Costa Rica is wired … More than US

We are at a resort at the base of Mt. Arenal, an active volcano. It is quite lovely here. Our friends are birders and are being treated to birds never seen before, and the pools are a choice of very warm to modestly cool, all flowing from a hot springs.

We we traveled through high country today as our guide talked about Costa Rica education, customs, taxes. I noticed that houses had no numbers or mailboxes. He said that there is no postal service here, that everyone pays bills on line or at the grocery store, and that houses are identified by directions from known landmarks, like centuries and museums. So if you call 911 (they have an active service), you tell the operator, for instance, to go three blocks south of the cemetery, turn left at a mango tree, and go to the third house on the right.

It works, he said. Prior to the Internet everything was handled via a central office in their towns where people paid their bills through a local official.

Internet very busy here at our resort, cannot upload photos of this beautiful spot.

8 thoughts on “Costa Rica is wired … More than US

  1. You’ve censored your site into irrelevancy. You’ve become what you purportedly loathe, a little fascist toad! Chris Hedges talks a lot about libs like you. Nuthin’ but whiners.



    1. You and the limp lizard, same same. Hell, some of us know quite a bit about the countries you now visit, but we are unable to say it.


  2. I hate banning people, but you make it hard, Larry. You’re drunk when you comment, this much is clear.

    Comment threads are nice, I wish more people would comment, but they tend to be like stray dogs, just digging into garbage and wandering aimlessly. I could easily make changes, write about party politics and candidates, and comments would take off because that is where people’s heads are at. I am beyond that, I know it does not matter, but very few others grasp that. So in the end, I have to write to please myself. It is a choice between that, or pandering. I have never pandered, blown smoke up some lightweight ass. You say I am irrelevant because … I am not supporting Bernie? Hillary? Trump? Counting mindless votes? Give me the truth, you fucking genius in the cups. I can’t wait!

    Give me a sober comment some time, I’ll refrain from banning you again.


      1. If I wanted accolades (note the correction), I would write to please people. Look at the praise that Pogie’s ghost draws for just doing Democrats good Republicans bad. That’s all I have to do! Write about party hacks! If I mention Bernie Sanders in a post, reads go up. People WANT to be fooled!

        And going back in time, I did a lot of that, as I did buy into Obama in 07 and 08. That’s why I wrote that it is important to be able to make mistakes and still move forward.

        But accolades? If that is what I am after, I ain’t doing very well, am I.


          1. Are you going to renounce your citizenship and move to Costa Rica, toke or just move your assets there?


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