to have talent and was recruited to be a media mole. In American news, it is hard to spot those who are not moles, but one clue to their true role is whether or not they are selected to be on scene for important events, as Cooper was when he interviewed fake victims after the Boston Marathon incident.

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