Bill Graham Presents…

(Here is a portion of an e-mail I sent to Miles Mathis in response to his recent Karen Carpenter paper)

 “I have this theory, sketched in very light pencil, that the powerful men of powerful families have had a breeding program underway for a very long time- (Strength in numbers, of course) The public figures that appear to steer pop culture are blood relations of the elites but illegitimate- And not accidental pregnancies but IVF donations implanted in female bastards of the same intermarried lines- This is what makes the Leo DiCaprios and Jack Nicholsons cousins and blood loyal even if born off the main power lines- In this fashion, the elite’s interests are protected by public figures they control as family members which allows these power brokers to remain hidden behind the curtain- Real power is never seen…”

I got a “maybe” from Miles in response, which is the best response this theory deserves at the moment given the dearth of hard evidence-

 Bill Graham Presents…

The preeminent promoter of rock concerts from the mid 1960’s until his “death” in 1991, Bill Graham (nee: Wulf Wolodia Grajonca) left the main stage at the age of 60, allegedly killed in a helicopter crash near the East Bay town of Vallejo- If he’s not on The List, he should be- Vanishing at the age of 60, I doubt he was destined to resurface, but a little wild and unbridled speculation is in order given how central he was to the promotion of the musical wing of Military Intelligence that is a major part of the discussion here at POM-

First a list of red flags based on his Wicked page:

His father dies two days after Wulf is born in Berlin, Germany in 1931- Bastard alert! Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology, Human Heredity, and Eugenics just happened to be open for business in the Berlin area- Just sayin’-

Wulf is part of the One Thousand Children, a group of Jewish children spirited away directly to the United States from Europe over several years prior to WWII- These children went without their parents- He lands in New York at approximately age 11-

Once famous, he was often labeled a Holocaust Survivor- If I’m not mistaken, officially any Jewish person on the planet Earth who lived during and beyond that time is considered a “survivor”- While his mother was said to be interned and then expired in Germany, Wulf was attending school in the Bronx, including DeWitt Clinton high school whose famous alumni list reads like a spook directory, including the arch villain of alt researchers everywhere, Edward Bernays- (This wasn’t some PS ‘fill-in-the-number’ high school for the kids of local shopkeepers and factory workers- At least it wasn’t at the time)

Wulf is drafted into the Army at age 18, whereupon he changes his name to Bill Graham- (Intel alias, anyone?) It’s also interesting to note that as an eventual promoter of the devil’s music, he takes the same moniker of who could be considered his counterpart, the right reverend Billy Graham- The reverend is a creation of the Hearst empire and Frisco was and is the Hearst family’s town, the town which made Bill Graham famous- (Yes, yes, conspiracy candy- But it’s just sitting there so have some)

After several youthful adventures in the Beat Generation style, plus, most importantly, time served as an acting student under Lee Strasberg, asset Graham lands in San Francisco and hooks up with another promoter, Chet Helms, the handler for Janis Joplin- Helms is largely done by 1970 as his pet project folds up tent and moves to Brazil to go into training as, eventually, Amy(s) Goodman- This leaves the Bay Area to Graham’s exclusive control- I would have you note his very good performance as Lucky Luciano in the faux-Coppola gangster flick, ‘Bugsy’- I don’t think, given other film clips of Graham I’ve seen, that he was acting- Given his reputation as a businessman, and that some felt his operating style smacked of crime syndicate protocols, Graham’s turn in ‘Bugsy’ might be a tell-

Working from memory: Back in the 70’s, I had a pretty good stereo/radio system and at night I could pick up FM stations from all over the state- From album oriented rock stations on the fringes of the nine bay area counties, I would hear commercial spots for concerts backed by the promotion team known as Wolf/Rissmiller- They were based in Southern California and were apparently quite successful, even greater than Bill Graham Presents- They brought The Beatles to the Hollywood Bowl so one must consider that they were the So. Cal wing of the Intel promo group behind the music ops-

