Beauty queens and quarterbacks

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We got an ice storm late yesterday and I was curious about road conditions. I turned on the TV – here in Denver there are usually three or four local news shows going at once.  What caught my eye was the sight of a beautiful young woman standing in a green screen shot of I70 up by Vail, a sheet of ice. She referred to herself as a “meteorologist.”

I had to laugh. I did not know that the University of Phoenix even offered that degree.

I used to watch a TV show called “House” because I thought the lead character, a complete Asperger’s manifesto named Dr. Gregory House, was interesting. But I had to quit the show because it insulted my intelligence. Every “doctor” was gorgeous and had near genius IQ. Just like the old TV show ER, where one of the lead characters was played by the gorgeous gay actor George Clooney … it was the realm of fantasy.

It does not work that way. Go to your local clinic or any hospital and check out the people. They are like people everywhere, mostly ordinary, aging, fighting bulges and losing hair. Only occasionally is there one of exceptional good looks, usually occupying a low-demand slot like receptionist. And chewing gum.

There is a reason for that. Most good looking people find they do not have to work as hard as regular people to succeed, and so don’t. They do not gravitate to professions like doctor and nurse, scientist or engineer because those fields require extreme effort and intelligence for success. High school cheerleaders and star quarterbacks already know at a young age that doors will open for them without much effort.

So it is no surprise that good looking people end up in acting, or as pharmaceutical sales reps, real estate agents, or as news readers and “meteorologists” on TV. Or, they marry successful people, become arm candy and social managers. It goes both ways, but predominately (and throughout recorded history) it is the beautiful woman who is married to the successful man of ordinary appearance. (Right, Melania?)

So remember, if you are one who uses television news to define your reality, that the people who read that news to you got there not because they are smart or insightful, but rather because they are good looking. They will read anything they are told to read, and are even dumb enough to believe what they read.

Are you?

2 thoughts on “Beauty queens and quarterbacks

    1. It would not surprise me at all if Truthout were a gatekeeping operation, like Democracy Now, The Nation, The 911 Truth movement, and Counterpunch itself, as Alex Cockburn straddled the fence on the important issues of our times, defending to his death the child molesters in the Franklin scandal and insisting against all evidence that 911 happened as our leaders say it did.

      The question is, what is reliable? Very hard to know. For myself, I look for little threads, coincidental things that tend to affirm someone else’s contention without meaning to, such as this in your link:

      “With the demise of the European empires, this has been the project of the liberal flame carrier, the “exceptional” United States, whose celebrated “progressive” president, John F Kennedy, according to new research, authorised the bombing of Moscow during the Cuban crisis in 1962.”

      This affirms Mathis’s contention that JFK was nothing more than a disguised Cold Warrior and a warmonger. Chomsky has always insisted likewise.


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