The market-based fake friendship world

In the YouTube video between Peter Joseph and Stefan Molyneux below, the one below the fold that is too long and tedious to watch (meaning only guys like me watch it), Joseph makes an interesting and dead-on point that I want to repeat:

Commerce robs us of our humanity. We don’t enter into relationships voluntarily, and we only behave in a friendly manner due to financial issues. We suck up to the boss, treat strangers with fake good will. We associate with people we do not like (think office Christmas party) because we have to. We act submissively to people who are no more talented than us, often less (“the boss”).

In real life friends are rare, real friends. Those are relationships based on genuine interest, leaving each with a good feeling and no obligation.

Most of what we do in this country is based in fake feelings driven by financial need. The market distorts our lives.

3 thoughts on “The market-based fake friendship world

  1. Very, very true. A couple of years ago, I wrote an article called “Why the Light Worker Movement and Marketing Schemes Don’t Move Me,” in order to articulate how much of marketing is an illusion, and money is fiction. If we could universally understand these simple truths, there would be profound, positive impact world wide.

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