Baba Wawa was wepwaced?

[Note 10/5/2016:] The replacement of Barbara Walters with Pamela Courson, done after Walters’ retirement and during the 1990s, might qualify as a “Mandela Effect” type event, but not a psychiatric hallucination. People who think they know Walters know the replacement, who has completely replaced the original in their minds. Pictures of the original woman, 87 if still alive, are contained within this post. Pamela Courson is currently 69 years old.]

This has been fraught with difficulty. Take a look at the photo below. It is said to be Barbara Walters with Muammar Gaddafi.

Toss me

Indeed, that is the person we have come to know as Walters, but it is not the person who sat in that chair in 1989 with Gaddafi. The photo is from an ABC website highlighting her career. I cannot say with absolute certainty, but I think the head of the replacement Walters has been placed on the old body. While everything else in the photo is sharply defined, including her neck and sternum, her face is smooth, as if filtered. In 1989, she was 60 years old. Perhaps they merely airbrushed the photo to make her look younger, but I am more suspicious that the ABC tribute site to Walters was worked over so that the photos would agree with the present-day replacement, shown in the inset, Pamela Courson [who fake-died in 1974.]

Here are two photos that I know to be the original Walters. Further, as you can see below, I am quite certain that Pamela became Walters.

Courson Walters


Fat JimPamela Courson, in case you don’t know, was Jim Morrison’s beard. She was hired to appear with him in public as his girlfriend. Later, when he was removed from view and sent to Paris, she also appeared in public with Morrison’s body double, the man seen to the right here. That is part of the job of a beard – to ease transitions. (Jane Asher was used in this manner, appearing in public with both McCartney twins.)

So here is the new Barbara Walters alongside the old:

Walters Walters 4

It is a close resemblance. I can see why they chose Courson. But it is not the same person.

When did the switch happen? I thought that part would be very difficult, but it was not. The switch happened shortly before 1997. The screen grab below is from Walters’ Wiki page. You can see that along about 1997 she started getting awards like crazy.

Walters Awards

The original Barbara Walters was nominated for two awards throughout her entire career. Pamela Courson-Walters was nominated 23 times since 1997. That is how it works – spooks like to promote spooks. Journalism awards, like journalism itself in this country, are fake.

The real Barbara Walters is 83 if still alive. Her replacement, Pamela, is now 69, and retired, a fake life well lived. It has been 42 years since her fake death.

Walters NBCOne final note: The photo to the left caught my eye. It is said to be of Walters when she worked for NBC during the period 1961 to 1974. But it is Pamela. The microphone is a prop. This photo got me thinking that Courson might have transitioned right into Walters as early as 1976. Generally fake deaths are followed by a period of absence of maybe a decade or so. (Heath Ledger should be re-emerging in the next couple of years.) However, the Barbara Walters who worked for ABC in the 70s was the original. It is safe to say the switch was in the mid-90s, prior to all of her fake awards.

5 thoughts on “Baba Wawa was wepwaced?

  1. Jeezuz! Good call! Would never have guessed this one, ever (because I haven’t paid attention to Baba since Gilda Radner left SNL) And speaking of beards, looking over Baba’s CV she vibes as gay or frigid, which is not some judgment of mine but just identifying another marker in this game of spooks- How much easier to run agents unencumbered by children and libidos- Gayness isn’t for blackmail, it’s for tribal recognition and belonging- Her father was a theatrical impresario- Was he her real father? She adopts, with help of former “boyfriend” Roy Cohn(!!!) She later marries a theatrical impresario, for Christ’s sake! Her first marriage is to a naval officer, which is annulled within the year- ONI agent? There was one more marriage in there to a studio exec, but that was as legit as the others, I’m sure-


  2. Does the name (Senator) Al Franken ring any bells, raise any red flags? I have a bad feeling — absolutely no evidence — for thinking this guy is as phony as a $3 bill. SNL is what, if not more propaganda? Is Franken the new “sheepdog” leading “progressives” further and further from an independent socio-political path that finally leaves Democtats behind? I dunno’, but keep getting that creepy feeling that something’s up with Al.


    1. This is not a match but the resemblance is striking, David Blue, actor, still alive. He was born in 1982. Another David Blue, Laurel Canyon musician, died in 1982 at age 41 of a heart attack, in other words, probably fake.

      But again this photo is not a match, just to make one curious what is up there, as it all seems strangely tied together.

      Franken Blue


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