For some reason, in the mid 70’s, Steve Wolf and Jim Rissmiller decided to intrude in the north- Knowing how tightly controlled Graham’s turf in No. California was, it was disconcerting when very soon after, Wolf/Rissmiller concerts started getting cancelled left and right- All eyes turned towards Graham after the 1977 murder of Steve Wolf- It was billed as a burglary turned deadly and one culprit of an apparent foursome was caught- He allegedly got only 4 years, but the others were never ID’d- (Right- A 17 year old kid could not be sweated by the cops to give up the other three names? Sounds like Wolf was given an offer he couldn’t refuse and went south of the border to see how some of his own Laurel Canyon zombies were doing with their retraining)

Wolf/Rissmiller folded for good a few years later- By then the New Wave/Punk stuff was headlining and the old school promoters were phased out as the entertainment corporations, with Reagan’s help, began to overtly absorb the music scene, eventually paving the way to Vegas as the final resting place of old school rock culture, completing what Elvis/Aron Presley had begun under Col. Tom’s watch-

Graham’s death by helicopter is certainly old school- Much monies have been made in the wake of his vanishing act- Another brand more lucrative dead than alive-

Did he go to Santa Catarina? Well, if he went anywhere, he’d be a professor emeritus- Continuity is important for such multi-generational plans of control and the handlers for entities like the teen tramp Disney grads need old professors as much as any other grad students- One is not born knowing how to herd sheep-

19 thoughts on “Bill Graham Presents…

    1. Miss Kymmiee, I have so many questions about you, I don’t know where to start. You are a Tanzanian blogger who writes about fashion, fitness and lifestyle. How did you stumble upon our humble blog about twins and zombies?

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  1. Very interesting post, Tyrone. I grew up in the Bay Area, but never really thought about his possible role in all of this.


    1. Chet Helms deserves further study- It looks like he was sent in first to organize the chaos and then Graham entered to monetize it- By the time bands like Journey emerged, stories of that corporation/band buying up prime SF real estate with their profits began circulating- So too, The Doobie Brothers were said to own most of the Oakland docks- Imagine Graham engineering these bands as facades for huge syndicate operations- I never really thought about it until now- Who knew?


      1. Ooh, here’s another thought to go along with that: concerts would be a great way to launder money, especially when people used to pay cash for tickets. You can always inflate the number of tickets sold. Every house was sold out, no matter how full. Hell, you don’t even need to actually have a concert — just say that you did. You could even publicize it but when people go to buy tickets tell them it’s sold out. Add to that t-shirts, bootlegs, concessions, etc. (Damn we sold a lot of popcorn tonight!)


        1. Cooking the books is as old as books themselves-
          I am certain that a lot of hype and film/video of concert tours is faked, including fan on the street meltdowns about how great the show was- (That screaming fan crap goes back to Sinatra at least) I’ve been convinced of these completely fake “live” inserts since that Miley Cyrus twerking thing a few years ago- I will bet credits to Navy beans that whole segment, if not the entire show, was staged and green screened and there was no live audience in attendance, just cutaways to a pre-packaged audience response image bank- And anything posted on You Tube of her performing “live” is made under tightly controlled conditions in a studio, not on a stage in Poughkeepsie in front of thousands of screaming idiots- If there was ever a completely faked concert tour, I would bet it would be the Miley Cyrus “Bangerz” tour, unless someone here can come up with a ticket paying eyewitness, in which case I’ll pour over every single frame of her videos, again, just to confirm…


          1. Watch any “live” concert footage of any mainstream artist in the last few years, and you’ll see recording cell phones in the (pasted in) audience in the foreground. Here’s an example starting at 11 seconds:

            With the recent Pokemon Go craze which involved “Pokemon Go players are losers” vs “Pokemon Go haters” memes and dozens of fake robberies and other scary incidents, the goal seems to be augmented reality. With half the world buried in their phone most of their free time, they want to start replacing real reality, with fake reality, until you reach a point where you don’t know, or don’t care, about the difference.

