Is Langley messaging Russia to leave our terrorists alone?

As I read more of the Turkish shoot down of the Russian jet over Syria on Tuesday, it is easily seen as a deliberate provocation. To what end? By whom? Who are the actors in this play? As with all of warfare, public events are merely a smoke screen. Most of the action is hidden from view.

Let’s go back a couple of weeks to Paris, the false flag attack.

If you do not realize that to be the case, that Paris was false flag, then read no further. Your ability to sift through evidence is in need of work. It’s painfully obvious false flaggery. Otherwise we are asked to believe that a country already under attack by outside forces, Syria, deliberately provoked NATO into an even more deadly attack. Remember Libya, 2011 – NATO obviously has the firepower to destroy a country and bring down its government, and is itching to take down Syria. The key for NATO is to appear justified in its aggression, and the Paris attack was meant for that purpose.

It did not work. The Russians are in the way.

The Russians have been cleaning up in Syria, and it’s been fun to watch. The Americans and its NATO puppets are involved in high-level duplicity, at once arming, training and funding the terrorists who are attacking Syria while pretending to be opposed to them. The Russians are merely using that public duplicity as their card for entry into the game. Since everyone professes to be against terrorism, actually attacking  terrorists is a smart move. Behind the scenes, I gather, U.S. Intelligence, along with NATO, Brits, Israelis, Saudis, must be seething. The plan was to bring down the Assad regime by means of these terrorist forces that the Russians are now pulverizing.

I would then gather that the shoot down is then a message to the Russians. But what is that message, and who is sending it?

It is not the Turks. Grant it, Turkey has been essential in aiding the terrorists, as their supply lines runs through Turkey. But just as Syria would have been crazy to provoke NATO by staging the attacks in Paris, so too would Turkey be crazy to attack Russia. It’s not just a matter of military power, but also economic ties. Turkey will now lose tourism and joint ventures in nuclear power along with gas supplies.

So even though it was supposedly a Turkish F-16 jet that shot down the Russian Sukhoi-24 jet, I  doubt the orders came from the Turkish government. This smells more of an intelligence operation. The F16 was likely a cloaked bird supplied by the U.S., France or Israel. So it is NATO sending the message, and since NATO is but a U.S. puppet, it is the U.S. sending a warning to the Russians. Turkey, subordinate to all, has to shut up.

The message is obvious:

“Stand down! Leave our terrorists alone.”

But just as Syria would not attack innocent civilians in Paris without a better plan than merely enraging NATO, so too would the U.S. not order a Russian jet brought down without a deeper message. One plane, one dead pilot, broken relations between Turkey and Russia are small potatoes. Obviously U.S. intelligence is sending a deeper, more sinister message. It has to be something like …

“This, and more.”

In late October a Russian charter flight went down over Egypt, killing all 224 aboard. My immediate suspicion was again one of those coded messages telling the Russians to stand down in Syria. This sort of communication appears in public just to be happenstance occurrences, but is well understood behind the smoke screen. So there too I suspected American, Israeli or British intelligence (but I repeat myself) of causing that bird to go down. But it did not hinder Russian efforts to end the war in Syria and stem the flow of refugees into Europe. Russia continues to misbehave.

So we had first an attack on Russian civilians, then a false flag attack in Paris to engage NATO, and now an attack on a Russian military jet.

What next? I don’t know. This much I do know – the people behind these incidents are cold, calculating, ruthless and smart. They will not let up. More surprises are in store.

And oh, yeah, before I forget, I was reminded yesterday that the Assad government aided our CIA in its illegal rendition program, allowing itself to be used as a base for torture. There are no good guys about. But something much larger is at stake, something to have caused Langley to turn agaist Damascus. And that has to have something to do with resources, natural gas, pipelines. CIA is a tool of the oligarchy, not the government.

Russia plays this game too, and thus far, plays it better.

More in store, however,

2 thoughts on “Is Langley messaging Russia to leave our terrorists alone?

    1. Wow – that guy has a good scope on the situation. Thanks.

      I cannot get over, however the proximity of this event and Paris. But I tend to think of US intelligence as one entity, where there are factions within it, old school, new school, so that foreign policy is alwasy in flux.


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