What’s with Trump?

I rarely dabble in party politics anymore, especially since being burned by “The One” in 2008, the fake “community organizer.” In general, Democrats leave me with that not-so-fresh feeling, while Republicans tend to be incredibly stupid, or at least pretend to be so for the sake of gathering votes. It is a carnival of whores.

But the Donald Trump phenomenon is interesting. The manner in which he is attacked from all sides, including the late-night comedians, leads me to suspect he is genuine. On late night TV they cannot even show a decent picture of him, making sure that his mouth hangs open in every shot. That cannot be an accident.

In one-on-one interviews Mr. Trump seems soft-spoken and spontaneous. He is self-aware and can take a joke and poke fun at himself. In a TV world where every damned little nuance is scripted, that is refreshing. He seems somewhat genuine.

Saying he is genuine does not make him smart or good. In this article by Paul Craig Roberts, we see Trump taking on presstitute George Stephanopoulos and doing a good job of exposing him for the lightweight he is. At the same time he exposed his own ignorance.

At issue was whether Russian President Putin has had journalists murdered, and Trump rightly suggested that Stephanopoulos don’t know shit about the matter and is merely repeating rumors. At the same time, Trump is unaware of the scores of journalists the U.S. has murdered in places it has invaded, openly targeting TV stations in Serbia, Iraq and Afghanistan, for starters.

Trump is doing well in the polls, which leads to some interesting scenarios. If he is genuine, he’ll be brought down in some manner. The tools are always in place, as with electronic voting machines elections are easily rigged. Scandals can be real or manufactured. He could even be murdered in a dozen ways, from plane crash to heart attack/cancer to lone nut.

But assume that he makes it to the convention, has broad support, and is replaced by a lesser entity, a Cruz or a Bush. Assume then that he walks out and takes his support with him. It could spell the end of the Republican Party as we know it. Is that a good thing? The fracture would lead to another Democratic president, and at least four more years of Clintonism. That is not healthy for sure.

In the meantime, the political landscape would be more open than usual. Would it be an opening for some genuine leaders? The Democrats are hopelessly corrupt, but a fractured Republican Party might pave the way for political reformers not named Trump.

That might lead to real hope and change. I hate to put any faith in any politician anytime anywhere, but it does appear to me that Mr. Trump is leading the way to genuine positive change. He might exhibit signs of narcissism, being a trust baby. He might be insulated and ignorant in his views from the Tower, but he cannot be any worse than the cast of actors and poseurs that are also running. He might also, without that intention, lead us to positive change.

Somebody  poke me, wake me up here. This cannot be real.

2 thoughts on “What’s with Trump?

    1. More Trump observations here: http://www.truth-out.org/buzzflash/commentary/study-finds-supporters-key-attraction-to-trump-is-his-authoritarian-image and an occasional insightful comment following. The Trump-mania seems to be indicative of 2 inseparable conditions in the country. Overwhelming ignorance on the part of a significant portion of the population and a oligarch owned media megaphone dedicated to maintaining and spreading that ignorance.
      As another blogger I read says: “If we want a better country, we need to be/have better citizens”.


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