            With the concert footage and the cell phones in the foreground, they are making subconscious suggestions for you, or the teens, to follow.

            Sorry to go off-topic.


  2. In regards to your “theory”:
    According to Greg Hallett in his “Secret History of the British ‘Royals'”, all 9 official offspring of Queen Victoria were sired by none other than Lionel Nathan Rothschild.


    1. Hallett is one of those guys in a straight jacket who thinks he’s Napoleon or Bugs Bunny- That said, I would assume that House Rothschild has been a bastard hatchery for a couple of centuries at least-


  3. Quite the fiction writing happening here. You shoiuld examine Elon Musk’s take as he is one of your characters that htis is all just a computer simulation, which would make all the fiction here just computer generated monkey business.

    Elon Musk has said that there is only a “one in billions” chance that we’re not living in a computer simulation.

    Our lives are almost certainly being conducted within an artificial world powered by AI and highly-powered computers, like in The Matrix, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO suggested at a tech conference in California.


    1. Seeing that Musk is a fake, I rather not listen to anything he has to say.

      Miles Mathis has taken on the “everything is a simulation” angle pretty thoroughly in his Matrix paper. He also pointed out how spooks are pushing that really hard so that we lose touch with reality, and I’ve seen those disinfo campaigns myself.

      Funny you drop in here with something so off-topic, pushing a known disinfo campaign.

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    2. So …. I enjoyed the two unusual typos in BarFly’s contribution: ‘shoiuld’ and ‘htis’. I’ve seen a lot of typos, but I haven’t seen those before. I am guessing we have another A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000 chiming in. Maybe those are his RoboCommenter calling cards

      I’m kind of bummed that the A.W.E.S.O.M.-Os we get here aren’t as clever as the one that showed up at Butters’ door … and his was just a flatulent Cartman …

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  4. I think your bloodline theory is at least in the ballpark of truth. My own conjecture on the subject is similar though I hadn’t considered IVF donations but rather good old fashioned sex. I also suspect fertility drugs at work to produce the twins, triplets, etc needed for their substitution shenanigans. Wasn’t Mengele fascinated with twins? I suspect this is why.


  5. This is simply my current opinion…but I HAVE…looked into it for a while now…and there is compelling evidence if one…looks. Synchronicity is a really interesting matter…but we’ll leave that for the moment.

    It is at this very timing, that I have just emailed some information to the same ‘Mr. Miles’ regarding this, exact same ‘breeding deal’ within the oligarchs, roils, magnates and their affiliates…less than 24 hours ago. (Hhhhmmn?).

    As I said to Miles and have likewise said to others…’there are very, very FEW actual ‘women’ in the power structure and ‘bugger all’ in Hellyweird…the main propaganda ‘ground zero’. I believe this to be part of the ‘reason d’etre’ of the ‘Bruce/Call Me Caitlyn’ Jenner…drama. Didn’t ‘he/she’ say …’I’m the new NORMAL’???

    Those of us who make these inquiries in a fairly …in depth manner, and with the eventual hope of shedding some light on WTF is going on…are aware of that ‘hefty shove’ into the rareified atmosphere of ‘fame’ that Transgenderism has been getting. Bawak’s ‘bathroom BS’ is a classic case in point…IMHO.

    I have a word for you…which I believe is totally related to it all…Transgenderism…and I think I mentioned it on another article today also. Apologies for tautology and repetition…but …whatevah eh?

    It is from this TRANSGENDERING, (it is my personal belief) where the ‘Castrato’ (Casatrated young males) are born into these ‘families’ and their testicular apparatus removed…they are then given complex ‘penile inversion’ surgeries, which, as they’ve done them for some time now. In many cases, it is distinguishable in adulthood by extremely L-O-N-G necks…on ‘certain women’.

