Champex, Switzerland


We are in Champex, Switzterland. We have been hiking two days, covered around 20 miles, climbed and descended maybe 6,300 feet. The climbing, while hard, is something we can stay on top of, merely resting and recharging muscles. Descent is a little more challenging, as the pain is often unrelenting. Young people do much better at it.

The photo above with a dam in the background – I remember in economics class back in the 1970s they talked about how the French would build dams, pump water up to them at night when rates were low, and run the water down during the day when rates were high. This is one of those kinds of dams. They are building another one, a sister dam, out of sight and using underground tunnels. These are the Swiss, and not the French, I just remembered.

The ground markers, atop a hill and the end of our climb yesterday, mark the boundary of the Sardinain Empire from the 1700s, so I am told.

The village in the valley was hit by a an avalanche in 1997, 20 people killed. So we are told. We walked by many mountainside fortifications to prevent a recurrence.

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