    The ‘female’ children are, given the reverse, form of this…butchery and healthy doses of Testosterone from a very early age. Giving them facial hair which many people, seeking to debunk this, for whatever reason, use as their argument.

    ‘He can’t be a girl…’he’s got a BEARD’!! When it should be ‘HE IS A BEARD’!! So, with all their wealth, none of these procedures are an impediment to this CONTROL!! Gawdd only know what the minds and Hearts of these poor kids, experience…and for many it is all they know. Too young to remember the event…’snip, snip’…

    Abracadabra…’he’ is a ‘she’…or the reverse. Hence the term, ‘Baphomet Couple’…(the Baphomet exhibits both male & female, sexual acoutrement) then ‘feminizing surgeries’ are carried out throughout their lives to make them appear ‘female’ or male.

    Subsequent, to the initial castration, (horror) they are also given Hormone Replacement Therapy…from the ‘get go’…to augment the process. They are then , as adults or teens or whatever…’placed’ in their designated roles….where they help to mould…vulnerable public opinions…fashions and ‘trends’.

    BTW…nothing is ‘wasted’…the Testes, whilst not affected by puberty could, IMHO be cryogenically stored for later use in breeding programs, to ‘keep it all in the family’. I am reliably informed that the penile tissue, inverted, creates a believable ‘vaginal pouch’ which is then, inserted into the abdominal cavity…(logically)!

    Wouldn’t this Breeding Program, mindset, then have a great deal of control over these individuals??? Wouldn’t this, keep those ‘bloodlines’…utterly ‘safe’ from ‘unwanted pregnancies’…’wild child offspring’…wouldn’t it be incredibly simple to promote these Transgenders, if one OWNED ALL THE MEDIA??

    ..and whilst it might sound ‘off the wall’…it is that very ‘reaction’ (i.e:ridicule), which has kept this, out of the public focus or attention, by use of these Transgendered people as constant distractions to ‘steer’ the CONSUMER ORIENTED public in the ‘purchasing direction that, ‘they’ need…them to ‘flog’ more ‘stuff’! Again….just a thought…but I think you’ll agree…an intriguing one.

    Now…there are quite a few people doing research into this…and I’ve looked at their work…some are good, some are great…some are going, very ‘Biblical’ with it…others, are just…well, you know? However, I’ll leave information about them…so that you can look into the whole ‘can of worms’…should you care to.

    Jon Humanity on Youtube/MrE3000 also on YT/Apostle Laura Lee on YT… and there were a couple more…one which was brilliant and deeply insightful http://www.irishchristianperspective.blogspot…remember please, it is the INFORMATION…not the ‘personalities’ that I am referring here. I don’t do ‘character assassinations’ and neither should anyone else.

    Sadly, re:- irishchristianperspepctive…was doing amazing ‘uncovering’ of this…’whom, is really a man/woman’ gig, but, last year, she was mercilessly ‘attacked’ and ‘trolled’ by a ‘tag team’ whilst sharing this stuff with myself and others and has very sadly…since, shut down her blogsite. I’m a ‘techno-twerrp but if you aren’ may be able to ‘hunt down her stuff’…EYE OPENING, to say the least.

    Well, that’s my ‘2 cents’ worth…and yes, this is ‘out there’ I agree…but kindly point me to something that, currently in our very weird world…ain’t! GO gently, all many thanx for giving me this space and time. Always, Annabelle


  6. Annabelle: Anything is possible, but when I read Winston Churchill was a tranny I had to laugh. He was certainly a monster, but he was no woman!

    I don’t doubt there may be a heavy peppering of transgenders in Hollywood. The place has always been a cesspool; however, this business of “every guy is a girl and vice-versa” serves to blur the line between the real and the imagined. Transgender obsession is distraction and misdirection.

    Incidentally, your punctuation is whimsical, to say the least. If I may respectfully make a suggestion; try to tone it down. I think it would help clarify what you have to say. And I find what you have to say very interesting!

    Thank you.


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